Opinions needed please


Ok, I may have finially talked my DW into going to Disney after all. Along with several month of 52plus workweeks, Ok here it goes I am planning on doing an Oct. 25th to either Oct. 30 or 31. Staying at ASMOVIES with an upgrade to the regular meal plan. I would love to stay at Fort Wilderness for one or two nights at the end of the stay in addition to the 5 or 6 night stay at ASM Now should I book this separtely using the fall discount room price or just wing it and see what the weather and everything is like towards the end of the trip. Now can I buy one or two extra days on my base ticket to use then or do I have to buy them sep. since I was on a package plan the days before? I do not have to be on the meal plan those one or two days. Just would love to be at Fort Wilderness to relax and take in a easy day at a park before driving 16hours back home.
This will also be our late anniversary gift to each other which I am planning on it being what will you celebrate item?

Money will be tight I am planning on about $300 for gas, $210 for MNNSHP tickets, and $500 for pocket cash then would love to keep it as reasonable for the room,tickets and meal as possible. total budget would hopefully be $2500 to $2750 for the trip.

So what would you fellow Mousebuzzers do?
Thank you all for your suggestions and imput on this.


Fort wilderness is GREAT if you can budget it I say go for it.


Have you looked at the packages available for that time period?
I’am staying 9 days at CSR with free dining flying out of Chicago for around the prices you’ve shown.


Wow, I’d love to do that. I’ve got 5 in my family and want to go for around $2500, including flights. My family has only been on vacations driving to Vegas from SoCal for 2 or 3 days, so this would be a big deal to us. We’ve never spent more than $1000 on a vacation. I’m looking at going next year, if I can. What’s the best time to go based on price? The cheapest I’ve been able to price is about $3000 including flights.


There is nothing better than Fort Wilderness during a holiday- especially Halloween and Christmas. If you think Disney does a great job decorating, just stroll through the loops and you will see the amazing decorations by the campers!!