Opinions on 1900 Park Fare Dinner


What are your opinions on the food and characters at 1900 PF Dinner?

(I feel like I’m flooding the board with restaurant questions today :laugh: )


We went to this character dinner in April 2005, so my info is a bit dated. But, here goes…

We met Cinderella, Prince Charming, the Fairy Godmother, and Perla and Suzy, two of the mice.

I remember the food being fairly good, but I honestly don’t remember anything outstanding, good or bad, about it. It was towards the end of our trip, and I remember ordering something peachy from the bar that was the best thing I had all night! :laugh:

Hopefully, someone else can give you more up-to-date information.


Oh, this is a good thread. Can I add a question? thanks :biggrin:

How’s the breakfast there? I have an ADR


Haven’t done breakfast, but we love the character interaction and the food! It’s wonderful!

We have gone the last two trips (June and December 2008)…we ate there on Christmas day and it was so much fun!


We had dinner there Oct 2007. The Characters there were Cinderella, Prince Charming, Step-mother Lady Tremaine, Drizella, and Anastasia.

As far as Characters it was probably the best character interaction we’ve ever had at any character meal we’ve been to of all of our trips!! They were great!!!

As far as food…Well I think we must have gotten an off night because our food was not good at all…everything was pretty bland. The dessert bar was good though.


[QUOTE=Dopey;921326]Oh, this is a good thread. Can I add a question? thanks :biggrin:

How’s the breakfast there? I have an ADR[/QUOTE]

Breakfast is just one of the best! the characters, the atmosphere, and the food, altogether a lovely dining experience, you’ll love it I’m sure.


We always winding up cancelling our adrs here. One of these trips I hope to keep one!

I am not sure if we would like those characters or not. Actually, I would, but the guys wouldn’t.


See, if I’m going to do 1900 PF I have to choose dinner so DD can see Cinderella (she’ll be almost 2 then and right now Cinderella is her newest word. Sounds more like she’s saying Cruella but it’s sooooo cute!)


Thank you Miss Dixie :happy:


Where do I begin singing my praises for the 1900 Park Fare?
Breakfast? Its amazing! They have a great selection (and we come with in tow with fussy eaters) and everyone always finds something. The omlettes are some of the best I’ve tased in WDW and cooked to order infront of you (Which I love!), the fruit is always fresh and there is always plenty to go around. The characters of a breakfast we have found are Pooh and Friends, Alice, Mad Hatter and Mary Poppins. The character interaction has always been great, but if the place is full when you arrive chances are you might have to wait a little bit longer for the characters to all get to your table, but take your time, enjoy the food and the atmosphere and they will come! You do get alot of character interaction, and watch for the characters to interact with each other, especially the Mad Hatter, he’s is…well a tad mad! The service is amazing here, we have always had wonderful servers!

We have only had Dinner once here but it forver now on our must-eat list for future trips! There is a HUGE selection! We booked the dinner blindly, it was reccommended to us by a Cast Member at SSR and we hadnt seen the menu - when we did we were slightly put off but we thought if the worst comes to worst we can pick up a CS later on (We were on DDP). We come with our fair share of fussy eaters but everyone found something there they absulutly loved! They had some amazing dishes and pasta, great deserts and other treats it was amazing! The characters we met where, Cinderella, Prince Charming, Ugly sisters and Step Mother, I can’t remember anyone else. All were in great character and we spent alot of time with them (especially considering none of us are consider ‘young children’, the youngest in our party was 16!). The servers again were great and really looked after us but again, it can get pretty busy in here of an evening so you might have to hand ten at times to meet all the characters. They do have this really sweet moment though where Cinderella and Prince Charming dance around the room and get guests up to join!

You can’t go wrong here!


[QUOTE=Dopey;921326]Oh, this is a good thread. Can I add a question? thanks :biggrin:

How’s the breakfast there? I have an ADR[/QUOTE]

I’m not a buffet fan - but I think the breakfast buffet at Park Fare is the best one at WDW. I think it will please your discerning palate.:closedeye


“discerning palate”

She has you fooled. I happen to know her favorite restaurant is the A & W.:ph34r:

She is going to kill me.


We had dinner there just this past Sept 2008 - the food was great, but to be truthful it is VERY LOUD… lots of excitment and the step sisters like to yell at each other from accross the room


[QUOTE=lovemysons;921449]“discerning palate”

She has you fooled. I happen to know her favorite restaurant is the A & W.:ph34r:

She is going to kill me.[/QUOTE]

:laugh: I know - she wants me to believe she’s one of those fancy Europeans.




Ummm yes, the story with the A&W a fine establishment indeed :dry:


She’s such an uber-snob.:happy:


Hmm, did we touch a nerve?



I never would have imagined it was a loud restaurant. I just pictured it being very refined. The kind of place where there is someone playing a harp in the background.


Listen, Candians cannot have an opinion here :pinch: