Opinions on crowd levels WDW oct 26 - 29


seriously considering biting the bullet and just booking a 4-day jaunt for oct 26 - 29th. how crowded do you think it will be around that time or should i wait til early november to avoid MNSSHP? :confused:


You shouldn’t try to avoid MNSSHP at all!!! The crowds aren’t here and won’t be here till mid-November for Thanksgiving. Then they’ll go away for 2 weeks, the parks will be dead until the 3rd week of December, where the parks will EXPLODE with guests. You’ll be fine.


Like Rowdy says. We always go towards the end of October, our anniversary is the 22, it’s a great excuse. Crowds are always easy to handle, even with all the guests from England in Orlando. Hey, gotta love em, they speak almost the same language, and they’re always so happy to be here. And they come every year because it’s a school holiday. One of your best indicators of how crowded the parks will be are by MK and MGM’s closing times. If Wishes is at 8 and Fantasmic is at 7:30, drop everything and race to WDW!
Wait, forget I said that. Crowds are horrible (don’t come, leave it for locals).


Our anniversary is the 17th, so we find it a great excuse to hit the World, too. This year we will be there 22-29 and I don;t expect the crowds to be too bad…have been there at varied times of year and Oct is definately my favorite…crowds are light and weather is fantastic!


If the crowds are 10 times as bad as we experienced the beginning of September, they’ll still be empty. I’ve never seen the parks less crowded than this Fall. Late Oct. has beautiful weather, too.


I went that time last year and am going again this year…same week. My trip is from the 25th - 1st of november. It’s a great time to go to WDW. The weather is ideal and the crowds aren’t nearly what they are in the summer. MNSSHP is a bit on the crowded side, but if you are going for just the party and not the attractions that day, it’s great fun.


Go, go, go!! You won’t regret it!


Wait, forget I said that. Crowds are horrible (don’t come, leave it for locals). ROFL :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


Our first family vacation was in Oct 2004 during the week you are considering…to tell you how wonderful it was…this weekend we’re leaving for our SIXTH trip since then!! It is the PERFECT time (IMO) to really experience WDW…and as mentioned, do not skip MNSSHP!! It’s the best!!