Opinions on Disney dining plan?


We are booked July 6th-12th. At the time we did not book the DDP. We are now maybe changing our minds, and I want to get some opinions. It is me, my wife, son (4), and daughter (2). My kids are both fairly picky eaters, and this is why we didn’t get the DDP originally. My understanding is that the plan for kids is ages 3-9. Since my daughter is 2 would we just have to pay out of pocket for her meals? I called today and it would be about 700.00 dollars to add on the plan. How much will we save overall. For reference so far we have reservations at Crystal Palace, Sci Fi drive in, Mexico, and the Rainforest cafe.
I just read this and it looks like a mental patient wrote it, but I am anxious about this and want to make the right decision…PLEASE HELP!


We love the dining plan!

It is a tough call in your situation though. (and I don’t think you can use it at the Rainforest)
I believe your 2 year old should be able to share from everyone elses dinners.
(I don’t think you can use the DP at the Rainforest)

I don’t know exactly how much we saved when we used the dining plan. The cost of the plan for my family was what we would have spent on just dinner every day. So for us it was like getting lunch and snacks free everyday of our trip.


we based it on a week’s vacation where you compare one quick service meal, and one sit down meal per day. We think that you save money (especially doing a true sit down-not a buffet every day)… Plus it is already paid for.
We have done the dining plan 3 times… the 3rd time during planning, my husband said that he did not want to do the plan. When I started asking him where he wanted to eat… EVERY TIME he asked," How Much is it?"… I told him that I was not going on vacation and have to worry about every single penny that we were spending…

So, we did the plan, ate with characters almost every day, and really enjoyed ourselves… It was worth the time and effort, and one less thing to worry about when you are there…

And your 2 year old will be free (until she turns 3)…

Oh- I have very picky eaters … All of the restaurants are kid friendly… I am told that they also have mac and cheese, or spaghetti at almost every restaurant-even if it is not on the menu…

The only negative is that you have to decide where to eat ahead of time, but you can also look at allearsnet.com for the menus…
Have a great vacation.


I personally wouldn’t book the plan. It doens’t make sense for you. You don’t have that many places booked and it won’t save you that much with the kids. Unless you all love to eat, I wouldn’t bother.


We also loved the dining plan. We are able to try so many different places that we would probably never had if it weren’t for the DDP. Anyway, I love the convenience of not having to worry about paying for each meal, its already incorporated in my vacation and I love the ease of using it. We love planning our ADRs by reviewing the menus on All Ears and everyone gets to pick a place they want to go to. Its all part of the planning fun.:happy:

It is true that you the RFC is NOT on the DDP…but if you sign up for their Safari Club Membership, you are able to get preferred seating and a discount off your bill!:biggrin:


We have done with and without the DDP, and we are getting it again on our next trip. Even with the changes to the plan this year, we should still come out slightly ahead. The two major advantages we like are that most of the character meals usually cost a little more $ but are only 1 TS credit on the plan AND that I have the meals paid for before we arrive on our trip, so that is a huge worry off my mind and allows me to enjoy the vacation alot more.

Prezcatz Paul


We, too, love the dining plan. As cheapskates, we would not pay cash to eat in the Castle, that our kids just LOVE - the bill there alone was more than $150 for the four of us. Even with 2 TS credits, this is a bargain. We also love having our meals paid for beforehand so that expense is not to be worried about. We pride ourselves in getting the most out of the dining plan, and have eaten GREAT food in WDW because of it. Our DD11 eats like a horse and she will get adult meals this year (we would pay adult for her, but we are going for FREE DINING!), which is good, because when she was 9 the mac and cheese got old. But some places, like Narcoosees, California Grill, Wolfgang Puck have very good kids menus. The snacks and counter service do turn out to be CAKE! Long live the dining plan!


Before booking the DDP, if I were you, I would pick out table service resturants and see if they are still avalable. It doesn’t have to be all dinner-it could be character breakfest, lunch or even Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Review. I would just make sure I get a table service everyday or I think it will not be enough bang for your buck.


If you add the dining plan, you will probably need to make a couple more table service reservations in order to get your money’s worth.

I think the DDP can be extremely convenient (and convenience is the reason I would purchase it, over value) but if your family members are not big eaters then it is definitely not worth the $$ in the long run.