Opinions on JetBlue Airlines


For those of you who have flown JetBlue Airlines I’m curious to know what your opinions are? I am particularly partial to Southwest but for a possible trip I am able to get a better fare on JetBlue. Any insight would be appreciated.


We :heart: Jetblue!!!

It’s the only airline we fly!!! It’s soooo comfortable with the leather seats and lots of leg room and we love the delicious snacks (and Dunkin Donuts coffee!!!) and Direct TV and XM radio!!! Plus I almost always find the best fares for Jetblue!

Can you tell we’re HUGE fans??? :laugh: :blush:


That’s funny, in your trip report, looking at the picture of your DH and DD on the plane, I said to myself, I wonder what airline that is. Those seats actually look comfy and cozy. Now I know!


I L:heart: VE L:heart: VE L:heart: VE JetBlue! I have been flying JetBlue since they first launched in 2000. I’d fly it EVERYWHERE if I could. Unfortunately, the fares on JetBlue have gotten so high out of New York…much higher than they ever were. If you can get a great deal, GO FOR IT!!! Unlike SWA, you get assigned seats and you don’t have to worry about your boarding position. The seats are HUGE, soft leather and VERY comfy! They also have satellite TV at every seat. FUN!!!


We were actually on the smaller embraer plane and it was only two seats across but the bigger planes (the airbus) are just as comfy!!!


Does anyone know if JetBlue has joined the bandwagon of “extra fees” or are they still holding out like Southwest Airlines??:confused:


So far the first bag checked is free (per passenger) and there is a charge for any additional baggage checked.


Thanks everyone. All of this has really helped.


I must have been living in a cave… I’ve NEVER heard of JetBlue. We are faithful SW travelers:heart: , but I want DDcoffee and yummy snacks:glare: ! I’m going to check them out now! Thanks!


I didn’t see any flights from New Orleans to Orlando…that must be why:huh: . I guess I’ll have to settle without the snacks and coffee:crying: .


And they still give you free snacks and drinks! For now…:blink:


We are also huge JetBlue fans. I actually used to work in the JFK JetBlue terminal years ago, as a food/beverage manager. I have always loved JetBlue and I really try to not fly any other airlines, because I seem to be always disappointed. We flew Delta to WDW last year and I had a horrible time.

I booked my airfare on JetBlue for our upcoming September trip months ago and got 3 roundtrip tickets from JFK to MCO for under $500, including everything, even taxes. That’s a pretty good deal for this area.

12Amigos, I believe I flew JetBlue from NY to New Orleans quite a few years ago, so I’m sure they are in the airport, but they may not do the shorter flight from LA to FL.


Well it looks like I’m gonna have to go to NY so I can check them out! Darn!:laugh:


I’d like to try Jet Blue one day. I’ve heard good things about them.
Sadly I haven’t been able to try them yet as Jet Blue’s fare from Newark is always more than the other carriers.


I love Jetblue…

I could catch a flight from Pago Pago to LAX, then catch a ride to Long Beach Airport, and fly Jetblue from Long Beach to Atlanta or Dulles. But then U.S. Air cut prices and Jetblue had to abandon the Atlanta route.

Now, it’s just Dulles, which is a longer drive for me…

Still, it’s a great airline to fly! :pirate:


I love, love, love JetBlue and would fly them everywhere if I could. Unfortunately on my last thre trips, Delta and Airtran have been cheaper than JetBlue so I haven’t been able to fly on them in a while. I love their Terra Blue chips and I love having the Tvs at every seat. As a nervous flier, I appreciate having the tvs to distract me.


We just blew JetBlue for the first time and loved it! The seats seem larger and the TV’s make the flight that much more enjoyable.


I :heart: Jetblue


I would fly JetBlue over Southwest any day of the week. I like picking my seats in advance.
TV’s are a plus


Iam a big fan of Jet Blue too, but unfortunately Southwest won out on my Oct/Nov. trip with Lower fares and no extra fees!!!

Iam so sad we won’t be flying Jet Blue on our next trip to MCO, I will miss those big leather seats and tv screens, and delicious snack “options” and all. :frown:
Hopefully come next time I have to fly, the fares will have come down and they will get rid of all those ridiculous fees!!! :glare: