Opinions on my ADRs, please


Let me know what you think. I just made my ADRs.

I know I’m kinda late but I just could not get into planning this trip until now. I think the weather was getting me down.

Now that Spring is here and the temps are warmer I’m really getting excited.

Le Cellier was completely booked.:crying: I was surprised I was able to still get what I got.

JUNE 6 FRI- 1900 PARK FARE 6:10p.m.


We did WCC and CP for lunch in Dec. We really like them. We are trying both for dinner next month.

Is your hollywood and vine for breakfast or dinner?


Dinner. Is that a bad thing? I’ve never been before.


I went back when it was still Minnie and Goofy (lunch)… it was fun. Of course, it wasn’t my favorite character dining all week, but it was a nice starter (did it our first day there, too).

Crystal Palace is always fun… it’s miserable to get into (the check-in process is exhausting), but well worth it.


No, but breakfast is characters. We went to dinner a few yrs ago. We thought the food was find but because of all the metal in the decor, it was noisey.


OH, I don’t mind no characters. My kids are teens and a pre-teen. They’re probably going to kill me for making the other character dinner reservations.


I LOVE Whispering Canyon. I have only been there once but I have always wanted to go back. It’s hard though because there are so many great places to eat! We got the skillet and we really enjoyed it.
Chef Mickey’s is always wonderful…is that 9 am or 9pm? We have only done breakfast there and it’s great. The cheesy hashbrowns are amazing.

It looks like your last day is our first day!! We arrive on June 9th…we’ll be there early should be at MK in the morning! Maybe we’ll see you!

Is your countdown right or is mine wrong? Or are you counting down to something earlier?
FYI, I called 180 days out and Le Cellier was booked even then…so don’t fret too much.


omg… you know you’re from the south when you read that and think, “I don’t mind no characters…” as in I don’t mind being with “them characters.” :laugh: redneck talk…


I love Chef Mickeys, Whispering Canyon and Crystal Palace. I like the breakfast at CP better than CM though. I was not that blown away by H and V but it was a hot day in July and I’m not sure I was in the best of spirits then either!


I’m actually a Midwestern.:ph34r:

A grew up with a large portion of my Italian family speaking broken English so sometimes things don’t come out so good.:ph34r:


You have great choices there. Seems just fine to me.


Seems good to me… A lot of great choices and some variety.


So, whatsa matta wit dat?? :laugh: :laugh:

For years, I thought the english word for garbage was gabich. :redface:

I like your adrs. Crystal Palace is one of our favorites, for lunch or dinner. I have never been to Hollywood and Vine, so I can’t comment. WCC used to be one of our favorites, but the last few times we were there, our service was really shabby. :frown:


tutto italia was soo good! here are pics from our trip



Hard to comment without knowing your resort,dining plan, kids etc. Sometimes that many buffets really fill me up. I normally don’t do them on back to back nights…

Personally I think Le Cellier is such a hot grab because of the dining plan. It didn’t seem so great to me. The difficulty to get ADRs seems to have boosted beyond what its reputation should dictate…


They look GREAT! Looks like so many of us will be there at the same time! We need to pick a parade or something and have a meet and greet!


Your choices are terrific-


You will have to give a report on H & V, I want to hear all about it . . .


This is the one ADR I am having my doubts about. Not sure what to replace it with at HS, we did not like Mama Melrose’s at all.


I hear the food is good, I don’t know if dinner has the Character element but Breakfast and lunch is with Playhouse Disney’s Jojo and Little Einsteins . . . nope it doesn’t list dinner on the brochure so just dining. Maybe right up your alley?