Opinions on one of our park days


Hi all

On one of our park days we are planning on going to Epcot sometime after lunch.
Now this is on Epcots EMH morning so I was hoping the place would be clearing out.

What do you all think?



The afternoons are generally the busiest times at the parks. That’s one of the reasons that it’s a popular time to leave the parks for a break by those of us who go often. But, you are going during one of the slower times of the year, so, you should be okay.


Oh I am so jealous that you leave in 8 days. But I think you should be ok arriving at Epcot around noon, as mentioned before, this is one of the slower times of the year. Kids going back to school, or some already in school.


If you don’t want a fastpass for Soarin’ you should be ok. School is starting so the parks should be starting to clear out in general so you might find lighter crowds in general.

I think MK is an easier park for us to hit later in the day, it just seems to work for us. We like Soarin’ and Test Track and those things are hard to do later in the day during the summer.


It will probably still be somewhat busy, but I think it should still be
enjoyable. Everyone is right the FastPasses for Soarin fill up so quick.
If you do need a FP for Soarin I would do it as soon as you get to the
park. Otherwise, all the times for FP will be filled. The other thing to keep
in mind is that if you do get FP’s for Soarin you won’t be able to get FP’s
for anything else that day.


Thanks for the opinions.
I think the major draw for us that day would be Nemo & Turtle Talk, and maybe some of the Worl Showcase films that we always miss.
Hopefull the standbys won’t be too bad.


It depends on what you want to do in Epcot. If you are more into the world showcase, you will be fine. Our last trip, our Epcot day we wanted to focus on the WS, and left the future world section about noon to start our ‘around the world’ trek. We had very little issues. If you are more into the future world stuff, you will have to play it by ear. The FPs may be later/gone, but the queue lines may be a little less depending on the crowds and weather.

Prezcatz Paul