Opinions on other WDW restaurants


Over all our trips, we have done a ton of thier restaurants. Some were excellent, some were not. I need some other places to try, so give me your best shot on what are your favorites or the ones that are not your favorites. We are going again this year for Christmas! Staying the full time Dec 22-Jan 4 at SOG! :happy: :happy: :happy: :happy: :happy: :happy: :happy:


You’ve got to tell us where you’ve eaten first.

Oh, and I recommend Spoodles.


I just got back from a last minute weekend and tried Raglan Road at DTD for the first time. I love the atmosphere, but the food was just ok. I think our server must have had a bad day too…she was not very chipper. (started to carry off my plate while I still had a fork in my hand!)
I would go again for a pint, but not for dinner.


We did thier outside fish/chips place, like I said before the fish was good but it was almost to chrunchy.


We like 'Ohana, Chef Mickey’s, Hoop Dee Doo, and the Plaza Restaurant. They are places we usually try to hit each trip. We also like Hollywood and Vine, 50s PT, Sci Fi, and Liberty Tree Tavern.


Whispering Canyon Cafe at WL is always good.

50’s Prime Time Cafe at the Studios is a place I probably wont’ be going back to for a while.


My favorites are Le Cellier, Liberty Tree Tavern, 1900 Park Fare, and Crystal Palace. Oh and Mickey’s BBQ was fun too.


No one ever mentions Palio. It’s really a nice place with excellent food.


Okay, you stumped me? I don’t recall this restaurant.


I think Palio is either in the Swan or Dolphin. I hear nothing but good things about it.


How could I forget our best meal of our last trip? We tried Flying Fish Cafe for the first time and it was excellent, clearly our best meal at WDW–ever.


California Grill - Love the food, atmosphere
Fresh Mediterranean Market - Dolphin - really cool breakfast buffet
Whispering Canyon - breakfast is really fun
Pizzafari - Animal Kingdom - I remember the sandwiches and pizza being really different, not just your typical stuff. Fresh too.
Backlot Express - MGM - out of the way, shady, nice to relax and have a burger or something simple


My favorites are Biergarten, 50’s Prime Time, Rose & Crown, and Earl of Sandwich.
My least favorite (so hard to pick - everything is good!!) is Rainforest Cafe. The atmosphere is awesome, but every time I go the food is only so-so. It doesn’t keep me from going, it’s just not as great as some other places, IMHO.


What about Boma, Whispering Canyon Cafe, Teppanyaki Dining, Brown Derby, the Moroccan restaurant in EPCOT (marakesh?), and I LOVE LOVE breakfast at Trail’s End in For Wilderness!

If I think of any others I will add later!


You’re right again, Ingamba. It’s in the Swan. Impeccable service and fab food.


Did you have a bad experience at 50’s Prime Time Cafe? We were thinking of going in a few weeks. Is there something I should know?


We love the Prime Time Cafe… the fried chicken is really good! And we have heard the PB&J Shakes are good too, but we have never had the courage to try one!


I want to try 50s PrimeTime so bad, but my DH isn’t really the kind of person who would enjoy the drama…so, I will have to wait until he is REALLY hungry to get him to try it :wink:

Why don’t you like it, InGAMba?


To those who asked why I didn’t like 50’s Prime Time I will explain. I did not have a bad experience, not at all. The waitress was hilarious, the atmosphere was perfectly kitschy, and everyone had a great time.

The reason that I didn’t like it was simple. I thought the food was very adequate at best. And the atmosphere and the entertainment is worth a visit, but IMHO, it isn’t worth a second one.


THank you for the explination. To be honest, nothing on the menu jumps out at me - but, I really want Matt get picked on unmercifully…and if that happened, it would totally be worth a second trip :wink: