Opinions on our next vacation?


I have never, ever been in the position where I have no idea what our next vacation would be, but I am now.

We spent a wonderful 6 dasy at US/IOA in June, and we should start thinking about next summer, but I just can’t decide. MJD’s vacation in Maine sounded really good to all of us, as did a week in the Hershey, PA area, which was our original plan for this year before we decided to change to US/IOA and surprise the kids. The downside to Hershey is that my best friend has though of this and suggested we think of going together. I love her dearly, but I don’t think it would be as much fun with another family of 6 to worry about.

I also just got back from Cleveland, and even though some may think I’m crazy, I think that would be a fantastic place for a vacation. Jacobs Field, Rock n’Roll Hall of Fame, Football Hall of Fame, and Sandusky which has Cedar Point and 2 Water Parks.

There is also the fraternity convention that we go to every 2 years. It was supposed to be in New Orleans, but they revised the plan and is is back in Orlando again (was at the Renessaince at Sea World last Year). They are advertising it as WDW, but it is at the WDW Hilton so the dinning plan is out, plus DD would be at camp so it would just be me, DS and DH. If we decide to do something else, DH was still planning on going for a few days and I think he is slightly disappointed that we are considering this because he was looking forward to a few days of vacation with friends alone.

Any opinions?


I don’t think you should go to Orlando again. Let dh has his time since dd would not be there anyway.

If you want a more relaxing vacation I vote for Maine. If you want to do a park type thing again and you are coaster fans you should try Cedar Point.


stay somewhere local…you’ll score major points to cash in later…


Have you been up to the White Mountains in NH ?
We went up for a weekend and it was amazing.


I like your idea about Cleveland. I for one love visiting cities that I’ve never been to. In a city there is always something to do for both kids and adults alike.

An inexpensive option for you might be Philadelphia. Airfare is cheap on Southwest from Boston, and hotels aren’t as expensive as they are in New York. As you know Philly is loaded with history, but it also has great dining, shopping, nightlife and sightseeing.

I say, go to Philly and have a cheesesteak for me!


Hershey is a nice place for a weekend, but I think if you go for more than a few days that you might be searching for some things to do.

Another suggestion is Williamsburg/Bush Gardens. You could easily spend 5 to 7 days there between the parks, shopping, and historical places.


I live the Ohio trip.
I loved Cedar Point… so did the girls.


I had a business trip to Philly just 3 months ago and the family joined me. Plus we already spent a week in Williamsburg 2 years ago (great vacation BTW).

You guys aren’t helping!!! I can’t believe nobody said do WDW on this site!!!

I honestly have no idea what to do. I may call a family meeting to decide.


Oh, Buzz - I fogot to comment on NH. We love NH and have been up there several times skiing and for vacation. But I’m not sure we want to do a family vacation there this year.


Another suggestion, Myrtle Beach. There is so much to do there, plus you have an easy ride to Charleston.


:laugh: Well, as you have said about going to the other places you have been that they were great family vacations. There are so many other fun places to see. Going to WDW without your daughter and against what your dh wants to do just doesn’t seem as good as the other choices.


How about Tokyo Disneyland? :smile:


I’ve got a nice condo just outside Banff, Alberta, just begging to be used.:laugh: Mountains,lakes, moose, grizzly bears…


I’ll take it!! I need a relaxing vacation! Did I mention that my whole family is plotting to drive me insane? I think it’s beggining to work. :wacko:


Oh I am going to say Disneyland! Have you ever been there?


One word: CRUISE!!

Get a ship that leaves out of Boston or NYC and go have a blast! The kids will love it too.


I was going to suggest Franconia Notch- it was awesome and the kids still remember the trip- Also how about Niagra Falls??? That was fun for everyone and you have to eat in the tower at sunset to watch the water light up.

If you are looking for travel- we want to bring the kids back to St Louis sometime- they ahve a wonderfull childrens museum and there was lots to do!

Hmm- We also go to Ocean City Maryland each year because my dad lives there- that has a lot to do too.


I agree - you sound like the “Cruise” type to me. Don’t ask me why.:confused: Cruises are great. Lots of fun and lots to do and lots of new places to see - and no worrying about accomodations or dining.


I would suggest Mount Desert Campground in Maine. It is amazingly clean (privately owned) right on the water, quiet, and it is located right in Acadia!
We went there in June, and again 2 years ago.
The bath houses are pretty new, and VERY sanitary. They thouroughly clean them every day. I have some pics of the campsite if you’d like to see them. Also, check out Mount Desert Campground -


Well, we had a family discussion tonight and I think we have narrowed it down. First choice would be a family vacation with DH’s family - possibly to Puerto Rico. But we try to plan this every year and it never works so I figure there is only a 30% chance that will work out.

2nd choice (the cheap way) is Hershey Park - kids kind of leaned toward Cleveland, but DH didn’t look forward to an 11 hour drive) - probably 5 days.

2nd choice (more expensive) would be a cruise from either Boston or NY. We’ll have to see how much funds we have to clow this year.

Thanks for all the input. I still can’t believe you guys didn’t insist we do the WDW option.