Opinions on Wolfgang Puck Cafe?


I am trying to finalize our ADR’s for our August trip and since we have the dining plan we are thinking of trying some different places if possible. On the list of restaurants I saw Wolfgang Puck Cafe. The menu looks great and I made an ADR already but the caviot is Large Groups (8 or more - which is our parties size) have to sit outside unless there is inclement weather. I a little worried about eating outdoors in mid August.
Has anyone eaten at this location?
Has anyone eaten outdoors at this location?


We ate there in May and it was the best meal of our trip. The food and the service was excellent! I don’t know about sitting outside though, maybe you can book two tables of 4 and ask to sit together.


We’ve eaten there. There were only four of us, so we weren’t banished outside. :laugh: That seems a little harsh to me - it certainly can’t be to keep the noise down in the restaurant. It was very noisy. That being said, the food was very good. Our server wasn’t the greatest, but that’s probably just the luck of the draw.


We ate there two years ago and it was one of our best meals. There were 5 of us (but our youngest was just 1 at the time). I had pumpkin ravioli if I recall correctly. The sushi was great, and my wife simply loved her dish (but I can’t recall what it was?).


I prefer to eat outside.


Even in August??


Even in FLORIDA in August?


I think the food at Wolfgangs is good, but speaking as a Floridian, I would not want to eat outside in August.


I would think if it was raining they would have to give you a seat indoors, right? As far as the food…I ate there a few trips back, and it was very good!


If you think it is TRULY hot in Florida in August, you really haven’t been to too many hot places.

Bangkok in the summer;
Mumbai in the late spring (by far the worst);
The Selous, Tanzania in June.


Beng as most of us probably aren’t world travelers, and being a Floridian, I would have to say it is pretty HOT in FLORIDA in AUGUST.


What about Wolfgang express… how is the food there?


Wolfgang Puck Express is one of the best CS place on WDW property IMHO. When we ate there, I had a Chicken Lasagna that was to die for. We did eat outside, but it was January.


I did a quick search for weather in Mumbai…


This pretty much sums up Florida by August. Several months of heat/humidity followed by hurricanes. As a native born Floridian eating outside in August is not usually a pleasant experience, so I can’t recommend it to anyone.


So I guess Floridians never picnic or do anything most of the other people in the world do. Never had a 4th of July picnic inside…

People go to WDW in August, brave crowds of people (and some will argue that it is less crowded than other times of the year) stand in lines outside - in the heat - in direct sun light without shade, then won’t sit outside, then complain that they don’t want to sit outside - under shade - for a meal.

Mumbai is hot and humid just like Florida, but it is also unsanitary, flithy and full of all kinds of interesting smells that compounds the unpleasantries. But that wouldn’t have come up in a google search though, huh?


Oh my GOSH!!

Come on…

I know when we sit down to eat it’s a time to relax and cool off. That’s the WHOLE point of asking about eating outside in August. No one is scared of heat, the sun or sweating…just simply saying they may not want to encounter those things during their dinner on vacation.

Let’s TRY to stay on topic…

As for me…I’ve never eaten at either Wolfgang places (TS or CS) and probably would not want an outside table in August. As someone else mentioned, I’d just ask for two tables of 4 each as close together as possible (chances are you’ll all end up at the same table…inside.)


Thanks Allyson. That is exactly why I asked the question.

My only concern about the 2 tables is we are 4 adults and 4 children ages 9, 7, 7 & 2. We have done the 2 tables before and we were seated near each other but not next to each other. The kids all want to sit by Grandma and it is hard to isolate her with the kids. I’m still debating but we might go this route anyway.

I appreciate your opinions.


Ohhhhhh chicken LASAGNA… I feel like Garfield!


Really? That is truely interesting. I don’t exactly see what that information has to do with the topic. Florida is seriously hot in August. Yes, it is hotter in other places, but that doesn’t make FLorida cooler. Your tone and off topic remarks are not welcome. Ease up on the sarcasm please.



In all do respect, but if you look at the thread in its entirety, you will see that I only said, in my initial response, that “I prefer to sit outside.” Nothing more. No attack, no hostile tone. See for yourself.

When people questioned my post, I elaborated.

My responses are no where near off topic as the initial post refered to the weather and questioning the viability of sitting outside in August. I questioned NOTHING about the person’s post and only posted my preference on the topic. If you look at other threads you will see that people do the exact same thing time and time again - maybe their responses are just more cloying than mine.

I think there should be equal protection for all here, so if you choose to take the kindergarten teacher ruler to my hands, I would appreciate if you would do the same to others.

People may not like my posts because I don’t say what others think I should - I don’t sugar coat my responses, but I give my opinion - exactly what this site is for, correct? Like it or leave it, no one has to respond or acknowledge my posts, but they are there for people to make their own decision about various topics.

I would appreciate it if you would please elaborate on what part of my post is “interesting.”