Opinions please on 1900 Park Fare


Thinking about this place for our November trip…am I correct that it is buffet-style with the characters from Winnie the Pooh??


We love it. It’s our favorite buffet.


I think you are thinking of crystal place at MK… amazing food and great characters/. well worth it especially for breakfast I believe 1900 Park fare is Mary poppins.


We thought the breakfast food was fair/mediocre. However, this is one of the better character meals for “fun”, especially the Mad Hatter. This guy is honestly the best character in the park. He is actually in our avatar pic with our daughter. He is hilarious and worth the breakfast alone.


Dinner at 1900 Park Fare are the characters from Cinderella. Crystal Palace has the Pooh characters. My experience at both is similar, never felt too rushed but the food never knocked me over or wow’ed me. Just ok. Character interaction was good at both.


I gotta throw in my two cents… The Prime Rib is the only good meat at the Carving Station(of course that’s all I’ll eat!). The atmosphere is great thou.!!!


To be honest I only went to 1900 park fare for dinner and dont care for the food BUT the character experience is the best we have ever had. I do have an ADR for breakfast on 5-15 so I am looking foward to seeing if the food for breakfast is any better. As for crystal palace I cant stand pooh and friends BUT I like the food there better.


Never had dinner there but at b’fast Mary Poppins was in the waiting area coloring with the kids while Alice, MH and Pooh were inside making their rounds. We loved the whole experience. Elegance but without feeling formal.


We did both breakfast and dinner there. We loved breakfast. Dinner I don’t think we will ever do again. If I was CP that you were thinking of, we loved it there too. The kids want to do CP next time for dinner, they weren’t even fazed by the hour + wait it took to get in with our reservation, so that’s saying something,lol


I love the dinner at 1900 Park Fare. DW and Dkids do not care for it. The Cinderella Charaters were great and I liked the food. Kids had the choice of the usual pizza, mac and cheese, chicken nuggets. I liked the salad they had there along with the prime rib.


We did the character breakfast this past Labor Day and really enjoyed it. We did three character breakfast buffets that weekend :laugh:, and we thought that 1900 Park Fare had the best quality and selection of food (in comparison to Tusker House and Crystal Palace). The character interaction was great.


We are thinking about eating here as well, dinner actually… just curious about your dinner experience there?


1900 Park Fare is a must for us every trip. Not only do we enjoy the character interaction, there always seems to be a nice ambience in the dining room. I am sure you’ll enjoy it very much.


1900 Park Fare is a more elegant location than CP but we prefer the food at CP. I agree with cjtownman, the Mad Hatter is one of the best characters and seems to interact with people more than most of the others.


1900 Park fare is fun because of Alice and the mad hatter but the food at the CP is so much better and from my experience at 1900 the service is better at CP also.


Thanks for the responses…a mixed bag indeed…Prime Rib might win me over.


The breakfast is one of my absolute favorites and Wall keeps telling me I need to do dinner there for the prime rib.


We have done the dinner with Cinderella and her Step Mother. We thought the food was one of the best buffets we had and the interaction with the stepsisters and step mother was fantastic!


YES … Try the Prime Rib SG!!! :laugh:
I usually just go up to the chef and tell them to cut off the horns,hooves,and tail and throw it on my plate!:eek:


We did it last September for a character dinner. It Cinderella, Prince Charming, the Evil Stepmother and Stepsisters. The food was okay, but the characters were hilarious! The step sisters were very interactive and funny. The Prince wasn’t very handsome but he was very charming! Sometime during the meal, they played a waltz and Cinderella and Prince Charming danced in the middle of the restaurant!:wub:

Okay food, but the experience was a blast!