Opinions please - Should I try something else


We have stayed at SSRS three times since it opened in 2004 and will return in early June for a fourth. We have a reservation for December at SSRS (we spent four days there at Christmas time last year), but we are coming up on the seven month window to make a change to another DVC resort. I am going back and forth and considering Wilderness Villas, Boradwalk Villas, and Beach Club Villas for our December trip. We always stay in a two bedroom villa and I would love to know what others think of these three DVC resorts, especially if you stayed there at Christmas time …


Our original resort is the Beachclub. We’ve since added some points at Saratoga Springs. We are going to visit there next week to see what it is like. We love the Beach Club and have stayed there every time so far…walking distance to MGM (20 minutes, a boat ride if you’re not that ambitious) and Epcot (5 minutes), the Boardwalk and a fabulous pool make it very desirable to us. Tons of restaurants minutes away. The bus services to/from AK and MK has been great.

I believe they do a Gingerbread house at Christmas…we’ll see in 7 months!!!

We love the Beach Club!!!


I’ve always thought the Wilderness Lodge must be gorgeous at Christmas time.


We’ve stayed at all the DVC properties, and they’re all great in different ways - but at Christmas, WLV are gorgeous. The suites there are so homey and cozy - a perfect atmosphere for Christmas. We were there in late November and with the trees up it was absolutely gorgeous!


I would have to agree. The VWL is really a site to see during the Christmas season. We stayed there for 3 nights last December and it was beautiful.
I would highly recommend it.


Our home resort is Beach Club Villas, BCV. We absolutely love it. You will find the rooms are very similar to the layout of the rooms at Saratoga Springs, SSR. BCV is right next to the main Beach Club hotel, so you can walk to restaurants there, or next door at the Yacht Club. BCV also has the largest pool in all of Walt Disney World, Storm-A-Long Bay. (It is heated for winter swimming.) There is also a small pool right at BCV. While staying at BCV you can also walk to Boardwalk and Epcot.

Also consider Old Key West, OKW. The rooms are gigantic and are the largest rooms of any Disney Vacation Club property. The 2 bedrooms at OKW are spectacular. My wife and I both gasped when we first walked into our OKW 2-bedroom villa. :eek:

This year we are on a waiting list for a two bedroom in July at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort on the Atlantic Ocean. :mickey:


Another vote for the WLVillas. It is my favorite resort anywhere!! I would LOVE to stay there at Christmastime with the lodge all dressed up for the holidays. And all the fireplaces to warm up by…

ahhhhhh! wish I were there right now!


I have never been but I would have to agree with Andrea, VWL at Christmas time would probably be gorgeous and have such a “Homey” feeling! I am a New England kind of girl, can you tell?

BCV also sounds GREAT! Sorry not much help!!!


Haven’t stayed anywhere but SSR and used points for Poly since DVC member, but last Dec we did make a point to visit all of the DVC and main park resorts (GF, Contemp, AK) to see the decorations ESPECIALLY the ginger bread displays.

It was time well spent, plus gave us a chance to scope out the other places.


I have to agree with most people here, VWL should be stunning at Xmas!