Opinions, please


Wow - I’ve been away a long time. Well, we’ve started talking about planning a big ol’ family WDW vacation, but here’s the hitch: It is for several years from now. We want to introduce our new grandson to the wonderful world, but we want to do it right and do it so that he’ll be able to appreciate and actually DO many of the attractions.

We started our own kids WAY early, DS was about 1 and DD was 6 months on their first WDW trips. My wife and I had a blast, of course, but that was too early for both kids, actually. Our grandson is 8 months old…

So I’m soliciting opinions: What’s a good age for a memorable Disney trip for a kid? AND – what’s the ideal resort?

My wife wants Yacht Club - she loves the pool there and our own kids had a blast there when they were 9 and 5 respectively. (But my daughter, who was the 5-year-old then, really doesn’t remember that trip.) Myself, I lean more toward Port Orleans (either resort). My son (the new dad) favors Contemporary or Polynesian.

We’ll no doubt have a few WDW excursions before the big trip, but we want to plan (and save) ahead for this special one and it’s never too early…

So – whatya think?


Well, at 8 months chances are he’s not going to remember too much!:happy:

I think 4 is a good age - but if you think back in your own life, even at 4 things are pretty foggy. My kids were 7 and 8 our first time and they remember every detail. All that being said - I don’t think that it’s really necessary that baby remember his first time - as long as it’s a family time and has great memories for all of you - he’ll like to hear about it when he’s older. So, go when your ready. Remember, it’ll be the first of his many trips.

As for resorts - with a baby it’s really handy to be on the monorail, so I can see your son’s point. And, personally, I love the Contemporary. It’s so “contemporary”.:laugh:


I would say 3. We took our daughter who had just turned 3, and she was in love with EVERYTHING. When we left, she hugged my dad and said, " I had a GOOD time today". We stayed all day in the parks (in December) and it was not too crowded. We just took it slow. I would say stay on the monorail loop for sure. I have stayed at all mods, and the Contemp, and the POLY. The monorail cuts travel time in half… no waiting on buses… just swoosh to your hotel.

Out of the Contemporary or Poly, I would say the poly. Just because it seems more lush. The grounds are great, pool is great, very serene, but fun. The Contemporary is great, but doesn’t feel as homey… However, the pool has a great kids play area. My kids (10yo and 8yo) loved playing in the sprayers at the contemporary. When asked, they like them both equally as well…

Hope that helps-and have fun with the grandkids!!!


My DD was 7 the first time we went with her and she loved it aswell.I just remember the look in her eyes throughout the trip. I think she would remember most of the trip if we refresh her memory, some might be a little fuzzy. You could start as early as 3 or 4. They may not remember all that went on, but seeing the wonder in there eyes at that age is so worth doing.


My youngest was 4 when we took her and, while she doesn’t remember alot first hand, the videos and pictures are fun for her to see. I think there is a magic in bringing your really young kids to that goes missing by the time they are 8 or 9. Remember that the fun for you will be seeing the wonder in your grandchild’s eyes and that sense of wonder an complete immersion into the fantasy doesn’t always last long for some kids.

I wish I could have seen each of my children experience WDW at about age 4. I would have loved to dress them up (DS would have loved being a pirate and having a scar and black eyes painted on) and when they are very young, their reactions to Mickey is so magical.

I want to be the kind of grandparent you are when I have grandkids. I want to make a magical trip like this happen for them at just the right age!


See the idea is to go when they are little, get them to enjoy the magic. Even if they can’t remember the entire trip they will remember going and that it was fun. I do, and I went when I was 4 for the first time. I remember the castle, and the monorail, and the topiaries, and the orange drinks in the orange shaped cups, and my dad buying more tickets so we could ride more.

If they remember that it was fun, then they will want to go back when they are 6,7,8,9,etc…then you can go whenever you want after that-with enthusiasm…

Let us know what you all decide-I say go early, and go often… he he.


Ours first went at 5. Though dd#2 went at 3 and believe it or not, she remembers ALL of what we did, where we ate, the hotel, rides, toys she wants to look for, etc. I say go when you’re ready. Whatever the age you guys will have fun.

Just remember though, that you will most likely need to ride swap unless your grandson is tall for his age at say 3 yr or 4. It really depends on the rides everyone will want to go on etc. My dd#2 was upset she was too short to go on SM and BTM, ToT, etc.

Hotel choice…pick a FUN hotel for him and you. Our kids love POFQ due to all the theme decorating. If your trip is long enough you could always split it between 2 hotels.


We went one time when our youngest was 3 months old! Looking
back, I’m not sure how that all went so well… and get this… we drove!!
AND it was a 15 hour drive. We must have been crazy (or just had more
patience 8 years ago). lol!
I would say our youngest probably started remembering the rides, etc.
well after we were home during our trip when he turned six.
I would always recommend AKL, Savanah view. The one nice thing about
it is that when you are in the room, the kids can watch the animals. That
always helped occupy mine while we got ready, etc. which was kinda nice.
No matter what, even if they dont remember the trip, they still love it while
they are there, and thats what counts:happy:


Our DD was 7 in 2007 when we took her for the first time … she loved it and wanted to go back right away. We thought she might not care for it, but we were gladly incorrect!


u can do what ever if u have the money


Our youngest went when she was 1, 2, & 4. She had a great time while there but other than flashbacks from looking at pics the only thing she truly remembered on her own was Daisy Duck, Lego Sea Dragon at DTD and the slide at Coronado.

If it were a deluxe i’d recommend Poly. Fun pool and kids have a blast swinging in the hammocks and playing in the sand on the beach.


With a small child, I think the Polynesian or the Contemporary will be best. If you want to savea bit, go with POFQ. As for what age, I perfer 5/6 year old ages. They may not remember it all, but who cares. My DD went on here first trip at two with my parents and with me when she was three. She has vague memories, of the trip with me. We went again when she was almost 6 and she remembers most of that one…some details I can’t even remember so don’t focus on the child’s memories.


my opinion is that when they are young it isn’t about their memories of being there but your memories and pictures of their first time…my next door neighbors just celebrated their daughters 1st birthday …same goes here …that is the parents time ,a litle alter on its both…but anytime at any age at disney is just fabulous…


The plus at Yacht club is the beach like pool, very good for young kids.

Dont overlook the cabins at FW. Lots for kids to do and some space between you.


We took our oldest for the first time at 3 months…the second child at 6 months. They don’t remember the actual trips…but via photos they remember the magic. We have vistited every year since…my theory is start early with the magic, you won’t regret it. My kids have amazing memories, both real and through photos. Now age 10 and 7 and still loving the magic of Disney. You just can’t beat the family memories…SO worth it!


we started when our son was 6 …and have been every year,I believe the impact is cumulative,so does he remember everything NO ,but he does remember now that is GOOD…and he also believes it is also…yeah…oh by the way he is 25 and arranges his schedule to be with us every year …


I think the perfect time to take a child is when they are 40". We took my DD her first time when she was 8 months and DH and I had a blast and really got hooked. We grew up always going to WDW since we lived fairly close, but it meant much more when we took our own. DS was only 4 weeks when we took him! I was DYING to go on EE- Now not so much!! :blow:


Our daughter has gone at least once a year since 3 and it was the perfect first age. She loved EVERYTHING. However, I am finding now at 7 some of the details are becoming cloudy in her mind. Not that that is a problem, as she fully loved it, but it does hurt me some that she doesn’t remember some things.

And I agree with others, if you are going to do Deluxe, go for the Poly. It is no secret I am a Poly nut, but that is because mainly it is the best themed for a family and a young child. There are just cool/fun Disney touches everywhere you look and the TTC and Monorail are right there and fully worth it.


It really depends on the child and what you as a grandparent want. We took DS just before his 2nd and 3rd birthdays…the first trip didn’t go to well, but he was sick and it was really, really hot, and he was miserable.

The second trip, last September…he was in love with Disney. He was right at 40 inches and braved all the 40 inch rides more than once. He still asks to go back. I know he won’t remember it a few years from now, but my husband and I will, and we have some great pictures. :wub:


I agree with those who said 3-4. My deal was that we would go once they were potty-trained, although the baby care stations are wonderful. I think Yacht Club is a really nice resort. I think your little one will have a blast no matter what.