Opinions, please


So we finally decided to go back to WDW again this year:wub: so I’ve been feverishly trying to plan our days & of course, meals first!! Here’s what I’ve got & since I really really really value the opinion of all you wonderful MBers, have a look & let me know what you think:
Wed- Arrival day- quick service meals
Th-Mickey’s Backyard BBQ (still can’t believe I got this after trying for 3 years!!)
Fri-late lunch @ Coral Reef
Sat.- DH & DD4 lunch at CRT, then everyone dinner at Kona
Sun-late lunch at 50’s Prime Time Cafe (hopefully we can do the Chip & Dale campfire that night)
Mon- quick service meals (headed home that evening):crying:


She wants to know what I think?
I’m literally 28 hours from arrival and I have yet to solidify any dining planning.
Ain’t that a hoot!

If your plans work for you and these are choices you’re happy with that’s all that really matters. You might want to take another look at Coral Reef’s lunch menu to be certain that you’ll all be happy there and if not, give a thought to Biergarten.


I agree with Soundgod,on the Coral Reef–I don’t think I’d go back. I have gotten the lobster trio, not that great :glare:. The portions were on the smaller side.
But everything else on your list looks scrumptish!


Any alternative suggesstions to Coral Reef? We booked it last year but decided to do Teppan Edo instead so I thought maybe we would try it this year…now not so sure:confused:…that is our Epcot day so we would like to try to eat in the park & each trip we try to try new places to eat…


How’s about Rose & Crown as opposed to Coral Reef?? Coral Reef really didn’t do it for us.


We liked the Garden Grill…if you are looking for suggestions!!:laugh:


Rose and Crown has only one thing going for it, location on the water.
I have long felt that their menu was uninspired and lacking depth.
But plenty of other people love the place. Maybe it’s the pub atmosphere or maybe it’s just the beer, I don’t know. Place just doesn’t do it for me.
I used to like Coral Reef, but again, their menu’s lack of depth since the dining plans kicked off in 2005, has kept me away. A “signature” seafood restaurant without lobster on the menu?
But you need to eat at Coral Reef once just for the view.

Tutto Italia
Tokyo Dining
Also consider Le Chefs de France


Mickey’s BBQ :mickey:

That is always a favorite of ours.


Thanks so much guys~ we decided to skip Coral Reef (we love to try new places but if it’s iffy, not so much!). We did change up some things so we can also try Kona… is it worth it? That night our choices are Kona or staying in the park & eating at Liberty Tree (where we know the food is good, but no characters anymore). We also decided to skip Garden Grill & try something else new in Epcot- San Angel Inn :confused: any thoughts??


I really loved San Angel Inn, and the atmosphere is breath-taking. However, many people on this forum will disagree. Their menu is very limited and some have had bad experiences. I’ve only been there once, but I loved it!!! Hope you have a good trip!


I think your plans are fine, but agree on changing the coral reef. Maybe hop over to cape may cafe at the Beach club or grab burgers at Beaches and cream. visiting a resort is always cool…change of scene works sometimes.


I have to say that I LOVED Coral Reef! The food was good, the atmosphere was awesome. You just hafta like fish! I think Coral Reef has a bad reputation for a reason but I think they are working their way out of it!



Well, per the usual, my DH & I got our wires crossed about days/plans & who wanted to do what so I had to do some revisions to our plans sooooo
Wed- MK- QS meals (arrival day)
Th-Epcot-San Angel Inn for lunch
Fri-MK- CRT for DH & DD4 for breakfast, Dinner @ Kona for everyone
Sun-MK- Liberty Tree OR Ohana :confused: We still haven’t decided…
Mon-MK -QS meals- flight leaves @ 6pm


I have only eaten at Kona & San Angel Inn on your list, so my help will be limited. But Kona is one of my favorite restaurants! I’ve been there for dinner and breakfast so far and would love to go back again!

San Angel Inn, I went with a group and while the atmosphere was amazing, none of us really enjoyed what we ate. However, try it for yourself! I think Fulton’s gets not-so-great reviews from most MBers (if I’m remembering correctly), but I just ate there and I loved it. To each their own! :slight_smile:


We enjoy:
Tutti Italia