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Our Family is planning on going back to DW later this year, we are having a hard time deciding…

Go during Halloween (Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party)


During the Holidays…

I’m listening… :slight_smile:


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I suggest Halloween. October will be a lot less crowded (although MNSSHP draws a crowd). The holiday season is PACKED and rates are significantly higher.


Welcome to MB and I agree with LMM - October is a much nicer time to go - good weather, lower crowds.


OK Not to disagree with Little Miss Magic. but I think you should go twice. LOL Actually I do agree with LMM. MHSSHP is GREAT. The night we went there were no lines for any of the rides. You could get off the ride and walk right back on. Take a backpack for all the candy you will be getting. I think my son recieved extra because his birthday is on Halloween and he made sure all the CM knew it.


I loved going on October. The parks aren’t as packed as the Winter Holidays would and it’s so magical! You must do MNSSHP it’s amazing!

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Thanks for the welcome and thanks for the great advice … keep it coming…


I’d go in the two or three weeks leading up to Christmas. Crowds are way down and the lights and decorations are just beautiful.


Thought I’d add that if you do decide to go during the Holiday season, the first week of December is the time to go - Thanksgiving crowds have dwindled and the December crowds haven’t picked up, yet. Avoid the weeks before and after Christmas - the absolute most crowded time at WDW (not to mention most expensive).


yes, we were thinking the first week of December :slight_smile:


Ooo, hard one. I’ve never been for either! My first instinct was to go during Halloween simply because the parks are less busy during the fall. But, because I’ve never been during the holidays, I’d love to see it all decked out! Maybe the best of both worlds and go during the holidays but during that time when it’s the least busy. I think it’s after Thanksgiving but before Christmas that it’s pretty dead. I could be wrong. Anyway, I guess I’m not much help, huh? Haha! Have fun picking! Any WDW trip is wonderful so I’m sure you can’t go wrong!


We went the first week in Dec. and the crowds are great. We went to MVMCP and walked on everything. I think it’s a decision based on which holiday you want to celebrate there. For me,we don’t really get into the halloween thing but love Christmas. So, for us it was a no brainer. By the way, Welcome to Mousebuzz.


My family had the same decision to make and we chose the first week in December. It helps that we have been in the Fall, and we had a great trip, but right after Thanksgiving we’ll get to enjoy many of the holiday enhancements but without the crowds(and cooler weather, which we don’t mind). We are also paying value rates, and that helps too!


Hm that is a hard one. I love October but I have to say I was there at Christmas time in 07 and it was wonderful. We were there from the 17th to the 29th the earlier in December the better.


I’ve gone during the end of November and beginning of Dec. As you’ve read from the other MB’s, this is the best time to go if you’re going to go for the holiday season. The crowds were not bad at allll. But it was rather cold for most of the days we were there. And we were there for ten days! haha, definitely pack those sweaters in case! My friend had to buy a hoodie when we got there bc she was like FL, I don’t need to pack a sweater! Haha. But I really did get nice a couple days into the vacation. It was WONDERFUL! So beautiful. And I went to MVMCP. Which was soooo spectular! It made me cry. It was just the greatest. It snows on Main Street, and you get yummy treats and cocoa! It was great!

But I’ve always kinda wanted to go to MNSSHP. I guess it’s the kid in me that wants to dress up for a day in WDW! :smiley: But my friend has been to MNSSHP, she’s on here Amanda O’Malley.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.
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I vote for October. We have been many times in October and we loved it. Awesome time of year to go and the halloween party is the BEST! We used to pull our boys out of school for a week to go in the middle of October. But they are in high school and we can’t do that anymore. :frown:


I have to give a vote for the holidays. It doesn’t get any more magical than Disney at Christmastime. :heart:

However, I am also a HUGE fan of MNSSHP!!! So I know you’ll really enjoy whichever one you pick. :happy: Keep in mind, MNSSHP nights will get more crowded the closer it gets to Halloween.

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Last year my cuz went the last week of Sept. She went to MNSSH and had free dinning. Maybe this year Dinsney will offer the free dining the same time frame so you can experience Halloween and have free dinning.


Hello and welcome! I went last year for Christmas and Newyears. I think it was so beautiful with all the decorations. I’m actually going back in Sept for MNSSHP and can’t wait. I think it would be a lot cheaper and less crowded for halloween. Have fun!


[QUOTE=StitchNTime;945917]Our Family is planning on going back to DW later this year, we are having a hard time deciding…

Go during Halloween (Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party)


During the Holidays…

I’m listening… :)[/QUOTE]

Welcome to MB and we have gone both times and for us the first two weeks berfore Christmas is the best. The weather is good we never had large crowds and with everything all decked out for the Holidays you just can’t beat it.I may be a little bias as Christmas is also my birthday


Welcome to MB, good question by the way!! I have been at Halloween and it is awesome but… I have always wanted to go around Chrsitmas time, I know its going to be packed with people but I can’t imagine how well Disney would do Christmas! I know from just seeing photos on here that it is spectacular.
We are hoping to go after Christmas this year and we are hoping the decs will still be there for us to see.