Orlanda World Center Marriott ?'s


So we’re going to Orlando for a few reasons. One is to stay at the Orlando World Center Marriott for a convention. We arrive early for a stay at OKW then head there. Once that’s done we’ll head back to SSR for a mini vacation. My family leaves me to go home while I do the Disney Scrapbookers Dream Vacation.
So has anyone stayed at this Marriott? It looks as though it’s VERY close and I was wondering if there was an easy way to there besides public transporation from Downtown Disney. It almost looks like it’s just across the street. Am I correct? I see people crossing the street from there all the time so is it worth just going that route rather than paying for a cab? Most of the resorts have shuttles to the local areas, correct? So wouldn’t this have one to DTD?
Also it looks like there is a lot to do at this Marriott Resort as well. My cousin will be there with our children while we’re in the convention and she’s wondering what there will be for her to do. My daughters 3 and VERY busy so I really don’t suggest her leaving the resort.


We’ve stayed at the Mariott World Center several times - mostly in the condo sections, but we’ve stayed in the hotel too. It’s a beautiful resort - the pool is absolutely amazing - I honestly think it tops any Disney Pool. Although we didn’t have children with us, I did notice that there are plenty of kids’ programs. We always have a car, so I’m not sure about transportation. They probably do have transportation to and from the parks though - most big resorts do.


Its a very short drive, but definately not a walk. We just returned from a stay there and after one night switched our stay to the Caribean Beach Resort. . . the Marriott seemed too much like a convention hotel and not for us. Plus the pool bar closed at 8pm, not alot of people out and about, no one swimming later, and our hallway smelled musty.

Not at all what I had expected, stayed there 20 years ago and LOVED it.


llama-I’m hoping they do have transportation. I may call and see later on. I did find out other people in our group that will be there are driving down. So they will have a car to help us now. Which means I have to bring a car seat along.
Jen in Maine-I certainly hope our hall doesn’t smell. We’re only ther for 2 nights for our convention. But I have a VERY sensative nose and JUST found out I’m pregnant which means my 5 mile radious nose (DH’s nickname 4 me) will be a 10 mile radious nose. Hopefuly it will be fine for 2 nights. I know we shouldn’t be in any condo just a regular double bed room.

I found the childrens activity schedule so they will be busy and my wories are over about that.
Thanks for the input!!!
I’m stil hoping hey have transportation becaue I hate having to rely on other people and would hate to be an inconvience.