Orlando 5 day park hopper cheap!


So I was on craigslist Orlando last night and I found discounted 5 day park hoppers for $100 a piece. The ad says they can only be purchased in Orlando. They have similar passes in southern CA but we have AP’s so have never tried them. The ad also says that they are good until Dec 2009 which works good for me.

I guess my question is are they legit? Has anyone else bought these passes off of craigslist?

Thanks in advance for your responses.


Umm, I wouldn’t try it. I have a tendency to NOT trust any ticket deals unless offered through Disney directly. There are A LOT of ticket scammers out there and that just sounds 101 Fishy.


I wouldn’t risk it. There’s no way to know if they are valid until you try using them at the parks and then you’re out of luck if there’s a problem.


i agree. don’t do it… You will regret it if you get there and find out they are fake. Kinda like the fastpasses that were sold on ebay… um there is a date on there.

Be leery.


That sounds like the deal my Niece just got. She told me that they got airfare, 4 day tickets and 3 nights hotel package for $300 per person. It just doesn’t add up. Tickets alone I’m guessing are $250 per person, so how do they get airfare and 3 nights at a resort for the remaining $50? I keep worrying that when she shows up, it won’t be legit, and then the whole trip is done.


That’s the way I was leaning…when it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Thanks for the advice.