Orlando Florida Ranks No. 1 as the angriest city in America


A study conducted by Men’s Health magazine has found that Orlando, Fla., ranks No. 1 on a list of the angriest cities in the nation.

“Orlando has never been a strategic military target, and yet the folks there are furious,” the magazine said.

The magazine looked at the percentage of men with high blood pressure, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and FBI rates for aggravated assaults, as well as workplace deaths from assaults and other violence.

Those numbers were compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Traffic congestion data were also a factor.

Orlando was joined in the top 10 by three other Florida cities – St. Petersburg, Miami and Jacksonville.

Y’all be careful.

Though Anaheim ranked #79


I will definately be careful while out and about on the I-Drive. I have’nt noticed anything crazy going on when we have been there. I’ve enjoyed my excursions outside of WDW. Still you can’t be too careful.


strange ranking…obviously they have never been to jersey…lol We have camden…the most dangerous city in america two years in a row. What a disgrace.


I’m a bit surprised by this, but if you think about it, there are some factors that might come into play here. An excessive amount of tourists can always cause frustration among natives. The more tourists there are, the more traffic and congestion, and that can lead to angry people trying to get to work and otherwise go about their daily lives.

The heat and humidity can also cause tempers to flare along with stress induced from worrying about hurricanes and other natural disasters.

Having said all that though, I still must say that I’m very surprised that Orlando ranks this high on this scale.


Why don’t you all just shut up?

(How’s THAT for sounding angry?) Of course y’all know I’m kidding. Good morning.


I’ll be honest, I am not surprised at this at all. The fact that four Florida cities made it on the top 10 really doesn’t shock me. Being run off the road by crazy drivers, cut off by packs of superspeed motorcyclists with no helmets on I-95, hit by 2 different young people in suped up racer hondas within 3 years was only part of my Florida experience over 12 years. TWO college students I knew through friends, one in Miami one in Orlando, victims of random gun violence. I won’t even get into the new guns laws that have affected the Miami nightlife in a very scary way BBC NEWS | Americas | Florida to expand law on gun use or for those who like to listen NPR : Florida’s New Gun Law Loosens Curbs


I am always surprised by the new types of rankings they can come up with. I had no idea.


kind of ironic considering that disney is right there…


Right: Happiest and Angiest Place on Earth.

I smell a new celebration coming. Think of the hats.


I am not too surprised by this at all. I have some family that lived in the Orlando area, they have now moved to the Tampa area. Anyhow they hated Disney and all other tourist things. I don’t understand how people could hate Disney.


It’s the tourists. It’s the traffic.

It’s not just the I-drive/192 area…Disney is sort of south of Orlando. I have to drive THROUGH ORlando (as many of you who drive in do as well) - and if you’ve ever been driving in the morning rush or afternoon rush - well, you can see why people get so mad! :angry:

Just a few weeks ago, an afternoon radio station I listened to held this whole “Mess With The Tourists” thing to get back at the Evil Tourists :laugh: (you know I personally love the tourists, cuz when I go to Orlando, that’s what I am - a tourist) - anyway, their antics landed them in some trouble - but, my whole point in telling you was - you should here the angry people who call in about tourists!!

Apparently, we’re not as cool as we thought! LOL! :sad:


Talk about rankings–Baton Rouge just got the (good?/bad?) news that in the past year home prices have increased more here than any metropolitan area in America. That includes California and the Northeast! Home prices here have increased over 27 percent in the last year.

Call it the “Katrina Effect” (getting a 100,000 new residents in one year).

Interesting, number two was Ocala, Florida. (Are all those tourists stopping at the WDW Welcome Center also buying houses?)


Ah, c’mon Erin, WE’RE not tourists…

We addicts! :blink: :wacko: :ohmy:

Tourists are them dorky people who show up from Iowa asking about directions to SeaWorld… :whistling

What I found interesting was the WAY they determined anger.

Traffic Congestion probably was the main reason for Orlando.


Pahaha…the mental image I just got is priceless. :whistling


Maybe it’s the new advertising slogan for DVC??


I grew up in North Jersey and learned to drive a truck in Manhattan. I honestly think the drivers here in South Florida are worse. The long commutes drive everyone buggy. And actually, everyone’s so rude. Orlando, when you get away from the parks is no different than any of the other Florida cities, they’re rude there too. We’re supposed to be ruder than NYC. Now that’s rude. This is all just another reason to stay inside WDW and use their transport as much as possible.


I can definitely see why Orlando is the angriest city in America.

Traffic absolutely drives me BONKERS every day! And it never lets up. It’s a constant rush hour–early morning getting to work, morning tourists going to Disney, lunch hour rush, early morning people getting off work mid-afternoon, regular rush hour, Disney parks closing, the bars closing, and then the whole thing starts over.

I become an angry person sometimes behind the wheel. And if one more person suddenly stops right in the middle of the road, puts on their emergency flashers, and pull their kids out of the car with traffic flying by to take a picture, I may just go insane! And this actually does happen ALL THE TIME! I think people lose their common sense in Orlando.

But other than that, I am generally a happy person. Just not driving. :happy:


How can anyone who uses the word “Bonkers” get angry?


Well once I am out of traffic, I am very happy. I only use the stronger words while driving. :pinch: :laugh:



I’m not in Orlando, but I am in the NW FL panhandle, and live in a tourist town (mainly for the beach). I’ve grown to HATE summer, because that means tourists. Which means people who truly do not know how to drive, and do the exact opposite of everything we do on the road.

People… please… when you travel to another place, go WITH the local traffic. Even if they’re doing 50 mph on a road where the posted limit is 35 mph. It’s obviously accepted. If you’re puttering along at 35, and the elderly zoom past you… consider yourself an idiot and a pain in our…:angry:

If you’d just follow our lead, then maybe we wouldn’t yell, curse, or flip you off.:angel: