Orlando ITT, Commissary and BX


Has anyone ever checked this out and is it worth the trip going over there? I keep saying I want to but we never seem to make it. Are the savings there the same as what your home base would be or are they priced for that area? It would be nice not to have to tote a weeks worth of goodies near 1/2 way across the country if they can be purchased there for the same price.

Did you know there was an ITT Ticket Office in Orlando?
How about a Very large Commissary and Exchange?
The US Navy maintains all three plus a subway at the Naval Training Center Orlando Annex. NTC Orlando is long gone but the Annex at the Orlando International Airport remains and they have a beautiful Commissary and Exchange there.
If you are staying in one of the Disney Vacation Club villas/suites, a condo, or a Vacation Home that has kitchen facilities, you might want to stop here to stock up.

The ITT Office has a huge selection of local area tickets!
The Commissary is very good sized and has a very good selection! Beautiful produce and meats, a deli counter, and all the staples you are used to having. They even sell some Disney and Orlando souvenirs.
The Exchange is also very large with a huge selection of items. There is also a section with beer, wine, and liquor.
So if you have the time and or the need for supplies on your trip to WDW stop by the Navy Annex and check it out.


I remember that it is there when we are in the early planning stages, but seem to forget about it when we are driving in. We just swing into one of the stores on 535, grab what cold stuff we need, and head into the resort.

How far off I-4 is it?


The base originally shared the runway with MCO. From what i’ve read it’s right around the airport. We haven’t been on that side of Orlando since we moved from SC so not sure of how long it takes to get there from WDW.


I flew into MCO once the day before the gang arrived. From the time I picked up a rental it was about 20 min from the parking garage to OKW at rush hour traffic.


So maybe if you’re coming from the north, south, or east the savings might be worth it but from the west you’d do just as well at the Walmart around the corner?