Orlando Timeshares?


Anyone here use Timeshares? We’re members with Sunterra, and we’ve got a steal of a week just from taking some silly tour to use anywhere. Folk are considering using this for our hopefully-soon WDW trip. Othewise it will go to waste.

Does anyone know of a pretty decent Orlando timeshare? I’m crossing my fingers that one of them will have transportation to Disney! (Those shuttles from the Hilton/Grosvenor hotels really spoiled us!)

Any info would be vastly helpful. Thanks! :heart:


DVC resort hotels!!! :biggrin:


Haha we can’t do that!! As far as I know its not the same thing and you can’t trade outside of your timeshare company…thing.

…or am I wrong? :huh: The key word in this trip is “save” so we can’t afford anything out of the ordinary for us, hehe.


I own at SHERATON VISTANA RESORT and SHERATON VISTANA VILLAGES and I absolutely LOVE IT!!! They are both EXTREMELY close to the gates of WDW, Vistana Resort being REALLY close! We have walked from DTD before…in our younger, drinking days without kids, when we thought it was a quick walk. YEAH RIGHT!

But the resorts are really beautiful.


Ya know, that name sounds REALLY familiar…I think thats where we stayed when my folks dropped me off for my College Program… If so, I it was fairly new at the time but I liked it alot!

I don’t think we’ll be making the walk, what with my parents nearing their sixties, both with back pain and one with osteo. :angel: :wink:

Thanks for the advice!!!


Last year, I stayed at the Sheraton Vistanas and at Orange Lake. I absolutely loved the accommodations (3 bedroom unit) at Orange Lake. Vistanas were nice too but there are old/new condos to deal with. Both have pools that are done up nicely.

Both of these are part of RCI.


Actually, the newer sections of the resort (Lakes and Cascades) are through II (Interval International). I own in both of these sections and the accomodations are beautiful! I know what you’re saying about the old buildings, though. :wink:

Vistana Villages is basically a BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW resort. They just got done with their latest expansion and it is beautiful. There isn’t an “OLD” villa at the place!

From Villages, you cannot walk anywhere! You will need to rent a car or take their shuttles.


Villages has shuttles to Disney Parks? :eek:


Kim, I didn’t know that! I was considering staying here in September because my mom is coming with us…and freinds of ours bought here a few months ago…did you know that as of June they are combining with WDW and you can trade points with DVC resorts? Do you think it is worth giving up free dining to stay off site at Vistana?


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