Orlando Train Station...?


DH and I are considering taking Amtrak from Boston to Orlando later this year (doing the “roomette” for the long part). We won’t be doing the Auto Train as the rather large “kids” who still vacation with us will take our car down. I was wondering if anyone has an idea of where the Orlando station is and what it’s like? We’re hoping to coordinate with the kids and have them meet us, but in case we can’t it would be nice to know what’s around - and if we could get to WDW by taxi. I know flying would be cheaper and it would get us Magic Express since we’ll be on site, but I don’t fly. I did once, and ended up in great pain, but it was NOT a good experience! So it’ll either be the train or driving…Thanks!


I’m going to bump this up again - maybe someone knows the area? :confused:


The Amtrak station that I now about is North of Orlando (the name of the city escapes me right now). I’ve never been there so I can’t help you other then that.

If you go to www.amtrak.com you can get station location for orlando.

Sorry I can’t help you anymore then that…anyone else?


Cooncat, why don’t you just drive down with the kids? It would take less time than the train, and you could save quite a bit of money. I don’t blame you for not flying, I don’t fly anymore either, but I have done the drive from the Poconos to WDW several times, and it’s really not a bad drive - certainly not with multiple drivers, anyhow.


We used to do the drive from ME to FL yearly since DH’s mom lived in Ocala. DH’s getting a little long in the tooth ( :eek: ) to comfortably do the drive in one shot now (I, of course, am much younger :angel: ). With the research on trying to get from the station to WDW ($40 or so for a taxi), and the cost of the train, it looks like we’ll probably end up driving it though.


If you stay overnight, I suggest the Hampton Inn in Santee, SC. It’s at mile marker 98, and it is very safe and clean.


In my internet travels I stumbled across a message board on an unofficial Amtrak site, and found out that CoachUSA operates a shuttle from the Orlando Amtrak station to WDW (& other places…!) Just thought I’d stick that in, in case anyone else was thinking about the train! Thanks for all your replies!


Cooncat…the train station for the Auto Train is in Sanford Fl, I would assume they handle more than just that train. It was about a 25 minute drive from there to disney if I remember correctly. I’m sure there are shuttles or taxi’s if you need them.



Sorry I just came across this thread, The orlando station is not where I would recomend going, I would recomend the Kissimmee station. Well the Kissimmee station maybe about 5 mins farther away its in a nicer area then the Orlando station. Taxi cabs are generally availble there, and towncar companies will pick up there as well.

The Station in Sanford is in excess of 45 mins from WDW.


The Kissimmee station is right off 192 only about 13 miles from WDW. I would go to Kissimmee rather than Orlando.