Orlando weather help please


Hi all,
After our baby was born and moving house, we are dying to take a break and go on vacation.
My daughter is begging us to go back to Disney. We would like to go in June. The question is this, is the month of June as hot as it is in July? We went at the end of July last year, and I swore that I would never go back when it was that hot ever again.
Also, our 2nd DD will be 4 months old. Am I crazy in trying to do this??? Please help…



http://www.weather.com/outlook/travel/vacationplanner/vacationclimatology/monthly/USFL0372 Here are the temp and rain averages. It doesn’t look like June is much better then July tho :frowning: If you are worried about the heat,early Dec is great!


June is hot…july hotter and august is like an inferno. I would suggest trying a fall month. Maybe October where it’s still warm, but not as bad as the summer. November and December are even better. You can have fun planning in the mean time.,. Taking a 4 month old will be fine. Just keep to the baby’s normal schedule and assume you will need breaks and all will be well.


keep that baby very well hydrated in the summer. They get dehydrated much much faster than an adult, or even a 5 year old!


Yes, the heat is what is worrying me right now. We might have to re-think our timing and book for the fall. My husband is worried about getting hit with a hurricane if we book for Sept or Oct, but I’m willing to chance it…

Thanks for the replies!


This may be a silly question…but what does Disney World do in hurricanes? Close? Does it ever get hit? I wonder how they deal with natural disasters that they can not control…


We were there during a hurricane last fall. WDW did close and we just rode :sleeping: the storm out in our room. It was kinda cool in its’ own way :mickey:


Where are you from? Because I have found if you are from the north----june is HOT
if you are from a southern state…june is warmish…and this year it seems to have trouble heating up down here…it will be 80 and then 60 and then 70 then back to 80…then a week of rain…


I’m from Montreal, and yes, I am not used to extreme heat and humidity :wink:
I’m a little bummed, but I think we will end up making the trip in September instead of June and hope for nice weather.


As the others posted, July-August can be brutal. The beginning of June isnt as bad but it is still hot. Personally, I would not bring an infant during those months. I remember going to WDW when I was 9 yrs old and my parents standing my 3 yr old sister on top of a garbage can and just continuously pouring cups of water over her head to cool her off because it was so hot. And the people in the park are ruder and less tolerant of one another in the crowds when it is so hot. To me, that isnt a fun vacation.

September-March is much nicer…much more comfortable park weather. Definitely less crowded.


I suggest going in September - it’s a lot less hot and crowded and MUCH cheaper:mickey:

In fact, now that I live here, my best friend won’t even visit until September simply because of the heat.


Best time to go is September thru April… May is really warm June is hot and it just gets hotter from there until about September… we really enjoyed October the best… but since we live here now… we go just about anytime except JUNE JULY and AUGUST it is just toooooooo hot… My DH has heart problems so he can not take the heat… we stay inside during those months… ºoºJudy


We decided to go on June 11th. Our family really needs this vacation and we decided to take it easy on this one. Since we have two little ones it will not be a commando type trip. If we get tired we’ll take all the rests we and the little ones need. The fall was a little complicated for us to go so it had to be a vacation in the summer. Hopefully it won’t be too hot that week.
Thanks for the help.


I live in south florida and to me June is better then July and August and the end of september it gets better . The problem with going in August and September your morelikely to hit hurricanes that in the beginning of Summer Since I have an annual pass I have gone almost every month basically if you want cooler weather I would wait to end of October beginning of November its cooler at night and warm during the day . Actually June is not bad compared to July I have been on July 4th weekend there and sware I’ts hotter up there then by me


We went a couple of years ago during the week of 4th of July, it was incrediably hot and crowed!! We went knowing it was going to be crowded but that was the only time we could go. Last year though we went the 1st week of June and it was hot…not unbearable like it was in July and to me the crowds didn’t seem quite as bad considering it was summer time. We have planned another trip this June so hopefully the weather will be good!! Good luck planning!! :mickey: