Osborn lights


When does Disney flip the switch to start the lights???


The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights | Walt Disney World Resort


The soft opening is November 5th I believe.


Yep, we plan our vacation around everything being up and ready when we get there. Just around the corner now. :goofybounce:


For a soft opening, is it by invite or just luck of being there.


[QUOTE=fjs08;1055203]For a soft opening, is it by invite or just luck of being there.

Just luck as it is with many of the new rides and attractions when they are being readied to be open. We were at DHS when they were testing LMA Extreme Stunt Show and sat through an almost 2 hour testing in which they stopped the show many times to “fix” scenes or glitches that happened.


Ooooooo, I get the chilly-bumps thinking about the lights! Only 7 more weeks and we’re there. Ahhhh, listening to White Christmas in the center of the street with the “snow” falling, CMs in knit caps, warm apple cider being sold…I LOVE IT!!!:wub:…and to think we escape the MI snow…to end up going berzerk when the snow flies. (Of course, soap bubbles with the daily temps in the 70s helps!)


Noticed that DHS closes @ 7pm Friday.
Would they still do a soft opening then??


I am sooooo excited to see this! I have never been this time of year. :slight_smile: I can’t wait!!!


It is something to see.
We love it


Talked to the security @ DHS, and to Guest Services @ DHS.
Both, independently said no public soft opening Friday or Saturday, however there will be a “show” for Cast Members on Friday nite.
I’m sure this can all change, but that’s what I was told.


The official opening for SODL is Monday, Nov. 8th. Nov. 5th is the cast preview. At this time there is nothing planned for the weekend.


We stayed to see that once a while ago and it was awesome. Wish we would do it again soon, but probably won’t. Have a safe trip and take some pictures for us.


I cant wait nine days until we leave 10 until we get there.


It will be here before you know it!! What a beautiful time of year to be visiting! If you see me on the streets of Hollywood Studios, make sure you say hello!!


will do… . you are a photopass photographer how cool. IM so impressed:mickey::mickey:.



Why, thank you!! It’s an AMAZING experience!


I saw them for the first time last year, what an experience!!!


That’s a show I would have loved to see (and tape!)


We went about 5 years ago and saw the Osborne lights. The soap bubbles were AWESOME. Disney did it again…snow without the cold…lol!