Osborne Family Lights...2006 Dates


Hot off Passporter presses:

The Osborne Family Spectacle of Lights will be returning to the Disney-MGM Studios. The lights can be seen in the evenings decorating the Streets of America, November 13, 2006 - January 7, 2007.


Wow, you are on the ball! Thanks for the info!


Can’t wait to see this in November!!


Yay and I am finally going to get to see them this year !!


Too bad you couldn’t see them when Residential Street was still up. IMHO the lights have lost a lot of their appeal with their only being on Streets of America.


They aren’t doing the residential streets anymore??? I hadn’t heard that!


The residental streets are GONE…and I agree they have lost some of their luster too… they also quit giving the glasses to look at the lights with… Not nearly as much fun… but I still go anyway… the put the stunt show in the place of the residental streets… Sorry…


Awww, oh well. I will still enjoy being at WDW at Christmas time !!!


Yes YOU will, I always do… I can say that I have been really blessed to be able to go to Disney every year at Christmas, Flower and Garden Festival and the Food and Wine Festival since we moved to Florida 14 years ago… Now I go more often than just the 3 times a year just to get away from my real life…If you know what I mean…LOL but for me those times of the year are just absolute must go times… but since you live in FL too I am sure that you go more often too…


I have never seen the Osbourne Lights. We will be there on Nov 18th. Is this worth seeing? How much time does one spend there? Is this something that you do instead of Fantasmic that night? I am sure these are better after dark but I am also sure the park closes after Fantasmic. So how long can you actually enjoy these? Help??? :flowers:


I am really sorry we have noevr done this… everybody seems to love it!


I really was hoping that we could make a short trip to see Christmas at WDW this year but it is starting to look like we are not going to make it. A lot of changes at work coming up and I don’t know that I can get away now. :sad:

But just in case - what is the best time to get there and how long does it take to view them?


What a great post! I am just seeing the joys of a seasonal pass this year. I can’t wait to go experience all the same things. We loved the Flower and Garden festival at EPCOT.

I can’t wait to see the Food and WIne, and Christmas :wub:


Before this thread gets to far away from my questions, can anybody add some thoughts about the Osbourne Lights? Thanks. :flowers:


I’d say you could see the lights in less than half an hour.


Huh, doesn’t sound as grand as I imagined. :huh:


SWAK, I think you will LOVE the Osbourne Lights. Yes, you can view them in a half-hour, but if you’re like me, you’ll make a couple of trips around the block because it’s impossible to notice everything in one walk-through. Don’t get discouraged, the display is Gorgeous. They’ll really get you in the Xmas Spirit.


Thanks. I am trying to juggle this and Fantasmic and I don’t want to miss either that night. Does anyone who has gone in Nov. know what time Fantasmic usually is? I’m thinking 7 or 7:30???


You can go to the Disney link and see the times for Fantasmic on the days that you think you will be there… It will be getting Dark sooner… so you will have time to see the Osborn lights and go to Fantasmic too… I would think, but I never miss them… and It will really get you in the Christmas Spirit too… I always walk around looking at them 2 or 3 times because you can never see all the displays… You will really enjoy this…