Osborne Lights


How do you tour the lights? We are going to WDW in December 2006. This will be our first time during the holiday season. Do you need an admission ticket for the lights? Do you walk through the display or is there a special tram? Also how long will it take to view the entire display? We are so excited to go during this time. Thanks for your responses.


We went last year. You just need a regular admission ticket. They decorate the backlots with lights, trees, etc. It is unbelievable. They have the fake snow coming down too so that adds to the experience. You just walk around the streets…no trams or trolleys or anything. You take your time and leisurely walk around. When we went last year it was pretty chilly out so that also added to the experience.

It is definitely something to see…but for us it wasnt something we would go back year after year for. Unlike the MVMCP. That I could do every year and never get tired of.


It is a regular admission to MGM. This is a walk thru tour, and you set your own pace. It is very well done, and worth the experience. Get there early, as there is a seperate line for the lights, and it can get long. The line does move along quickly, but at the end of a long day in the parks, the thought of another line just is not bearable.



We saw it last year and it is awesome, I took alot of video, I can try to get the video off the Mini-DV and into an MPEG for you to see.

I just have to find a place to host it I think. I think I taped a good 20 mins or more, I can cut it down timewise.

This year I will be taking my new camcorder that had a built-in 20 GB hard drive, which makes putting video on the internet or into mpeg’s sooooo easy, getting it from the tape into the software I have may be a pain but I will try.