Osborne Lights


Are they on each nite at DHS during the holiday season??
Do they come on automatically when it gets dark?

Just curious. Haven’t seen them in years.



I saw then year before last and they are a “not to be missed” event. I hope to see them agian when we go on the 20th. Years ago they gave out 3D glasses when you walked down the street and that along with the snow was truly a magical experience. It would look like angels were flying across the sky.


Wow, sounds neat. We’re going over 1st week of December. Doing VMCP, want to “hotel hop,” see the Osborne lights, and listen to the music at the American Gardens @ Epcot.
Amazing!!! Guess we could spend a few days and never really ride any attractions. That’s what makes WDW so great!!
Thanks again for the info.


Yes Frank, they are on every night from dark till closing and I believe every 15-20 mins they flash on & off to music. Ask a CM about the time schedule.

Doing the Osbourne lights, Candlelight processional, MVMCP, and Resort hopping to see the decorations is the only way to get into the christmas spirit. I try to do this each year when able.

Enjoy!! Enjoy!!


The lights are AWESOME!! Since you’re going to resort hop, make sure you put the Grand Floridian on your list. The Gingerbread house is beautiful. They also had a photopass photographer taking pictures of families in front of the huge Christmas tree. I


The lights get turned on nightly at 6pm. I believe they may have a ‘lighting’ ceremony where someone ‘flips the switch’ as they say. They have a giant light switch in the backlot area where the lights are located. Definitely a not to be missed attraction. We caught it for the first time last year and we’ll be seeing the lights again this year.


I’m SO looking forward to this Tuesday when I work with Sulley because my shift ends at 6, and when I walk outside the area and onto the streets, it is one of the most BEAUTIFUL things ever.


This is one of my favorite experiences at WDW. So much more than you expect it to be.
Gingerbread house at GF…not to be missed!!!
But, Main Street at Christmas - hands down - continues to be MY greatest Disney Christmas memory ever.
Have a magical holiday!


I have to agree with you. I love just sitting on one of the benches and enjoying the lights, “snow” and people


Do they do the lighting ceremony every night? I’ve seen it. It’s very cute, typically Disney.

But, if my memory serves, they only do the lighting ceremony a few times a week (not sure if it’s on a schedule or not)