Osbourne Lights and 3D Glasses


I have a friend who insists that if you watch the Osbourne Lights with 3D glasses that it is much better. We tried last year and to me, there was no difference except that I looked like a bigger a** than normal. :laugh:

Anybody try this or hear about this? I suspect my friend is off on this one but you know WDW people. Just try and tell them anything about Disney!:happy:


I don’t know about 3d glasses, but we picked up some cute ones at the Cracker Barrel that have images of snowmen, snowflakes and santas somehow embedded in the lenses, we can’t wait to try them out at MGM. :slight_smile:


Maybe that was your friend’s secret plan.:laugh:

I can’t imagine how it would make any difference though.


A few years back, i think about 5, I remember that when we went they gave us 3D glasses to use for it and I think it did make a difference especially the moving lights.


I last viewed the Osbourne Lights 3 years ago, with 3D glasses. It definitely made a difference!


They handed them out to us the last time we went and they had images of snowflakes on them. I thought it was awesome!


Your friend is very smart!!!

Ummm, let’s just say I keep my 3-D glasses from 2004 in a VERY safe spot b/c I will NOT view Osbourne Lights without them. I don’t care if I look like a donkey or not, those snowflake glasses rock. Osbourne isn’t the same without them.

By the way, they turn all points of light into 3-D snowflake shapes so in essence you could view your neighborhood displays with them too.


I never heard of it do they still pass out the 3D glasses ? Will any 3D glasses work


OK - I am really going to check this out this time! Not sure that I believe this at all…:blink:


They did hand out 3D glasses when the lights where still on the Residential Street. We don’t take them with us any more, but we leave them out at Christmas time. Turns the tree lights into angles. A few years ago, we bought a pair of 3D glasses from the American store outside of President Hall that show USA when you hold them up to the lights. Guests get a kick out of them.


It makes the lights look like 6 million instead of 3 million. :biggrin:

The glasses make Wishie look SEXY, but they don’t do a THING for you. :laugh: Is your “friend” planning on being there and laughing at you behind your back?


No, to my face! :laugh:


Any one know if they still pass them out or do I need to find some somewhere, and where do you find 3D snowflake glasses? lovemysons were the glasses you got just snowflakes or are the 3D too? I could stop at the Cracker Barrel across from work and see if they have them.


We were there last year and I did not see any being passed out.



Me neither, and we were there on two different nights.


I remember they being like Halographic type of glasses, making all the lights do a diamond type of glare.


I haven’t seen the glasses being handed out since the relocation. Our first glasses made angels appear all around the lights. The next pair made the snowflakes. We still have ours to bring out with the Christmas decorations.


They are called “Holiday Specs” On the back, they say:
“While wearing these glasses, look at Christmas tree lights, city lights or any bright distant point of light to see the magical image of Holiday Specs.”

I think any excuse to go to Cracker Barrel is a good one.

We got one of each, Santa, Snowflake and Snowman. They were $1.99/a pair.


yeah… I remember getting glasses that made all of the lights look like angels a couple of years ago, but I haven’t seen them since. We still have them in our Christmas decoration box… like to pull them out when we drive through Christmas lights.

I think they might’ve decided to do away with them when they synchronized the lights to music…


Which kind of glasses? The red and blue version or the polarized lens type they use for Muppetvision?