Oswald the Lucky Rabbit?


Ok I saw some stuff at WDW this year when I went a few weeks ago that I had known about before apparently before Mickey there was a character named Oswald whom was a rabbit I guess. and something as far as copy rights went on…and disney lots the rights to him but now has bought them back and now they are starting to put out a DVD on him as well as little bit of merchandise. This honestly really intrigues me since I am a huge classic animated disney fan…was just wondering if anyone else had heard about it and liked it like I did…lol or maybe I am just a dime a dozen.


DS & DD have both recently done projects on Walt Disney. They both researched and found this information. Here is a link…

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


ahh neat thanks for the link…I am really interested to see where Oswald goes in the next few years if they plan on introducing him as a character of the disney family or not…will be interesting to see how things go…for sure.