Other stuff to do in Orlando


Besides the parks there is a lot of great places stay, eat, and things to do and see.

Here is an article from the New Your Mag

The Weekend Escape Plan – Orlando – New York Magazine

If you do drive down I would highly recommend the Ravenous Pig in Winter Park.

The Tiggers also enjoy going to the Orlando Shakespeare Theater which puts on a more then just Shakespeare (we mainly go to see Shakespeare).

Lots to do in O-town.


Ikea in Orlando is a must for us on our way back from WDW each trip! :wub:


Do you know I always feel so bad because I say we are going to Orlando and Florida but we rarely move beyond the WDW area. I would love to see some of the wonderful beaches whilst we were there, but we never seem to make the time. But thanks for the info it’s real interesting.


We ventured to the Orlando Science Museum two years ago. It was alot of fun. something different to check out. And alot less expensive than disney!