Other uses


I am not sure if this is the correct venue; We used DVC points this past weekend for a stay in NYC. We had a wedding to attend and figures we would use our points. We stay at the Loews Regency on 61st and Park Ave.

It was very nice. They treat you as Cast Members treat you when you are home. The location is awesome.

So if you ever consider the ‘other uses’ for the DVC, I can recommend this one.


That’s one of the reasons why we took the plunge with dvc, so we could have other uses. Three more years until our 25th wedding anniversary, and I want to go to Italy to celebrate. Thought we could use our points to go.


The REAL reason he went was he’s been banned from ALL of the DVC parks and resorts now. NYC was the only place left to go. :laugh:


We’ve used our DVC points for a couple different summer trips to Keystone Colorado. We had the same experience you did…they treated us like royalty and the accomadations were top notch!

I hope to stay in NYC someday!!!


Sounds like Boss must have known the locations of the street corner cameras in Manhattan.


Boss, I loooove the Lowe’s Regency, we’ve stayed there a couple times before being DVC members & I didn’t even realize that specific hotel was one we can use our points at. Good to know! Glad you liked it there, gorgeous hotel in a nice quiet spot.


We want to try one of the club’s Italy tours. But the Chidlren are hounding us about another family trip.

C’mon already - go away!