Other vacation options through DVC?


I think I remember reading somewhere that you can take vacation outside of WDW as an owner in DVC. Is this true? What kind of options are there? I’d go to WDW as my only vacation for the rest of my life if I could but DH is more of a “WDW-every-few-3 to 5 years-and-other-stuff-in-between” kind of guy. Maybe he’ll feel differently as we have more children but I’d like to be able to show him other things we could do with this investment.

Sorry for so many questions lately…the more I learn, the more questions I have!


You can stay at over 500 different hotels through out the world that Disney has chosen. It is a swap with Intervol time shares (or something like that).

I have never done it but it was a big reason why we bought 160 points. Because i believe at the time we got DVC they told us we could stay at one of these hotels for a week with 160 points.


Well you can spend your points on any Disney hotel and then over 500 other hotels located in prime vacation destinations.

The hotels have much higher points/night, though (like 30-40 points a night). It’s much more cost effective to travel to a DVC resort.


I have never used my points [YET] to travel outside of the Disney resorts, although, my good friend at work has used her points to do a week in Tennessee & last year she used them to stay in Colorado for a week; I know they went white water rafting & a lot of fun stuff.

If you stay for a week at any of the exchange hotels it’s usually around 160. You don’t HAVE to do it by night like Victoria such said. That’s more for little 3-4 nights stays at exchange locations. You are much better going by the week, or even better just going to WDW or DL. :smile:


Our 5 nights at Hilton Head Island, SC for Spring Break '07 was only a total of 40 points. A one bedroom condo in Keystone Colorado June '06 was only 95 points for 5 nights (sun-thurs). The two bedroom was 124 points… not really bad at all. Peak seasons will cost more, but we loved both of those off Disney Property vacations. Cancun is 160 points for a full week, I think that sleeps 6…we haven’t been but have thought about it alot!