Our 2006 Wonderful World of Disney Vacation!


OK! This is my first trip report so bear with me! I didn’t take notes so I’ll be recalling it all from memory! Here goes…

Dates: September 23-October 1, 2006

Cast: Me, Melissa
Mike, DH
Briana, DD

Saturday September 23–
Loaded up our truck and headed over to pick up DMIL and DFIL, who
only live about 10 minutes down the road. Load up their luggage and we head on down to Hampton Inn in Newark. We check into the hotel and park our truck and make sure the parking tag is on it for the week. Then it’s off to sleep since we’ll be up early Sunday!

Sunday September 24–
After an extremely restless night of sleep we wake up at 5 and get ready to head over to the airport. DH and DFIL take our overnight bags and put them back in our truck and take out our luggage. In the meantime DMIL and I check out and wait for 5:30 shuttle, which already happened to be there. Driver then asked how many there were of us, I said 5 and he said he only had room for 4 and the next shuttle would be leaving at 6… So we wheeled our luggage around and waited for the next shuttle. It came and we were lucky enough to be the only passengers. It took us directly to the “A” terminal for our 8:05 flight on JetBlue. He took our luggage out and almost immediately a representative from JetBlue asked if we were flying with them and we said yes and he then took our luggage and checked it for us, outside!!! It was great!! Then we headed off to the Security checkpoint. No Lines!! We went right thru and over to our gate to wait for our flight! Once the boarding annoucement was made we got onto the plane and settled into our seats…no delays at newark that day and we departed almost exactly at 8:05. Nice smooth flight – Relaxing and DD was an angel!! I wouldn’t have even known she was there! And just a side note… I :heart: JetBlue! The seats were leather and so comfortable. And Dunkin Donuts coffee is served and delicious snacks!

We arrived at MCO with no delays and almost a 1/2 hr earlier than scheduled…so early in fact that our arriving gate still had a plane in it! So we sat on the plane for 10 minutes while the departing claim finished up and headed out to the runway. We just about ran off the plane and headed down to DME to check in! When we saw that line I immediately panicked! DH and DFIL stood in line and waited to check us in. It only took them about 15 minutes to get thru and we were off to CBR!

CBR was our first stop. We jumped off the bus and went into the Custom house to check in. To our surprise our room was already ready! We upgraded our tickets to the waterpark fun and more option and had our ADR’s printed out, which I highly recommend! It even had directions to the restaurants on there!

From the Custom House we had to take the internal bus (CBR was HUGE, which we would see as a downfall in the days to come) to our “Island”. We were in Jamaica 44. Our room was 4455 and DMIL and DFIL was 4456. We had a view of the lake and pool! The grounds at CBR were gorgeous! One problem we encountered the first day were the “Love” Bugs!!! EWWWW!! There were so many of them! All over!

We got into our rooms and put down some of our stuff, relaxed for a few minutes before heading out to the Studios. Here are some pics our our room and CBR.


DH and DD on DME


The back of the DME bus next to us…


I’m not sure why the pics are not coming up…the img must be turned off…

i’m just going to resize them all


The front entrance…


Here are some pictures of our room. I thought of Wish when I saw the headboards! Pineapples! And a picture of the marina too…


Sounds like a perfect start to your trip! Your little princess is a doll. We were also in Jamaica building 44 (maybe even the same room) and loved the location, the walk across the bridge was nice.


Thanks DT! She was an angel! I couldn’t believe it!

P.S. That stroll across the bridge was beautiful!


So we were off to the Studios…

The place was empty!! Almost frightening!


We went and did The Great Movie Ride and saw The Voyage of the Little Mermaid with no wait. Then back tracked to get DMIL and DFIL some coffee over in the ABC commissary. While they were enjoying their fine nescafe (eww) coffee we notice Sully was collecting screams at Monsters Inc, so we took DD to meet him. She just recently discovered Monsters Inc and now loves it. She asked him where Boo was, and he turned around and knocked on the door. It was cute!


Thanks! DD just turned 3 yesterday! Your kids will have a blast!


Since no one was at the park, it was DH’s chance to score this priceless picture! Usually we can’t even get near this prop!


I love TRs with pics! Your DD is adorable!


Another example of how empty it was!


Thanks! I’m glad you like it! I have alot!


So after wandering the “streets” of the Studios we headed up to Sci-Fi for our first ADR of the week. My review of Sci-Fi? Food not so good… Atomosphere though made up for it!


After dinner we decided to call it a night and went back to CBR. We went for a quick swim and went to bed!

(Doesn’t she look happy to be in Disney? She loves Disney Buses!)


Stay tuned for Day 2… Animal Kingdom!
Coming tomorrow!

Hope I’m doing ok with my first trip report!


I’m so jealous!


Great TR so far…keep the pics coming!
I need my Disney fix!