Our 2008 Trip Is Booked!


I just called WDW reservations and spoke to the most wonderful CM - I booked our room at the CBR for 9/19-9/27 - just room for now.

I have no idea why that wacky CM told me there was nothing available yesterday, but the CM I did speak to advised me to check back regarding the pool. She did say that they were adding slides to additional pools while they refurb the main pool, and it is scheduled to be completed by mid September, she said it will probably be done earlier…


So y’all know, I will have a conference right before that, so my packing will be last minute, due to lack of suitcases, but then again, Grandma and Grandpa have some extra bags, I might have to borrow one from them.

I am so excited already.


Yay! You got your room!


Called this morning spoke to Norma Jean and she is the nicest CM, I actually did the survey at the end of the call. I should have done that for Wanda but giving her all bad marks might have gotten her into trouble.

I am so excited, I booked rooms only, waiting to see if they offer free dining, if not we’ll get the dining plan and by then I should know if HollyLynne will be joining us. They are holding my reservation for 14 days, I have to wait until next week to give them a deposit… that should be when I get my first pay check from Lowes and it should be close to what I need for the deposit. Actually it should be just enough… My pt job at Lowes will be paying for the whole trip.

Now to put $$$ aside for my extras.


Sounds like you are on your way… most of the fun is in the planning!


so true… so true…
Now I just have to figure out what park… what day… and where to eat.


Congrats on your trip! You’ve had some nice trips recently.


Thanks DayDreamer… to be honest, I have a lot of things happening between now and next September… if I list them I might get yelled at, it almost looks like I am never home…

November - Thanksgiving Weekend - Baltimore Inner Harbor - family vacation.
December - Stored Value Conference in Savannah, GA
Februrary - Mobile Local Search Summit -MoLo - Alberquerque, NM
April - DA & OPS 08 - Reno, NV
June/July (working on this booking) Mobile Payments - Philly, PA
September - DIS 08 - either Memphis, Denver, or Dallas
September 9/19-9/27 WDW… YEAH!!!
November - still not sure
December - still note sure

then it starts all over again.


That’s great news! YAY! We are just going to miss you :frown:


oh bummer… we were going to try to go that week, but DH couldn’t get the week off, plus I have a conference I have to book the middle of september…


You are one busy lady!!


How exciting for you!! Glad the resort worked out!!


I’m curious. I’ve always put the entire tab on my Visa when making reservations. With you giving a deposit only, do they give you time then to make payments? I just got my Visa paid off so don’t want to put anything on it, and would love to make payments directly to WDW, or pay it in full just prior to trip. Can you please let me know what they told you as far as when remaining balance is due.


Congrats on the trip. I thought when I woke up today I would be there the same time but I may be now because my sister may go and thought it be cool to spend thanksgiving there so we will see. I may have to get a job with ya to start paying for all of this. :smile: Either that or some major OT. Congrats. Ill will let ya know sometime soom for sure if Im going in Sept of Nov. I think Nov is still value right?


45 days before check in


Congrats Dee! How exciting for you!!!


Yay!!! Good for you.


I was told that they will send an invoice monthly, so I will be sending monthly checks to pay off the trip. I really don’t want to put anything but the deposit on my CC so monthly checks will work out great. I figure should be paid off by Juneish…


I can’t get to excited yet… gotta work today and then tonight, will start getting excited in a week or so.


Wow you’ll be pretty close to me. I live about 30 minutes away.


no kidding… small world… then maybe you can give me directions to the mall and target… gotta do my black friday shopping… lol