Our 2013 TR


I’ll have to add pictures when I get them downloaded to my computer.

In attendance: Jeff, Cyndi and 4 teenage girls- Jess(18), Shy(18), Dani(15), Emily(14 this month)

Day 1: Saturday, arrival

Leave at 4am driving straight through. We followed our GPS to the resort address and ended up coming in the back way. I thought we were lost until I saw CM parking, the Transportation hub and several other marked warehouses. Then I realize we came in behind MK. Never would’ve figured that one. Arrive at Shades of Green around 6, check in, unpack then take the shuttle across the street to Poly for dinner with fireworks on the beach after.


Day 2: Sunday, Shopping/resort hop/DTD/DQ

Head to DTD at opening to activate our tickets and put our reward points onto gift cards. Head over to the outlet mall for a bit of shopping. I would love to have one of those at home. It was lunch time and I wanted to check out AoA so we thought we’d grab a bite there but couldn’t find it. Asked a CM at AS’s and where she told us to go is not where we ended up so we decided that would wait till another time and headed to WL for lunch instead. We couldn’t get passed the gate. They weren’t allowing anyone to drive in unless you were registered there or had an adr on file, which we had neither. Turns out they were doing some work on the parking lot and parking was space A. Bummer:frown:
Back to SoG for a quick bite then to DTD. WHOA!!! Where did all these people come from??? Emily insisted on Disneyquest which was fine since we had an adr at Ragland Road. I really like RR. After apps I’d ordered something resembling Sheppard’s Pie. It was really tasty even though the girls kept teasing that it looked like our cats food. I was beyond stuffed but couldn’t escape without ordering the infamous bread pudding, to go of course. After dinner Emily wanted beignets. Seriously?!?! So off to FQ. Other than taking close to 2 hours to get back to our resort it really was a nice ending to a good day.


Day 3: Monday, AK/TL,HS

7am rope drop at AK. Yes, SEVEN am.:ohmy: Headed straight to Safari only to find out they changed it. No more poacher part of the ride. Apparently the new CEO wants it more educational so that whole part has been omitted. Bummer :frown:
After taking 5 hours for Safari, EE, Dinosaur, Bug’s Life and Lion King it was lunchtime. Flametree for 4 of us, Yak & Yeti for the other 2. The park was packed!

After lunch I was in a lot of pain and needed a break so we left for Typhoon Lagoon for a few hours. Spent the whole time floating in the River. N–ice

Back to the room to clean up then over to HS by 6:30. No more shows to see, no more FP’s for TSM or RnR and shortest stand-by on ANY ride is 50min. Bummer:frown: Three of us try for Great Movie ride while other three go single rider on RnR. We’re up to a car in 45 min, them not so lucky. 1 ½ hours. Nope, call it a night and back to the room. That park was packed!


Day 4: Tuesday, MK

9am rope drop for MK. We had the new plastic cards but 3 of us went through the new scanner lines while the other 3 went through the old way. Both were equally long when we got in them. Jeff called, he was already in Town Square and we hadn’t even scanned ours to get in yet and no one ahead of us was appearing to have problems. The old way seemed to work better this time.
Headed to new FL to check it out. I like it. It is unfinished but I can see a lot of potential for growth. If my girls were younger we would spend many hours there. 3 head to Space Mtn while the rest go for BTMRR. This was Emily’s 1st brave attempt at Space. She didn’t ride it once, she rode it 3 times. You Go Girl!!
Passing TSI I think “Oh, the paint brushes”, so we detour there 1st. Paintbrushes are no more. They stopped that awhile back. Bummer:frown:
We’re staying till closing and I’m having a hard time walking through the park so a mid-day break was needed. After resting between 3 loads of laundry we’re back at MK by 6. OMG it’s so crowded. They had to extend park hours to midnight because of it. Made it to bed by 2am. I haven’t opened and closed a park late in a while and the next day I realized why.


Day 5: Wednesday, Epcot

9am rope drop. Did I really do that after staying up until 2??? Send Jeff to Soarin for FP’s then TT for 1st ride. TT is Emily’s all time fav ride of ANY park, and one of the tops for the rest of us. New queue, very interesting. The ride itself….The girls renamed it “break track”. They Did.Not.Like.It.At.All. I felt it had no rhyme or reason as to why it did what it did. Much of the movements from the old way were cut out and the new way just seems very lacking. No story at all. No one was interested in riding again and this was a usual 4x min ride every visit.

As soon as WS opens we head over. Serious pain now so a blood margarita in Mexico should do the trick with a beer in Norway following. Ohhh the school bread…YUM! By the time I get to Italy I can take no more.:wacko:
I am exhausted. What has happened to me? Am I getting old, my body wearing out? This can’t be, I’m not that old yet. This is EPCOT DA^^ ^^IT! I can do this. No, I can’t.:crying: Around 3 I take Emily back with me in case I lose my way (yes that would be me) and leave Jeff behind. We came very close to grabbing a cab from TTC, which would make no sense at all since our resort is right across the street but realized just a few steps more to the bus and we would be there.

As soon as I get to the room my head hits the pillow, but not before seeing 3 other kids passed out in my room. Whoa, wait where did they come from? They’re kids. They’re supposed to be in the park having fun.
I plan to meet Jeff back in the park by 7 but realize the only way I can make it is if I grab a scooter at the resort.
Why oh why didn’t I have surgery? Why? Because I didn’t want to go to WDW in a leg cast.:nonono2:
Around 6 I woke and decided to take Emily to dinner at Manginos before heading out. Half way through I realize no matter how much I want to go back it’s just not happening. Back in bed by 8pm.


Day 6: Thursday, check into BC/HS/EP

7:30 load up, check out of SoG, head over to BC for early check-in. All done by 8:30.
Drive over to HS and not there’s no line to enter. Hmmm, it’s not an emh day so what’s going on. They opened early. We’re in the park and at TSM before 9 and there’s already a 50min wait with a noon FP return time. :pirate:
After TSM stand-by I must get a Red Velvet Cheesecake Cupcake at Starring Rolls. YES!!! I came and I conquered!!!

While waiting around for our noon fp’s, (must ride TSM more than once, it’s a right of passage:happy:) I got a text from Jess to head over to Backlot Tour. I was planning to skip it but Shy ended up getting picked to play the one that get’s soaked. This is her 1st visit and she has NO idea what to expect. Jeff & I stroll around looking through the streets waiting for out FP return. After our 2nd TSM ride we decide to head back to the resort with Em tagging along. Seriously we had that often, not just her but all the girls at our heels. I kept asking them “what are Y’ALL going to do”, heavy emphasis on the Y’ALL. We even gave them loaded gift cards for whatever while on their own and they still stuck with us. What is up with kids these days.

We had a couple hours to kill before our dinner adr at Boma so we walked into EP since it was cut short the day before. Our room was bottom floor and 5 deep from the bridge to the back gate. Perfect. An hour into the park and I don’t want to leave, so off to Guest Services to cancel Boma and book Mexico. I Love their margaritas. This is why I hate making adr’s.

The other girls took the boat back from HS by 4 and went to their room for the rest of the evening. We tried to get them back out, even if only to the pool. Nope, not interested. Room service for them it is then.

Surprisingly Jeff’s nephew from MI happened to be in the area with his g’friend visiting her dad last week so we met them at ESPN after Illuminations for drinks/apps. There are Gardenias lining the whole BW area from the BC. It smells heavenly :wub:. I could’ve stayed out there on a bench for hours just breathing the air. A wonderful ending to much better day.


Day 7: Friday, Blizzard Beach and whatever

We drove over right after opening, this is what the girls had been waiting for all week…what :confused:. I decided we were ditching ALL the girls today whether they liked it or not. They needed to have some fun and we wanted to just do whatever without any decisions.
Around lunch we did round them up for miniature golf at SummerWinterland. It’s corny, it’s fun, all enjoyed it.
We sent them back into the park and we took off.

They head back around 3 and two of them come down to the pool for about 30min then leave. The other two stayed in the room. I really thought they’d like storm-a-long bay but they just didn’t seem interested.

Beaches & Cream with amazing Grilled Cheese sandwiches and a Kitchen Sink for dinner.
Walking back to the room there it was again, the fragrance in the air so sweet and aromatic, Mmmm. I saw Lion King playing on the beach and had to sit and savor the scent just a bit longer.:heart::heart::heart:
What could make it better than to see Illumination fireworks from the beach. This is what I’ll remember, the sweet smell floating through the air and the closeness to my favorite park at WDW.

The staff was impeccable but the rest of the resort I’ll pass on.


Day 8: head out

The night before I’d checked several different places for b’fast, all had several openings but unfortunately all were booked that morning. Bummer :frown:.

Head over to BW Bakery. Nothing stands out to the girls. Ok, how about a swim before we take off and have brunch after. Nope, not interested. Okaaay.

So we check out and head over to AoA (I found it) for a bite at the food court. It’s definitely different from the other values, but quite good for a food court.

Had to get in last minute shopping at DTD and my EoS for the road then head out.

Until next time.


We really didn’t like the waiting area of TT. You were in the main part (when you walked into the building), then the room with the numbers on the floor, then the design the car room, then another small area, then a tight hallway. I much preferred the old way of getting from outside to the car.

A couple of yrs ago, we had the school bread and it was very dry with just a dab of cream, so we didn’t have it last trip . Sounds like we should have tried it again.



There are Gardenias lining the whole BW area from the BC. It smells heavenly :wub:. I could’ve stayed out there on a bench for hours just breathing the air. A wonderful ending to much better day.[/QUOTE]

Wasn’t that wonderful. Two weeks ago, I stood by that wedding (or whatever) pavilion for about 1/2 hr or so until the threat of lightening chased me home. (I didn’t want to cross a bridge during a storm:eek:)


imo overall the new TT is a Fail. Sorry to those who like the change.

I never knew how much I liked Gardenia’s. Now I think i’ll add a few shrubs to the yard :happy:


Each day/night when we returned to the resort there was always a fire burning in the lobby with a wood burning oven scent. Very nice.

This was my Shepard’s Pie type meal the girls said reminded them of cat food. If that’s what cat food taste like then I’ve been shopping on the wrong aisle hahaha. It was Yummy!

Girls just having fun.


The park opened at 9, this was taken around 10:30. It doesn’t look like a lot of people in the picture but trust me, it was.

Wall to Wall wave of people by 1. It was crazy crowded.

There’s backstory here. When Jessica was 6 we took her to a Cindy M&G. After the picture Jessica accidentally stepped on Cindy’s dress leaving a shoe mark, which caused her to reflex quickly in a strong voice telling Jess “don’t step on my dress”. She felt she was yelled at by Cinderella. She wasn’t but, ya know. She burst into tears after leaving and has been traumatized over it ever since. She does not like her.


Some castle pics


More castle pics and a few of New FL

Beauty and the Beast Castle


Outside Little Mermaid ride, Jess’s favorite Princess.

Gaston fountain

Inside Gaston’s Tavern

The new Bathrooms are fabulous! A lot of work went into this. It was so sad to see where some kid had already carved their initials in one of the stall’s.

Really pretty at night.


These gardens remind me so much of the years we spent in Japan.

Our dinner view. After several attempt’s we finally got a table by the river.

Germany is so much fun

This was the side view off our patio. The opening is the foot of the bridge to the back of Epcot. Sweet!

Beautiful day.



I really like the Memories HD app.


Shyanne’s 1st trip to WDW. She loved it!

Singin’ in the Rain

I took this trip as a kid. I’d love to take my kids on it too.



Girls had a blast playing here.