Our 4th Trip in a row! 03/26/09-04/04/09


First post here ever. Got back a few weeks ago from our 4th trip in a row to Disney World and it never fails to make me smile! Once again, the favorite part of the trip for me was the Pin Trading. Twice now, I have given a pin away to a young kid while telling their parents about the whole pin trading experience and then a few hours later to be stopped by the same family and warmly thanked for getting them started. (usually with the kid wanting to return the favor and give me back a pin.) All in all, a fun filled stay at the All Star Music Resort with lots of funny stories about my daughter. The funniest of which was at Animal Kingdom where right in the middle of having her characature done by an artist, a duck comes flying in at full speed and lands right under her chair! We also had fun watching her racing out the door of the resort and bang on the Disney bus to get in after the driver had closed the door thinking she was being left behind and then realizing we were in the line next to it! LOL
You can see all my Disney vacation photos at: Kodak Gallery.com and type Seadragon7@aol.com for the user name and alien34 for password. Thanks everyone.


Sounds like you had a great trip. Thanks for the link to your photos. I’ll have to check them out. Welcome to mousebuzz!


Great pictures! I like this one the best.


Now thats a great member,starting off your post with a TR. I am loving it!!! Welcome to MB!!


Welcome to MB! looking foward to seeing your pictures


Here are some shots from the trip. That’s me to the right of the bones and my daughter to the left.

This shot was one of my favorite of the castle.

Another shot of the castle.

Fireworks during Wishes.


Welcome to MB! Great pictures!


Wow! That’s a beautiful photo with the fireworks. Welcome to MB! Glad to hear you had a great trip!


My first attempt at my camera’s Panaramic shoot of Mainstreet early in the morning.


My daughter on bridge at World Showcase in Epcot.


I thoght this was cool shot through Chip & Dale with the castle in the distance. As you can see, I love to take photos.


Now that I posted some pics, I will give my review of the places we ate.
We have done the DDP now for the 4th time and I must say it definately saves money. For the three of us we saved about 30% overall on the meals doing the plan.

1st place goes to the Coral Reef in Epcot. Their food for the second straight year was absolutely outstanding. This place gives the atmosphere of soft quiet dinning and still gives the kids something to watch.
2nd place goes to the Kona Cafe in the Polynesian Resort. The food was outstanding and the service was the best.
3rd on the list went to Liberty Tree Tavern at Magic Kingdom. This could have also been #2 on the list as well. I swear they have my grandmother in there cooking.
4th was Planet Hollywood at Downtown Disney. It had great food and super service, but was loud and could hardly hear my family across the table.
Tried and true favorites for the past several years were the Sci-Fi Diner, while always fun, has started to wear a little old. Maybe if they could update the movies from time to time.
Donald’s Safari Tusker House Breakfast was OK but still miss when they had it over at Dino land.
The bigger disapointment was the Boardwalk’s Big River Grille & Brewing Works. The food was very average and the tables seemed crowded togeather more than they should. On the upside, their micro brews were some of the best I have sampled.

Well that about covers most of the big meals we had at Disney.


Another fireworks shot:


I think this is a better way to show more pictures as I took alot. Simply click on the photograph and Tink will guide you on a 50 picture slideshow of our 2009 Disney Trip. Look at this way…There not actually bent slides and you can stop whenever you like. :laugh:


Welcome to MB!!! WOW, what GORGEOUS pics of the Castle!!! INCREDIBLE!!! Thanks for sharing your Dining Reviews with us, too. Dining is VERY important to many of us here on MB!


Great pics!!! And I love the Tink slideshow from photobucket!!!


You took some incredible shots!


Great pics! :wub:


Nice TR and your pictures are fabulous!
I don’t have a favorite, all the pictures were great.


I have to ask what kind of camera are you using? I love the pictures especally the castle and the fireworks.have a canon power shot and its about shot:laugh: I’m looking to get a new one soon.