Our AKL Adventure!


I had some time so I thought I would try to start this TR live but from past experience don’t expect me to do too much live. Let me just say that we LOVE AKL and conceirge is wonderful!

Thursday June 7

DH and I worked half days and were home and on the road by 11:45AM. We ate lunch & dinner in the car and were in Orlando by 8:20PM. That includes slow traffic in Jacksonville during rush hour. We stayed at a Hampton Inn for the night. Great uneventful drive, just how we like it!

Friday June 8
We woke early, had breakfast at the Hampton Inn and were at the AKL to check in by 9:15AM. We were met at the drop off by a conceirge staff member who escorted us up to the conceirge lounge for check in. The kids ate a little from the breakfast offerings in the lounge while I checked in. We had booked a bunk bed room but the CM told us he had a 2 queen bed room ready with a better view if we wanted it. So we jumped on the chance. We are on the 4th floor with an Arusha Savanna view. We went in and of course the kids went straight to the balcony. The CM has warned us that this time of the morning the Arusha animals were taken off for a few hours but we did see some Ankole Cattle. We unpacked, changed and headed to the pool.


Please let us know what the food offerings are in the lounge, for those of us who only dream of club level.


We decided to grab a bite of lunch at The Mara. The selection at The Mara is great. It has some different selections such as the Chicken Pita with hummus, cucumber, lettuce, tomato, and a yogurt sauce. It was YUMMY! I chose to get the couscous as the side because I have never tried it before. It was good but not something I would choose again. DH chose the chicken flat bread and he enjoyed it as well. After lunch we were going to go over to Kidani to swim but the skies were dark. We decided to go back to the pool here at Jambo house instead. As we were walking towards the hot tub it began to rain. We came back in the building via a side door near the fitness center and took an out of the way elevator there. We looked up and realized we were sharing an elevator with Topher Grace! He was Eric on That 70’s Show and Venom in Spider Man 3. It was quick ride and we didn’t want to seem rude so we didn’t say anything. Cool to be so near a celebrity though! We stopped the conceirge lounge on the way back to the room and grabbed DS some goldfish, me a few white chocolate covered pretzels, DD some hot chocolate. We went back to the room to get ready for the Hoop De Doo.


Dinner at the Hoop De Doo was wonderful as always and the show this time seemed better. The actors were really on last night and funnier than usual. We headed back to the room and animal watched again and then went back to the lounge to check out the evening desserts. There were brownies, rice krispie treats, a coconut mouse with lemon curd, a chocolate tart and some other things. We don’t drink but ALOT of people sure were drinking. All day long there is a cooler with drinks such as soda, juice and milk along with lemonade, tea, water and jungle juice. I’ll try to remember more the next few night what is offered! We went back to the room to find turn down service had came and left us some chocolate giraffes as a welcome and mints. Yes my kids are loving this!


Isn’t it lovely to sit and watch the animals? My DH and I love to sit by the fire pit in the lobby.


Saturday June 9
Today we were up early and at the loung for breakfast. Breakfast is the only full meal they offer in the lounge. Today’s offerings were oatmeal, quinoa (I don’t remember the spelling), croissants, muffins, other pastries, fruit and drinks. They have add ins for the oatmeal and I had oatmeal with brown sugar. DS is in heaven with unlimited chocolate milk!! We finished up and headed to MK for the day. We love the opening show and have a blast singing along. We headed straight for Fantasy land first up Pooh, followed by the new Dumbo. Barnstormer was closed unfortunately. We then hit Peter Pan, Small World, Haunted Mansion and Splash Mountain. It was now time to head to Crystal Palace for lunch. CP is one of our must dos on every trip and it didn’t disappoint. It was now time for Aidan’s appointment at Harmony Barber Shop. They did a fabulous job! Emilie got the colored gel and pixie dust so she wasn’t left out. Aidan wanted to ride Buzz so we headed to Tomorrow Land. We grabbed fast passes for Buzz then relaxed on the People Mover. I was craving my favorite WDW snack so I grabbed a sweet cream cheese pretzel and everyone else got drinks. DH shared with me. Time to fight Zurg! I won again! YEA ME!! We took the train to Frontier Land to head to Pirates. It was about to rain and Emilie couldn’t get her hair wet so we headed out. It started to rain so I bought an umbrella and we headed back to the room. We went back to the lounge at 5pm for the hors d’oeuvres. There were cheeses, hummus, breads, several things I can’t remember. The kids had mini corn dogs, ham & cheese spirals, and fruit. We ate light as we were heading down to The Mara again. We are now back in the room watching animals again but the kids want to head to the fire pit so I better hurry! Let me attach a few pics.


Yeah…a trip report. I loved staying at AKL! It sounds like concierge is awesome!


I failed to mention we’ve already seen giraffe, zebra, gazelle, red river hog, water buck, ostrich, ankole cattle and pelicans!


And the finished hair. Note the difference in Aidan’s!


So cute! Hope they continue to have fun! Sounds like the AK is wonderful too. Have a great trip, and thanks for telling us about it!


Very cute!


I am loving every word and picture! Please keep it coming for as long as you can. Enjoy yourself!!!


yay, a trip report :happy:


Wonderful writing. Looking forward to more. :happy:


What animals??? I don’t see any.

Oh that’s right, ya forgot to pick me up at exit 33.:laugh:

Great start to the TR. Sounds like everyone is having fun


[QUOTE=Pam&Rich;1113305]What animals??? I don’t see any.

Oh that’s right, ya forgot to pick me up ay exit 33.:laugh:

Great start to the TR. Sounds like everyone is having fun[/QUOTE]

Rich!! :laugh::laugh::laugh:


AKL rocks. Never stayed there, but enjoy touring it.


[QUOTE=Pam&Rich;1113305]What animals??? I don’t see any.

Oh that’s right, ya forgot to pick me up at exit 33.:laugh:

Great start to the TR. Sounds like everyone is having fun[/QUOTE]

She didn’t pick you? Oh…that’s not right.:laugh:


Awesome trip report! Can’t wait for more!


Tell me about it. The nerve!!!:laugh: