Our almost but not quite 38th anniversary trip


Yup, June 3, it will be 38 yrs of marriage.

So first a packing tip. Making sure the lid on sunscreen is secure. If not, then the entire brand new used only once can will dispense in your suitcase while changing resorts. We had the sunscreen in a zipper bag, so the bag contained most of the liguid and my shirt soaked up the rest. That shirt had been washed about 6 times since then and it seems stained forever. Oh, well, I now have a new shirt for painting. The other clothes in that suitcase were all in plastic bags, so although they picked some of the sunscreen smell, none of those clothes were ruined.

Now back to your regularly scheduled TR.

We only ate at two TS, Boma for breakfast and dinner. Not on the same day. The dinner was busy but the food was good. Breakfast was early and the place was empty. The food was good but I think we enjoyed more because we didn’t have to wait in line for our food.

I have decided I enjoy just eating CS. No worries about having to be here or there at a certain time and no worries about transportation.

This trip, we did 3 night BLT, 4 nights BWV, and 3 nights AK kidani. And aside from the sun screen mess, it was easy. After we sent our bags on their merry way, we told the front desk we were leaving. Within mins, I got a text that our room at BWV was ready. We walked to MK and got the bus. The room was almost the last last room in the resort. The good news was, it was half way to DHS. After we checked out of BWV, we took boat down to DHS, then took bus to Kidani. And our room was ready. We used those moving days as off days. DH’s knees needed time off from walking.

The room at BWV was updated. It had the fold down bed. Took us about 20 mins to figure out how to make it drop down. I was under the impression it was for a young child. My DH could fit on it. Maybe not so great a fit for him but for a smaller adult or any kid, it would be fine.

For the first time with Magic bands, we had no problems. Last time, almost constant issues getting into rooms.


I forgot, at BWV the day of the sun screen mess, we had clothes spread here and there and then left to go to the park for a couple of hours. Came back to a balloon and card for our anniversary. Or maybe it was an award for messing up a room fastest.

Worst room experience…at Kidani, in the room beneath us, someone brought a guitar and decided to play and sing for the animals. During the afternoon was bad enough, but then he started again at 10 PM. I believe he was playing with the sliding door open. We turned on the ceiling fan and that provided some “white” noise to block it out. It didn’t happen again, so either he left or someone else complained.

FP… we had made FP two months ago before the use three and make more rule as it is now. We don’t have a smart phone, so I asked my DD if she could try to get into my account and make additional FP. Well, it worked great. One day she was able to make two extra FP for toy story. Don’t know if she could have gotten more, but we were ready to go back to room. Also, we had FP set up like 10 am, 11 am, noon. She was able to see as soon as we checked in for the 10 am FP, she would try to change the second one to 10:30 and so forth. This way we weren’t sitting, waiting for the FP. The sad thing was, her kids saw her doing all this FP stuff and they thought she was planning a surprise trip. All her work truly added to the enjoyment of our trip.


Parks, since my DH was having issues with knee pain, we spent perhaps a total 6 or 7 hrs in a park per day. A few days we did no parks at all. Most times we went into a park for 3 or 4 hrs. Went back to resort, rested for 2 or 3 hrs, and then back to park for a few hrs. Since we have DVC and we know we will be back, there isn’t that “if I don’t see it now, I’ll never see it” drive. We easily skipped a few rides/FP just because we didn’t want to walk the distance for a 5 min ride.

Queues, amazing how far off some of the times can be. We went to the great movie ride. The standby time was 60 mins. My DH didn’t want to go. I said it can’t be 60 mins, there is no one in the outside lines. I figured if we went in and it was mobbed we could duck out by the FP entrance. So we went. It was empty up to the main room where they show the movies. I’d said the wait was maybe 15 mins.

I don’t remember if it was for all, but most of the rides we went on, there wasn’t the secondary FP check. I’m not sure when this changed and I wonder why there aren’t problems with line hoppers.

New show for us…Pixar cartoons …we went in thinking, at least we are sitting in AC. The 3D with the first cartoon is amazing. The other two are ok, but the first one is the best.

Worst CM…For those who don’t know, there is a shuttle van between kidani and Jumbo house for those who don’t want to walk. Most CM talk at least a little. We had a CM who on the trip coming to Jumbo, jumped out, opened the doors and left to turn in some paper. No help for anyone climbing out of the van, not even to hold the door open. We got in on the trip back to Kidani. We had our carryon bags since we were leaving that day. No are you checking in, going home, did you have a good time. Great weather today, Nothing, not one word the whole trip. When we got to Kidani, he said he has to open the door since they are locked. And he got out and opened the door. It was so weird.

Best CM …Front desk at kidani…

Back story first…The day before we went to AK. The is a CS snack place close to lion king . Tamu Tamu or something like that. Sign said ice cream sundae. I order it. Out comes a large scoop of vanilla ice cream, two cookies (as ears) and sprinkles. No hot fudge or anything. Now this was stupid on my part, but I took it. I brought to my DH and said this seems strange. There were some CM cleaning tables. I asked is this what a sundae suppose to be??? I’m used to some topping, maybe whip cream. Oh no, they don’t put chocolate on because people are allergic to it. HUH??? They do have a bottle of hershey syrup (like for chocolate milk) you can ask for. I didn’t want to wait in line for that , so we just ate it.

Ok back to CM. There was an issue with my CC and I went to the desk to take care of it. She gave me a print out of the charges and I said to her, if you ordered an ice cream sundae, what would you expect to get? She said ice cream , with some kind of topping and whipped cream. I told her the ice cream story and she agreed it sounded strange. She gave us a paper good for two ice bars from Mara. I go back to the room and about an hour later, I again stop by the front desk to tell them we are leaving the room forever, And she thanks me by name. I can’t remember a name 30 secs later, and she remember mine an hour later. I’m sure it wasn’t because there were no other people to help.

But we had lots and lots of very nice CMs, just those two stood out. One very good and one very weird.

Interesting little tidbit…Nemo show had two CMs who signed the whole show. Since it was just them, they had to sign for about 30 different parts. For the full 40 mins, they were active the entire time.

We had a magic moment…we were going to Listen to the land…one CM had on a different color shirt. She says, she works in the green house and she is going along on the ride to answer any questions and tell us about the plants. It was very interesting, but she sat in the front row, we sat in the second row, and then the rest of the boat was filled and the normal speech was still playing. We were speaking very low and at times it was hard to hear her. It would have been nicer if we had had a boat to ourselves. But still it was a interesting 10 mins.


Double post


So that’s about it.

We had all sorts of weather…Hot days of 92 or so, rainy days, (looked like a lake outside of Comic Rays), pleasant days and even a bit of a chill a few evenings.

But all in all a very enjoyable trip. Helped greatly by our DD with the FP work and the fact that we got our rooms early at every resort.


You know how you see or hear something and you end up repeating all though your trip??? We had one. One day on a boat from Epcot to DHS, a boy about 7ish, is crying “this is the worst day of my life”. So the rest of the trip…coffee got cold…worst day of my life…shoelace became untied…worst day of my life…you get the idea. Sounds dumb on paper, but it brought us a chuckle.

By the way, the mom proceeded to tell the child, it’s not the worst day and he should be thankful for all his has including good health.


I forgot, started the trip in a great way…dumped a cup of soda on me on the flight down. At least I was wearing dark clothes.

We flew on a flight getting into Orlando about 11:30 am. So around noon, ME had lots and lots of people. I think it convinced DH, it’s worth it after all to get the earlier flight.


38 years. Now that is magic. Now I need to figure out a script for ordering a snack at Disney.

They used a van? Like an econoline kind of van? I gotta tell ya, I’d rather have a tram for a sort of theme park effect.


Yes, like a 12 passenger van.

Word of warning, beware of wet seats. People who pool hop from Kidani to Jumbo and come back with wet clothes/towels don’t think someone else is going to be sitting there in a few mins. Usually the CM has some towels on hand. One trip I get out of the van and I said to DH , did the seat feel damp to you??? He was thinking the same thing, but it wasn’t wet enough for out clothes to absorb it.