Our August ADR's...should we add WCC?


Well, I’ve made our August ADR’s…at least all but the Lunch with Imagineer

We’ve got
1900 Park Fare --dinner on arrival day
Coral Reef for lunch
Crystal Palace for breakfast
Brown Derby (lunch with Imagineer, if I can get it)
Restaurant Marrakesh for dinner
Akershus for dinner
Boma for dinner
Le Cellier for dinner (I’m thrilled…never been able to get dinner here)
Ohana for breakfast
Liberty Tree Tavern for dinner

Since we’re staying at WL I thought maybe to make an ADR on the morning we leave for WCC. My mom didn’t want to go to any parks and wanted to hang around at the hotel so I thought maybe it would work. Anyone have thoughts on WCC for breakfast? Yay or nay?



We loved breakfast at WCC, it good comfort type food. Add it!


Yes! A must add!


It’s a must do at least once, especially if you are staying at WL


I have only had lunch there but I do have a dinner ressie for May. I would say add it! I love that place no matter which meal it would be.


I like your choices and wouldn’t add a thing honestly. You don’t want to spend your trip going from restaurant to restaurant and touring around that. What you have is perfect and plenty. DO WCC next trip…you know there is another trip…there always is, so save it for then.


I wouldn’t add it for lunch or dinner, but breakfast is a great idea. A really fun way to start out your last day.


Your reservations sound great!! I would add it for sure!


Love your reservations!


Your reservations sound YUMMY!!!


Look Great!