Our "babymoon" trip report!


We arrived home at 1 am this morning and I was up at 5:30 to work so I’m headed off to bed in a few minutes, but I wanted to start this!!


Me–Melissa (6 1/2 months pregnant)
DD–Briana (4 1/2)

Dates: June 9th-15th

Resort: Disney’s All Star Sports

Day 1----Monday June 9th

We had a 6:10am flight from Stewart Airport so we were up SUPER early. We parked and got our bags checked and waited to be boarded.

Our flight was uneventful and we landed in Orlando just before 9 am with the whole day ahead of us!!

Here’s DH and DD on the plane.


Ok now I’m headed to bed…I’ll be back tomorrow after work with another installment!!!


oh my you kept us hanging … cant wait for more


Can’t wait for more. Sweet pic!:happy:


awwww, geez louise, it’s a teaser!!! come back, tell us more :crying: i leave on thursday… i need to know about the crowd levels, weather!!! i need the pics to get psyched. ugh, i have to wait, i hate waiting, tick tock tick tock


What a great picture!! And ANOTHER TR to keep me from working . . . at least all these trips are helping the 60+ days I have go by! :wub:

Can’t wait to hear more!


I’m excited…I’m excited…:pinch: You’re a tease!

I can’t wait to hear about your trip and see if mayhaps we were in the same place at the same time!!!


Cute picture. Can’t wait to read more. Please…


Ah… ya left us hang’n. Come back, and give us some more please.


I Can’t Beleive That You Just Leave Us Hanging. You Gave Us A Taste While We Were Starved.


Hey! Come back!

I am excited to read your TR :slight_smile:


Lovely photograph- looking forward to your TR with more pics too please if possible.


Welcome home!

I can’t wait for the rest!



Welcome home!! Cute picture - can’t wait to hear more!


Welcome home! What a teaser- I hope you give us more today!!:laugh:


Ok–I’m back but only can stay for a few mins!! Then when I get back later I promise to write and post a whole bunch of pics!!

First off I should start off by correcting myself. We did have something happen on our flight…DD vomited…:blow: :eek: Which she NEVER does, not even at home. I think it may had been the antibiotics I had given her before we left our house (yup on an empty stomach). We’d both been sick with a upper respiratory infection the week before.

So after apologizing to the flight attendants and them being very kind about it we got it cleaned up and we were ok.

We got into Orlando, Claimed our bags and picked up our rental car from Dollar and off to All Star Sports we went!


Welcome Home!!! Sorry to hear that your DD got sick. I am sure it was a better once she saw the WALT DISNEY WORLD signs. Cannot wait to read more.


We arrive at All Star Sports and park the car and go check in. I was just expecting to get our tickets and our dining and head off to the parks until later that day since it was only 10am, but I was surprised when they told me our room was ready!!! I asked at the desk to be in the Homerun Hotel section as that is sentimental to DH and I (it’s where we stayed our very first trip together in 1997!!) and that’s where we were! First floor too! I’d never been on the first floor at any of the resorts we’d stayed in before!!

I really wasn’t expecting alot since you read so many bad things about the Sports, but our room was really nice!! It looked like maybe it had been recently refurbed and it smelt nice and clean too!!

Here we are – room 8149


Great TR so far. Love the pictures. The Room looks nice. I didn’t realize we live so close.


Ok–I’ll be back with more later!! I promise!!