Our current trip plans


Well, we broke down and are planning to continue our tradition. We are planning to go in December. I know it is crazy to plan this with an infant, but our daughter was 7-8 weeks on her first trip, so we will plan plenty of down time this time as well.

Our current dates are Dec. 12-22. (We are considering canceling the last two days and coming home Dec. 20th. We are just not sure yet. (This is the first trip my DH has done most of the planning. He actually keeps planning more days than I do.)

This is our first DVC trip so we are very excited. I know it involves moving twice, but this is basically all we could get at this time. And I desperately wanted to stay at Wilderness. We are on a waiting list for Wilderness for the times we are currently at Saratoga

Saratoga Springs (studio) Dec 12 – 15
Wilderness Lodge Villas (1 bedroom) Dec 15 – 18
Saratoga Springs (studio) Dec 18 – 22

Tentative Schedule
Dec. 12 – check in and rest
Dec. 13 – MK
Dec. 14 – rest and relax during the day – MVMCP that night
Dec. 15 –MGM or AK (we are considering splitting the day between MGM and AK)
Dec. 16 - Epcot
Dec. 17 – rest (Fort Wilderness for DD to ride a pony)
Dec. 18 – MK
Dec. 19 – maybe a second MVMCP?
Dec. 20 – ??? (Maybe MGM or AK if we split the day earlier)
Dec. 21 – ???
Dec. 22 – check out (we are not planning on rushing out unless we end of flying)

I am sure that we will adjust it. We will spend the most time at MK. We still need to make ADRs. I know we need to do that ASAP.

Current restaurant plans (we are not making many since we will have 2 little ones.)
Playhouse Disney Breakfast
Whispering Canyon Café
Roaring Forks
Kona Café (for breakfast?) Or Ohana?

Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated!


Oh yay! I think it’ll be fun anyway. Just keep the baby covered so people aren’t trying to breath all over it! Your plans sound great!


Thanks pumouse! We plan on taking breaks each day. The parks close fairly early (8 pm) I think, so we will not be out late. We have also already discussed the possiblity of my DH and DD staying at the parks alone if necessary. Most people were great about staying away from my DD when she was a baby. She attracted alot of attention though because she had a full head of dark hair, so maybe he will be bald!:laugh:


Well, you can always hope!:laugh:


Sounds like a good plan. I took my daughter to WDW she was a 5 months old and it was no problem.

I can’t wait to read your TR because we are looking into a mini trip in December 2007. Enjoy the rest of your planning!


I would offer only one suggestion. And please don’t think I’m butting in -

Don’t move from resort to resort. I know your heart is set on WLV, but two moves just really isn’t worth it. We’ve always resort hopped - most recently from a week at OKW to four days at BWV - and I promised myself never to do it again. It’s still a hassle. It really eats into your days - you still have to pack up - you still have to arrange with bell services - you never know whether you’ll get right into your suite or they’ll be a “glitch” (as there was for us this year - not fun with a husband suffering from heat stroke and needing to lie down). A tired child and an infant aren’t going to understand why the suite won’t be ready until 4 p.m.

Staying at one resort means you can move in, unpack, settle in and relax. With an infant, especially, that’s so important.


Thank you! We will def. consider this. I think there was still space available at Saratoga. We are currently planning on driving unless we find a deal with the airlines. My husband suggested packing separate bags for each resort. We have never moved resorts so your suggestion is really appreciated! Thanks!!


I have to agree with llama, moving resorts seems to be a HUGE pain, especially with all that kid stuff!


We almost always change resorts during our trip and it isn’t a big deal for us but we don’t have a baby. I think if breaks are a must then you may want to rethink the move because you never know when you new room will be ready. WL is beautiful (it’s our favorite) but I’m not sure it’s worth 2 moves. We pack different bags for different legs of our trip and it helps but you will still spend an hour plus packing everything up and with little ones it may take even more time.

If you do decide to change resorts you might want to plan your touring around where you are staying. When you are at WL plan on spending a lot of time at MK for those few days. When you are at SSR you are about the same distance from all the parks so you can spread your time betwen the other 3 parks. You can also save all your Downtown Disney time for when you are at SSR and can walk over.


I think you’re making the right decision to go! I worry more about germs with the little ones who are mobile, touching everything and then putting their hands in their mouths.

For me, the changing resort thing wouldn’t work. I like to settle in. :happy:


Hmm…I def suggest not moving from resorts…not only are you gonna move but you are doing it twice :eek: Keeping a slow pace is a very very good idea… Good Luck! :happy:


Hey, who cares if you have to move a couple of times??? You will be at WALT DISNEY WORLD!!! Wooohoooo!