Our Dec ADRs made!


Since I haven’t made an ADR for about a year, I didn’t realize the procedure had changed. Well, I heard about changes, but didn’t try it myself. I do like the way is it done now. Seems much faster than the previous setup. A few surprises, I had no problem making ADR for ohana, CP or CM for the times we wanted. I could have gotten an ADR for le cellier for lunch, but Germany didn’t have the time I wanted. GERMANY??? Now how odd is that?

Without doing a day by day account, we have…

Ohana (dinner) twice
Grand Floridian Cafe
Chef Mickey (breakfast)
Cape May (dinner)
germany (lunch)
Trails end (breakfast)

If our DVC waitlist comes thru and we stay at BCV for part of our trip, we’d like to try captains grill for breakfast. We also plan to try Big River Grille, but we have to call them directly. But it doesn’t sound like there will be a problem with that.
With DVC, we can segment our room reservation, and get a dining plan for part of the trip. We are planning to do the deluxe plan for the first night. And use our three meal credits at Big River, Chef Mickey and Grand Floridian Cafe. For the cost of the plan (around $78) plus tip ($25-30), we get 3 TS meals, a mug and two snacks. I know it’s a lot of food, but the first day and 1/2 we are only doing resort hopping, not park running. Of course, by the time dec comes along, the rules might change, so the would involved a new game plan.


That reminds me…it’s about that time again. Next week will be time to start working on ADR for DEC but ALSO it’s Star Wars Weekend!


Your ADR’s are fab Joanne, I only wish I were part of that trip :frowning: I shall miss you guys this year.


You can call Big River Grille 24 hours in advance to make a reservation. We ate there once and it was pretty good. Seating is tight though, unless they’ve changed it since we were there.

All your other ADR’s are yummy choices.


Update…a few changes (of course, who doesn’t make a few changes) and the day by day. We did get our first waitlist at BCV, hoping to get a few more days there. Right now it’s Tue - Mon at BLT, Mon - Thur BCV.

Deluxe dining plan for one night
Nov 29-----check in—Ohana dinner
Nov 30------Chef Mickey early breakfast - Grand Florian Cafe dinner

Our first two days we are just doing resort hopping to check out the decorations and just to see resorts we’ve never seen.

Dec 1-----no TS meals
Dec 2-----Ohana dinner (yes that twice in one week)
Dec 3-----8:10 breakfast at Crystal Palace - can’t wait to get into the park early
Dec 4-----The wave for breakfast but only as long as they still have the buffet
Dec 5-----no TS meals

Moving to BCV

Dec 6-----Cape May dinner
Dec 7-----no TS meals planned but may try to get into Big river brewing for lunch
Dec 8-----going home

For the first night we are doing the dining plan and then the rest using TIW. We can’t buy a TIW until we activate our APs on Dec 1. The reason for waiting to active our AP is we have a trip planned in May, and then plan for a trip Nov 27 thru Dec 3 of 2012. So we can get into the parks for a few days and then just doing the resort for a day before coming home. That will be 25 days of use with the AP.


ADRs are so much fun. :happy:

And good for you for doing 'Ohana twice if that makes you happy!


Nice choices on your ADRs.We had lunch at the Big River Grill last November, the food and service was very good and we had no problem getting a reservation (it was the day after Thanksgiving). We’ve also eaten at the Captain’s Grill for breakfast, I like that you have a chioce of either buffet or ala carte and the food and service have always been good.