Our December 2009 Trip


I am going to add our trip Report with a separate post per day, plus a few miscellaneous bits and pieces. Please do not comment on anything until I post it all so that I can keep it all together.

Apart from this one there will be 19 more posts to follow, I’ll tell you when I’m done. Thank you


I started writing this trip report back in December and didn’t get round to finishing it until now, day-to-day life just got in the way. But I have found MouseBuzz to be such a valuable resource for planning our trips that I wanted to make sure I gave something back to the community, so hopefully this is better late than never. Please note it was the last few days of the trip that I waited 3 months to write so my memory is not as fresh on facts, so I apologies.


We are Helen and Graham, and this was our second trip to WDW. 2009 had been a big year for us, we got married, emigrated to Canada (from the UK) and turned 30, so we celebrated in true Disney Style.

Our first trip was 5 years ago and we had a great time. In planning both trips I came to this forum (though back in 2004 it was Disney Central) for tips, suggestions and advice. When I booked our 2009 trip I looked through my old posts and realized I didn’t actually write a trip report, as I was pretty jet-lagged and then got on with my regular non-Disney life so I am making a conscious effort this time to write a trip report. In fact as I write this we are 1 week into out 2 week trip, and I’m in our hotel room watching Mary Poppins.

Here’s a quick summary of our trip
Flew with WestJet direct Calgary (YYC) to Orlando International (MCO)
2 Adults, 0 Children
Stayed at Pop Century
14 Night Stay
Free Dining, we paid the extra to upgrade to - 1 Snack, 1 Counter, 1 Table per day
Visited Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom.
Visited Busch Gardens
Visited Universal Studios
Attended the Hoop-Dee-Do, Spirit of Aloha and Backyard BBQ Dinner Shows
Took 3 Tours - Keys to the Kingdom, Behind the Seeds and Around the World at Epcot on a Segway.
Saw the Princess and the Frog movie at the Cinema in Downtown Disney
Rented a car from Alamo for 4 days of our stay, picking it up from the Dolphin, and a few days later rented a car for 1 day this time from the car care centre.
Went to Chef Mickeys for a Character Breakfast, and ate breakfast at the Captains Grill
Ate at the following Table Service Restaurants for Lunch or Dinner - Planet Hollywood, Boma, Restaurant Marrakesh, Prime Time 50s Cafe, Beirgarten and Chefs Du France
Ate at the following Counter Service Restaurants - Wolfgang Puck Express, Staring Rolls, Tangerine Cafe, Columbia Harbour House, Earl of Sandwich, Everything Pop, Flame Tree BBQ, Captain Cooks and others but I can’t remember exactly.
Oh yeah… and we both fell ill so I spent 1 day in bed, another day recovering feeling pretty weak, and my DH felt nauseous and tired for about 5 days. We suspect it was salmonella from the chicken we ate at Wolfgang Puck Express in DTD, but can’t prove it.


The Preparation (About 100 days before departure)
We booked our vacation about 3 1/2 months beforehand. I booked the flight with WestJet directly, and the rest through Mouseketrips.

WestJet have a 24 hour cancellation policy, which means you can cancel with a full refund within 24 hours of booking the flight. The day after we booked the price of the flights were reduced, so I called up to cancel and rebook. Rather than rebook they just gave me a $400 refund, which was the difference in price. I was very pleased about that, and will definitely check prices the following day in the future.

I was pleased with Mouseketrips and would book with them again. However I also got them to do my dining reservations, and because I was very specific about what I wanted it actually ended up being more hassle than it was worth. I would have been better just sorting it out directly with WDW-DINE.


Sunday 6th December 2009 (Day 0)
We flew directly from Calgary, Alberta, Canada into Orlando International with WestJet. The temperature on leaving Calgary was -20 degrees C, on landing in Orlando it was more like +20 degrees C. In Calgary we’d just had a foot of snow and on the way to the airport my DH had to help dig a car out of the snow, and I was starting to get worried that we wouldn’t get the the airport, particularly as I saw a couple of cars abandoned on the roadside on the way to the airport. Our flight was about delayed by about an hour, with only 2 hour time difference it was nice to not suffer from jet-lag as we did in our previous trip when traveling from the UK. We collected our baggage and headed down to the Magical Express Welcome desk where we were told to go to a particular bus. Our bags were stowed under the bus and then given back to us when we got to our hotel - we did not have to wait for them to be delivered to our room later. We stayed at Pop Century, and ours was the first of five stops the Magical Express bus made. From the plane landing to the bus departing from the airport it was a little over an hour and then it took 30 minutes on the Magical Express.

We had requested a room in the 50s with a King bed, but were assigned a room in the 70s with two double beds, I’m not sure why as I can’t imagine the hotel was a full capacity. It was about 9pm by the time we got settled into our room, we then headed down to the ‘Everything Pop’ food court to get a bite to eat and then played a few Arcade games. When we were here in 2004, we stayed at Pop Century, so there was no need for us to explore. Maybe in the future we’ll stay elsewhere, but as our plan this trip was not to spend much time in the hotel, a value resort was perfectly fine for us.


Monday 7th December 2009 (Day 1)
Our first day was spent at Animal Kingdom. It was a rather rushed day, as we wanted to do Animal Kingdom in a day, and I can tell you my DH has not impressed with the 7:30am wake up call on the first day of our holiday. Unfortunately, we missed the parade, but got to do everything else we wanted. Expedition Everest was our favorite ride, so we went on it twice. The queues were fairly short, and most attractions were walk-ons. We were going to eat at the Yak and Yeti Cafe, but couldn’t find it, we could see the Yak and Yeti Restaurant but not the Cafe, so ended up at the Flame Tree BBQ instead. Admittedly we didn’t look that hard, but being our first day proper day on the Dining plan I didn’t want to accidentally spending Table Service Credit instead of a Counter Service Credit. The food at the Flame Tree BBQ was perfectly fine for theme park food.

We came back to Pop Century to get changed, and then got the bus to Down Town Disney for our reservation at Planet Hollywood. We’d eaten there on our last trip and enjoyed it, but this time the atmosphere wasn’t the same. I remember it being a more of an adult restaurant, but this time there were a lot of children about, but at the same time the music was really loud as if we were in a night club. The food was ok, but nothing special. I was a little disappointed with the desserts as all but one ‘serves 2’ which meant we had to decide between us. The cocktails were reasonable - $7 each but it wasn’t really the right atmosphere for cocktail drinking. After the meal we had a wonder round Downtown Disney, though didn’t actually buy anything, just got some ideas for things to buy later in the trip.


Tuesday 8th December 2009 (Day 2)
Another early start, this time it was because we were booked on the 8:30am Keys to the Kingdom Tour at the Magic Kingdom. We had to be there at 8:15am (45 minutes before the park opens). We caught the bus from Pop Century and arrived on time. We checked-in for the tour at City Hall, where we we offered Coffee and Bottled Water, the caffeine was most welcome. When we checked in we also chose what we wanted for lunch, there was about 6 entrées to choose from and there was a choice of beverage. Lunch was included in the cost of the tour. We ate upstairs at Columbia Habour House at 11:00am and the tour finished at 1pm. It was a really good tour, and made both my DH and I look at everything at Disney in a new light, and realize how much effort goes into making everything appear ‘magical’. As part of the tour we got to go in the Haunted Mansion (through the exit) and were told things to look out for before we went on it. I would definitely recommend this tour, my DH said he would have been happy if the tour had went on all day, but 4 1/2 hours was enough for me.

After the tour we explored the Magic Kingdom. At 2pm, we stood on the bridge to watch the ‘Princess and the Frog’ show boat, which is 5 songs from the movie. But without seeing the movie, I was starting to get bored after song 3 so we didn’t actually stay for the whole show. The Celebrate a Dream Come True parade was good though, I really enjoyed that.

We went back to Pop Century to change and then headed to Boma at the Animal Kingdom Lodge for our Evening Meal. We both really liked this restaurant, the food was really nice, with a good amount to choose from. There was a nice atmosphere too in the restaurant, and we didn’t feel rushed at all.


Wednesday 9th December 2009 (Day 3)
Today was a rather busy day. Our first stop was Disney’s Hollywood Studios for most of the day. We ate breakfast at Staring Roles just after the park opened, which was pretty nice. After that we went on the Rockin’ Rollercoaster a couple of times, the Twighlight Tower and other attractions. We had a reservation at the Prime Time 50s Cafe at 2pm, and I’m really glad we did as that place was busy. We had fun at the Prime Time Cafe, though the food wasn’t that great. I’d expected it to be really hearty like your grandmother used to make but it was rather bland.

We stayed as long as we could at Hollywood Studios before heading to the Magic Kingdom to watch Spectromagic. We made it in just and time and managed to get a good spot at the very start of the parade, just to the left of the gates near City Hall.

As soon as the last float of Spectromagic passed us we left MK and headed back to the hotel to get changed. And then what we thought to be a 35 minute journey to the Hoop-De-Do turned out to take us an hour and a half. I had looked on my OLP WDW Transportation Wizard for Walt Disney World iPod App which is what had made me think it would take 35 minutes. It had suggested we get the from Pop Century to Epcot and then another bus from Epcot to Fort Wilderness. For both buses we had to wait about 15-20 minutes and then when we got off the bus at Fort Wilderness found out we needed to catch another bus to the Settlement. We were both getting pretty as we were very late, it said arrive at 9pm for dinner at 9:30, we managed to eventually get there at 9:50. Fortunately everyone was still eating the appetizer and the show had not started yet. Once we were there we enjoyed ourselves, particularly as we’d not really missed anything. Given the trouble we’d had getting there I was a little concerned of how we’d get home, I was planning to get a taxi, but as it turned out Disney lay on buses back to the various resorts so I needn’t have worried.


Thursday 10th December 2009 (Day 4)
We had an early start today, a 7:15am reservation at Chef Mickey’s. Again, I’d thought we have had to get a taxi with it being so early, but apparently it wasn’t. We took the the bus from Pop Century to the Magic Kingdom, but when my DH asked where to get the monorail to Contemporary the driver told us to take seat as another passenger in a wheelchair was going there too and he’d already agreed to drop them off. Chef Mickey’s was good, though I did prefer the Character Breakfast at the Polynesian from our last trip.

We spent the day at Epcot. We went on Soarin’ for the first time which was good, but we were on the bottom/back row and found the dangling feet distracting. We went on again and requested to go at the front and it was so much better, you get a much better view. We had quick service meal for lunch in Morocco (Tangerine Cafe), which for quick service was very good.

It was another dinner show tonight, this time the Sprit of Aloha at the Polynesian and it was the early one (5:15pm show). The show itself was ok, but I did prefer the hoop-de-do. We were given a rather bad seat, far back with a post blocking the stage, and in front of me was the stand the waiters put food and drink on before serving it to each table. As a result of not being able to see properly I kind of lost interest in the show and didn’t really know what was going on, maybe if we’d been in the front row I’d have liked it more.


Friday 11th December 2009 (Day 5)
We got up early again to go and pick up a car from Alamo at the Dolphin, the care was booked for 4 days. I’d booked the pick up from the Dolphin (rather than the Car Care Centre) as it was closer to Pop Century. However, I’d not realized that Alamo will only pick you up from your hotel if you are picking the car up from the Car Care Centre. So we took a bus to Hollywood Studios and then a Boat to the Dolphin.
Once we’d picked up the car we headed to Busch Gardens for the day. I’d bought Quick Queue tickets online, but they were really a waste of money, it wasn’t just that the queues were so small, but the Quick Queue lines weren’t even open. We arrived a few minutes after opening, didn’t pay for preferred parking and were in row 12 of the parking lot, right near the entrance. The place was so quiet, we went on all of the roller-coasters a couple of times and were sitting at the front most times. Apart from Gwazi (which we queued for about 45 minutes for the front seat) everything was a walk on. We didn’t do any of the water rides, but did catch the KaTonga show which was really very impressive - unfortunately though the show was very dark and after the jam-packed schedule of the last few days I did start to nod off during the show, which was a pity.

We drove back to Pop Century and then used Disney transport to go to the Polynesian. We got some food from Captain Hooks (Quick Service) and though we’d intended to eat it on the beach, it was raining so we ate under a parasol on the patio then had a look round the gift shop to kill a bit of time. The reason we’s headed to to the Poly was because we wanted to watch the Electric Water Pageant and watch Holiday Wishes from there. We went outside as the music for the Pageant was playing, but couldn’t find the boats for a little while so missed the beginning. We then stayed to watch Wishes from the beach, it was a good view and nice and peaceful unlike the crowds at the Magic Kingdom.


Saturday 12th December 2009 (Day 6)
At least we got a little longer in bed today, but still arrived at Universal Islands of Adventure just after opening. I’d bought the Express Passes online before hand again, we could have gotten away without them but I’m glad we had them as we got to go on some of the rides a couple of times. My DH even go picked to be one of the audience participants in the Disaster Movie ride. We watched the Macy’s parade which though it was good was very low-tech (compared to Disney) and seemed to last for ages. After going on the Keys to the Kingdom tour at MK it really made me (and my DH) compare what Universal and Busch Gardens do with Disney.

After driving back to Pop Century and getting changed we got the bus to Downtown Disney. We ate at Wolfgang Puck Express, I had a Chicken Pasta dish and DH had a Chicken BBQ Pizza, though we ate some of each other food.


Sunday 13th December 2009 (Day 7)
At 3am in the morning I woke up feeling sick, and without going into too much detail was violently ill for the next day and was laid up in bed all day. My DH’s stomach didn’t feel quite right that day but he wasn’t as bad as me, so he just hung round the resort, he did some laundry and had a few drinks at the poolside bar while talking to some other guests.

Today was supposed to be spent at Universal Studios.


Monday 14th December 2009 (Day 8)
I had ceased to be ill now, and was just pretty weak so this was a recovery day for me. After wasting a day at the resort yesterday we decided, that we should try to get out today, we we went to Downtown Disney (by bus) had lunch at the Earl of Sandwich and the went to the Cinema to watch the Process and the Frog, which I really enjoyed.

Though the car was due back at 8am the following morning we decided to take it back in the evening so that we didn’t have to get up early the next morning.

When we got back to the hotel DH wasn’t feeling great so went to sleep. I occupied myself by walking round the resort, browsing the gift shop and getting something to eat from the food court. I walked all the way round the lake (as far as I could go), when I got to the construction area I turned around to walk back the other way. I felt a car watching me then an security guy in one of those golf candy’s drove up to me a few minutes later and asked if I’d been in the construction area, which I hadn’t, but it just shows they’re always watching.

Today was supposed to be a relaxing day followed by going to the Medieval Dinner Show (Non-Disney Show). Though the tickets said they were not refundable and could not be changed I decided to give them a call anyway and see if I could rebook for another night, as they’d cost $111 for the two of us. They agreed to change them for another night without any problems.


Tuesday 15th December 2009 (Day 9)
I felt fine today, I didn’t really get my appetite back for the rest of the vacation, but still was up for enjoying myself. Unfortunately my DH wasn’t so lucky, at least I was really bad and got it out my system quickly, but my DH felt ill for about 5 days which really put a dampener on our second week.

We decide to spend to spend today at Epcot as we could just wonder round and go on the gentle rides. Our reservation at Chefs De France was for 5pm, but at 3pm we were hungry so asked the restaurant if we could go in early, which was fine. The meal was very nice (though we left a lot of it), and on the dinning plan we were allowed to get the 3 course meal. After the meal we headed back to the hotel where I had a power nap.

That evening we were booked into Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. We turned up 45 minutes after the party started, in time for the first parade. The party itself really wasn’t worth the money, the park was much busier than it had been when we were there the previous week. It was nice to see the castle lit up and the lights on. I also enjoyed the ‘Totally Tomorrowland Christmas’ show, but didn’t see anywhere distributing the so-called ‘hot cocoa and cookies’.


Wednesday 16th December 2009 (Day 10)
Today was our rearranged day doing what we missed earlier in the holiday, and we needed a car to do it. We booked an Alamo car for a day, and this time I booked it from the Car Care centre, so they picked us up from Pop Century.

We drove to Universal, and spent the day in Universal Studios. Again, I’d bought Express Tickets, but they were for the Sunday. They had said no refunds or exchanges, but as the Medieval Dinner Show had exchanged them I thought I’d try my luck at Universal. The lady at Guest Services checked they’d not been used and then reissued them for today. The Express Passes were as nice to have and I’m glad they reissued them, but had they not the park wasn’t busy enough to warrant buying them again.

DH wasn’t up for roller-coasters so I went on the Hulk myself, but it just wasn’t the same without him. I’ve done single rider before, but it just wasn’t right when I knew he’d have liked to go on it if he was feeling better. We managed to get round the rest of the park, including seeing the Grinchmas (which was actually pretty boring). By 4pm, we were done so headed back to the hotel and then out to the Medieval Dinner Show.

The Medieval Dinner Show itself was entertaining. However, they really are trying to sell-sell-sell. They ask you to arrive an hour before to get a good seat, but on looking at the seating I’m not that sure it really makes much of a difference. The real reason is so you buy beverages while you wait and look at their gift store. Also throughout the show there are people walking up and down the Isle selling stuff. I have to admit I was getting a bit fed up of all the selling, but if you can put up with it then it’s a good show.


Thursday 17th December 2009 (Day 11)
We returned the car to the car care centre in the morning and the Alamo van asked us where we wanted dropping off, we said MK as we were planning to get something from Main Street Bakery, but for some reason they could not drop us at MK so he dropped us as the Grand Floridian instead so that we could catch the Monorail 1 stop to MK. We decided just to eat at The Grand Floridian quick service restaurant as we were there and then got a bus to Hollywood Studios. We were going to spend the morning at MK then go to HS, but thought it would be better just to go to HS. Today was rather slow and we cancelled our meal at the Sci-Fi Dine-In. We did manage to see Famtasmic though, which was good as expected, it only rained while we were waiting for the show. Afterwards we went to see the Osborne lights, but they weren’t dancing. It wasn’t raining anymore, yet the announcement said because of the weather that they would not be dancing, which was a shame.


Friday 18th December 2009 (Day 12)
We spent the day at MK, though my emory fails me as to what we actually did there that particular day as we seemed to be at MK a lot this trip and I forget what we did on what day.

We headed to Epcot late afternoon where we stood in line for the Candlelit processional. I think we queued for over an hour and a half but the time passed quickly as we were chatting to the people standing in line next to us. We weren’t even sure we were going to get it. We did get to see it but missed the first 15 minutes. They were still letting people in after in started to fill up gaps, I think they were reserved seats where people didn’t show up. Some people that didn’t get in were queueing for the next show, but we though if we don’t get in were aren’t going to queue for longer, apart from the fact we already had dinner reservations, that is just too much queueing. The guest narrator was Whoopi Goldberg that night, and while the show was good and I got to see Whoopi (from a great distance) a celebrity narrator really didn’t add much to the performance.

After this we headed to Beirgarden where we hand a lovely meal. I always prefer it when I can pick and choose what I want to eat from a buffet. I didn’t think our seat was too bad as I could see the performance quite well from the angle I was sitting, but my DH was starting to get fed up of always getting a seat with a poor view, and put it down to the fact we didn’t have kids, I don’t know if this is true or not.

After the meal we were on a mission to find a good spot for IllumiNations after not making it in time to see Wishes from the front of the castle earlier on the trip as we could not battle through the crowds in time during Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. We headed to UK and managed to get a good standing place there which was good.


Saturday 19th December 2009 (Day 13)
We spent the day in Epcot today. And though it wasn’t booked in advance we did the Behind the Seeds Tour. We had originaly booked it for a different day, but with rescheduling everything with the sickness we had to cancel this tour. We called into the Land on 19th and asked if there were any spots available and there was space in a tour an hour later. Fortunately on the tour they booked us on a bunch of people didn’t show up so there was just me and DH, and another couple and their children, so I think we probably got more out of it than we normally would have. I would recommend the tour.

After the tour we had to head to Fort Wilderness Lodge for the Backyard BBQ. Again with the transport we were late but it didn’t matter here as it was a buffet and the food was out for a good while. For a couple without Children I would not recommend this, and if we hadn’t of been on the free dining plan we would not have went either. Bust we made the best of it and still enjoyed ourselves, but really it was more of a family atmosphere.


Sunday 20th December 2009 (Day 14)
We headed to Epcot for our last day as we were booked on the Around the World at Epcot Tour. The tour itself was great, we both really enjoyed it. I wouldn’t necessarily say it was worth the money, but it was our vacation and we had fun so didn’t mind splashing out on it. We both took to the Segways really quickly, and I was surprised how much I actually liked it, I just wanted to weave around everything but we had to stick with the group. My DH though the tour leaders were going to tell me off for misbehaving. The Segways don’t go very fast, Disney put a 7 km or 7 mile (I forget which) cap on them so you can’t go any faster. They call it a tour and there is a tour guide - the woman at the front was telling us information about the countries. But to be honest she only told us information about some of the countries and the bits where we were listening to her were more of an interruption as I (and I am sure others too felt the same) just wanted to be away on the Segway, after all that it what we were really paying for.

After the Segways we headed the Restaurant Marrakesh. Food was nice, though we did have trouble finding it. There is a stand in Epcot Morocco that said Restaurant Marrakesh in front of a closed door. As we were there at 11:15-11:30 am we figured the restaurant wasn’t open yet, so just hung around for a little bit. It turned out the restaurant was round the corner - doh!

We said good bye to Epcot and headed over to Downtown Disney to pick up a few souvenirs and presents. After which we went back to the hotel and spent the last of our dining plan credits on food for our evening meal and for the plane. We only had quick service credits left (illness had cut down our food consumption), rather than snack so had a whole mix of food. When I wanted to get one cookie with a quick service meal the cashier wouldn’t let me she said she needed 3 items for the quick service meal to go through so I had to go back and get more food - strange.

The flight back wasn’t too bad. We landed back in Calgary in sub-zero temperatures at about midnight. The weather had improved since the day we departed, but still cold. Our car was in the ‘Park To Go’ parking lot, and they had held on to a set of keys for our car. It was nice to see they had brushed off the snow from the car and the car was already warming up so he could jump in and head home.


Best/Worst Moments - What we thought of our trip.
Here I won’t be sticking to just Disney, as we did Universal and Busch Gardens too. Unless I say DH has a different opinion, then the answers are for us both.

Best Tour? Keys to the Kingdom - All the tours were good, though we found the Keys to the Kingdom to be the best. It was very interesting, and we did it at the beginning of our trip so what we were told was in our minds throughout the trip so we looked at things slightly differently as we were more aware of the work that was put in to make everything as it was.

Best Value for Money? Keys to the Kingdom. $60 for 4 1/2 hours including a entree and a drink for lunch.

Biggest Waste of Money? Mickeys Very Merry Christmas Party, $60 for 4 extra hours in the park really wasn’t worth it. The parade and the Totally Tomorrowland Christmas shows were good, but really not worth the money. And I couldn’t see anywhere giving out the free hot cocoa.

Best Park Show? For me it was KaTonga at Busch Gardens, for my DH it was the Festival of the Lion King at Animal Kingdom.

Most Park Enjoyable Show? Again my DH would say Festival of the Lion King, but though I though KaTonga was really good, for shear enjoyment I preferred ‘A Totally Tomorrowland Christmas’ as I really got it to it and was singing along, and it did feel like Christmas, it was a lot of fun.

Worst Park Show? The Grinchmas at Universal, that was really boring.

Best Disney Dinner Show? The Hoop-De-Doo, it was the most fun of the three (we attended them all)

Favourite Rolloercoaster? Shakira at Busch Gardens. Though I was probably roller-coaster out after our day at Busch gardens so by the time we got to Universal I probably didn’t give the Rock It and the Hulk a fair chance.

Ride that wasn’t worth the wait? For me it was the wooden roller-coaster at Busch Gardens, we waited about 45 minutes (which is a lot since all other rides at Busch Gardens were walk-ons) to go in the front. But it was so ricketty it actually gave me a headache which lasted for a couple of hours after I finished riding.

Best Meal? Boma, though Beirgarten was pretty good too. I think I probably rank them the highest because with a buffet you get to try everything and eat more of the nicest dishes.

Most Disappointing Meal? Not counting Wolfgang Puck Express as the meal there itself tasted fine. I would say that the meal at the Prime Time Cafe was most disappointing, it was fun, don’t get me wrong and in the future I may even go again, but I just expected really hearty home cooked style of food and it was actually rather tasteless.

Best Parade? The Block Bash Party at Hollywood Studios as it was more interactive.

Best Park? Magic Kingdom, and I think that it largely because we went on the Kings to the Kingdom. When we visited WDW 5 years ago we spent one day at MK, and thought it was boring, but I think that was because we were looking for the ‘big rides’. We’d never realized before how big MK is, and you can spend a casual day or two there without children (providing it’s not too busy).

Most Disappointing Park? For my DH it was Epcot, when we went in 2004 Epcot was our favorite and we spent a lot of time there. This time DH got bored, possibly because we spent so much time there last time also they had toned down Mission Space (his favorite ride) so that wasn’t the same. For me it was Universals Islands of Adventure, there just didn’t seem to be that many good rides, and we struggled to fill a day, Universal Studios was much better.