Our Disney Store is Gone!


Went to the mall with DSIL to see Tangled (By the way…It was AWESOME!) Afterwards, we headed towards the Disney Store. We originally thought we walked right past it because of us chatting, so we turned around to head back to it, but IT WASN’T THERE! We thought we were losing our minds, so asked someone at the jewelry store nearby, and she said they closed it last week, and that she was tearing up while watching them switch over to a different store. Not one shred of evidence it was ever there. :crying:


I felt the same way when we lost our Disney store a couple of years ago:crying:.



One of ours (in MA) is closing soon too :crying:


That’s sad. I use to love my Disney store, but it seriously isn’t that great anymore. I sill go in it just to see the stuff they have, but I rarely purchase anything. They have barely anything for adults and I really don’t have any kids to randomly buy for.:mad:


I don’t know how ours keeps holding on - but it does. I wouldn’t be surprised if one day it just closed up. It’s in a mall so far from me, I never get there anyway. It’s sad that so many are closing.


Steve Jobs did a great job “resurrecting” those stores. It seems he tired of the assignment pretty quickly.


Our mall is going to have a $54 million renovation this spring. I wonder if we’ll loss our Disney store or if they’ll do a little remodeling too. I can’t say we’d miss it though. Like Dana, we rarely go in there anymore.


Our Disney store is in a prime position within a local shopping mall. On the whole, the store has always been very busy when we’ve been in there, but the stock and merchandise is very expensive.


I went in ours yesterday and was really disappointed. I know this time of year merchandise is light, getting ready for inventory usually, but it was still pretty sad. It’s in a prime location and another almost-local Disney Store was just renovated to the new look, so I’m hoping that’s what’s happening, but not sure. Lots of princess dresses…very little of anything else. (I only have a boy, no princess dresses for us!)


Ours too. I rarely ever buy anything the few times I go - I just like to go in for that “Disney” feeling.


Oh my gosh! I would DIE if we lost our Disney store! :crying: I always say it’s like a mini World of Disney! I can’t believe this many has closed! :pinch: I seriously had no idea! :confused: Haha!:happy:


Our store is in a very sad state of repair. It reaaaaalllly needs new carpet, paint, and character refurb. I love going in here just to soak up the Disney feel, but it really does need a refub done ASAP. I’ve heard talk of it shutting down and awhile ago (5 yrs maybe?) they said they were shutting down, that the sales had plummeted. But honestly, the whole mall needs a redo. It’s fairly small, in a semi seedy neighborhood, and has about 15 vacant store fronts, and another 10 of no big significance where big timers used to be. Like Gymboree, Gap, White House/Black Market, etc.

But in the outlet mall, we have a Disney Outlet and in it I found a shirt I wanted at WDW, but never did find my size, and honestly forgot to look for. Got it 1/2 price and in my size. I waited foreeevvvver for this store. They had a ‘coming soon’ sign for about a year.


Both of our Disney Store closed in early 2007 - no notice, just closed doors one day. Very sad. I used to walk through for some of the “Disney feel” too.


Our store closed around 8 yrs ago. We were there one week then Poof, next week it was gone. No sale or clearance out. Just up and left. It was one of the 1st to go in the downsize. Now we have to drive 3 hrs to Dallas or 4 hrs to Baton Rouge to find one. We were there Thanksgiving and I have to say it was disappointing. The store itself was nice, but was filled with a lot of toys and clothing for really small kids. Nothing for me or my 15yr old. My 11 & 12 yr olds even thought it was too babyish for them.:sad:


Ours closed a few years ago too. I haven’t been in one sincé then…the closest one is over 3 hours away now. I was very sad when it closed. I couldn’t go to the mall without walking through it to get that special Disney feel.


I do the same thing! The one time I did go in to actually buy something they didn’t have it :glare: I wanted the Disney’s Christmas Carol with Jim Carey…they never ordered any for the store!


I feel for all of you without a Disney Store. I have 3 in my area and the most I have to drive is 40 minutes. The other two are within 15 and 25 minutes. They are all at malls, but the merchanidse has changed over the years. We go in just for that Disney feeling or just to purchase new coffee mugs. Thanks goodness we now have a granddaughter to buy for. From day 1 we started bringing her up as a Disney fan and thus the reason we purchased the DVC. She really had no choice but to be a Disney fan. Sure hope our stores never close.