Our Disney/Universal Trip...Memorial Weekend


I’ll start off by saying that we had a FANTASTIC time on our trip. This is going to be a busy week; we got home Tuesday evening, picked up our new puppy and my DD had dance recital practice yesterday. Saturday and Sunday are recital days, but if I have time today or tomorrow between running errands and playing with the puppy I’ll try to sit down and work on the TR.

I will say that WWoHP was loved by all and we spent a lot of time there.


Glad you had a great time! Looking forward to your TR!


Glad you had a great trip! Can’t wait for the TR!


Welcome home ~ glad you had fun!! Can’t wait to hear about it!


Welcome home… can’t wait to hear about your trip


Day one:

Picked the kids up from school, picked DH up from work and headed to the airport to catch out 7pm flight. Our flight arrived at 9:20 pm, we jumped aboard the ME were whisked away to POP. We checked in, the kids changed into bathing suits and took a quick dip in the pool. We got back to the room and were asleep as soon as our heads hit the pillows.

Day Two:

Today was MK Day, we were up bright eyed and bushy tailed ready for our day. We arrived at MK early enough for the kids to see the park opening, which they loved. Our first stops were SM, Buzz, Astro Orbitor, TA, Teacups, then we headed to Splash Mountain, BTMRR and Pirates and HM; we did all this by 10:30. We meandered around the part some more and did some more rides.

As we DH and DD were getting on the Teacups I spotted a bride and groom, in full wedding attire, getting on the Teacups also. I snapped some pictures and congratulated them as they exited the ride.

We had lunch at CHH, did some more rides then headed back to POP for a dip in the pool.

After our swim we headed back to the park to finish out our day one. We were hoping to catch the electric light parade, but unfortunately a thunderstrom passed through at 8pm and continued through the remainder of the evening. So we high tailed it for the bus and headed back to Pop for some much needed sleep.


Great start… looking forward to more please…


Day Two: Epcot Day

Today we checked our luggage in with luggage assistance because a car was picking us up @ 9 pm to take us to The Royal Pacific Resort @ Universal. We had breakfast in the food court, jumped on a bus and were headed to Epcot for our final Disney day.

We arrived at Epcot and headed straight to Soarin for fastpasses. Next we were off to Test Track, with a brief stop at the Cool Club for some soda sampling. Test track had a 55 min wait, so we decided to due Mission Space, the green side, and then The Universe of Energy. We then headed back to Test Track and picked up a fast pass; we walked back to Soarin to use our fast passes. Then we were off the World Showcase. We had Sushi for lunch @ the Yakatori House. The we made our way around shopping as we went. Boy was it HOT…I think Epcot is the Hottest walking park, not a whole lot of shady spots. We did the ride in Norway and Mexico (I love the inside of the Mexican Pavilion), listened for a few minutes to the Mariachi band and headed back to use our Test Track fast passes. We were extremely perplexed when the wait time for the fast pass line was 50 minutes:eek::eek:. We were not happy about this, since it’s DD favorite ride. After a few tears and calming down of DD, we went into Inoventions to the Disney Reward picture taking spot, where we were greated by Minnie and Goofy. The kids wanted to do SE, so off we went. We decided that since it was such a hot day and we couldn’t go back and swim we go pick up our free Disney Reward photo and see if the car could come early to get us and take us to Universal. The car (Mears) had no problem coming by early to get us, so with picture in hand we headed back to Pop to get our luggage. We were in the car and headed to Universal by 5:45 pm.

We had a wonderful but short two day visit to Disney! Next…WWoHP.


Here are some picks from MK, for some reason we didn’t take any pics at Epcot:

Can anyone guess where the hidden Mickey is from??


A few more pics; the bride we spotted at MK and us, just before running out into the rain to catch the bus:


Day Three:

Today was the day…today we were going to the WWoHP; the kids were busting at the seams with anticipation. It was everything the hoped for and more. Since we were staying on property we were able to get into the park and hour early, we were waiting at the gates by 7:30 am. As soon as the gates opened we were off, we followed the crowd and were headed to The Forbidden Journey with everyone else. We were on the ride by 8:15am. My husband and the kids LOVED the ride, I on the other hand did not - motion sickness got the best of me and I was not feeling well :blow:. I didn’t get sick, but my head was spinning and I was nauseous the rest of the day. I sucked it up for the kids sake and pushed on. The kids loved everything about WWoHP. I was the designated picture taker and boy did I take the pictures.

The kids decided that they wanted to spend some money and buy wands, my son bought Professor Snapes and my daughter got Hermoines. My husband said we all needed a wand, so he chose Professor Lupin and I chose Fleur Delacore. We did a little more looking around, but the crowds were getting thick so we headed out into Universal. The boys rode The Hulk and loved it, then my husband and the kids rode some water ride, I was still not feeling well and opted out. We then headed out for some time at the pool.

After a nice dip in the pool we headed back to WWoHP for the evening.

Day Four:

We spent the entire last day at the WWoHP. The kids wanted to go into Ollivanders, so after riding the Forbidden Journey again that was our destination. Inside Ollivanders is really small, but the best part of the trip. We filed in to Ollivanders, with all children being placed in front of the adults. Mr Ollivander comes down the stairs and walks right up to my son and asks if his sister is the one standing next to him, he then procedes to as my children to join him as he finds them a wand. My kids are still beaming about the experience of have their wand choose them. We weren’t expecting this since they had already purchased wands the day before, but my husband said that we had to get them and the kids were THRILLED!!

We had breakfast at Three Broomsticks and got some ButterBeer. Yum is all I can say about the ButterBeer, I think we had 4 glasses each over the course of the 2 days.


Here are some pics from our time at WWoHP:


More pics:


Some more pics:


Last few pics:


Well that’s it…we had a FANTASTIC time! I did this quickly and I’m sure I missed something, so I hopefully get that posted later.


Great TR… can’t wait for more


Great TR! Thanks for sharing, looking for more.


One more thing I forgot to mention. Later in the day after the kids were chosen by Mr. Ollivander to have their wands picked, the kids wanted to see what the show was like standing in the audience. So at separate times I took the kids in to see the wand choosing; I had prepped the kids that if they were, by any great streak of luck, chosen again they would have to graciously forego the opportunity and let someone else have a turn…being chosen at all is a highly coveted. I couldn’t believe it, but both kids were chosen a second time; I was so proud of how they handled themselves and explained that they already had wands and someone should be chosen. :wub:


The Royal Pacific resort was super nice and we’d definitely stay there again. I’m not sure that we’d go back to Universal though, other than the WWoHP, my kids weren’t interested in the rest of the park.

Here is the view were had from our room. We were in Tower 2, the furthest from the park. I didn’t get any pictures of the pool area; it was nice, but lacking a slide. We did have lunch at the pool on day,we split nachos and a quesadilla, it was very tasty.