Our final plans!


I thought I would share our final plans for our trip 4/19 - 4/26.

Saturday April 19th

We have a 7:30Am Flight out of Dayton, Ohio, with a 2 hour layover in Cincinnati, Ohio. We arrive in Orlando at 11:05Am.

As of today I still have not received our ME tags. I even called and they said they would rush them to us. But still nothing. I called again to triple check that I really was reserved, and we are. So we will more than likely be picking up our own luggage before boarding the bus.

Hopefully we will be checked in by Noon. Or shortly thereafter.

After checking in at Disney’s Old Key West we are heading to DHS. With dinner at Hollywood and Vine/Fantasmic Package.

Sunday April 20th
We will be spending the day at Epcot with dinner at the Biergarten.

Monday April 21st
We will be starting our day with the Keys to the Kingdom Tour at Magic Kingdom. I am so excited about this tour. Lunch at the Columbia House and then we are having dinner at Liberty Tree Tavern.

Tuesday April 22nd
This is our scheduled day off. I plan to maybe swim some, and go shopping at DTD. We are having dinner at Whispering Canyon Cafe and then my surprise Birthday present from Greg is we are going to La Nouba for the 9pm show. (This was supposed to be a surprise given to me sometime the day of the show, but over the weekend I was looking for my passport and came across the tickets, never did find my passport. But i did ruin the surprise, i feel so bad, Greg was so proud of himself for getting the tickets and actually being able to surprise me).

Wednesday April 23rd
We will be at Epcot on this day with dinner at LeCelier. I am so excited about this dinner.

Thursday April 24th
We will be at Animal Kingdom this day with dinner at Boma. Love Boma last year. I think it will be a must do for our trips for now on.

Friday April 25th
This is a free day to do whatever we feel we might have missed out on. We are having dinner at Sci Fi Drive In. So we will be in DHS for atleast some of the day.

Saturday April 26th
We have breakfast planned for Kona Cafe. The rest of the day is open to do whatever we want before we have to catch the ME bus back to the airport for our 6:10Pm flight home.

I think it will be a great trip and hopefully none of the issues we had last year with the big group we had. There are 5 of us going so it is much more manageable and we aren’t all doing the same things at the same time. Most of the dinners will be all 5 of us. But a lot of the activities aren’t the whole group.

Pictures and Trip Report to come once I return.


Brandon, your plans look great. Just curious…Are you flying Delta?


Have a great time and safe travels.


Plans look Wonderful, you don’t have long before you will be in the Happiest Place on Earth.


Yes we are flying Delta. I hope things don’t get all messed up because of this darn merger.


Oh, I wasn’t suggesting that… i was wondering… because Dayton is so close (for a layover) to CVG… it sounds like something Delta would do. No worries… I’m sure it will be fine. Can’t wait for your TR!!

I’ll be sure to wave at ya… as your flying in. I am usually doing morning drop off at that time.


Yeah it seems so stupid. Just as you get in the air it will be time to land.

It is so much cheaper to fly from Dayton. If we would have booked directly from CVG it would have been a few hundred dollars more per person.

Greg was flying to Phoenix today out of Dayton and had a layover in CVG.

So they must do it pretty often.


Looks like a great plan! Can’t wait to read the TR!


Your plans look awesome! Have a great time. I can’t wait to hear all about it!