Our First and Fabulous Trip During Peak Season


Hi everyone:

This is the first time we have travelled during a peak season - Easter week to be exact. We were there for 10 days, but I will keep it short and to the highlights!! Those travelling were me, DH and DD(now 7). This is our 5th trip to the world and our first staying at the WL - might I add, we probably wont stay anywhere else from this point on!! We are very picky about accomodations and went back and forth as to whether to spend the extra money to stay at WL - let me tell you, it is just the best place!! It is sparkling clean, the CMs are just the nicest, and everything you need is a step away. We watched the water pageant every night and had the most fabulous dinners at Artist Point and Whispering Canyon - but I am getting ahead of myself! Here are the highlights of our trip!

Fri, 3/21st: Arrival Day - early flight out of Providence, arrive into Orl and unto Magical Express without delay! Arrive at WL at 10AM and room is ready -precisely where we requested! Knew at this point we were in for a great trip! Spent most of the day by the beautiful pool, rented Surrey bikes, DD participated in a sand castle contest and duck race, and then we all had a fantastic dinner at Artist Point. This is the first dinner we have had at the world that I can honestly say is fine dining - from first to last course it was wonderful.

Sat 3/22: MK. We were on the launch at 7:30 and by 2:00 did the following without a single wait (using FPS): Character Greets (x3), Ariels Grotto, Aladdins Carpet, Haunted Mansion, Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, Carousel, Peter Pan, Philharmagic, Pooh, Small World, Buzz, TeaCups, Laugh Floor, People Mover, and Lunch at Cosmic Rays. We then headed back to the hotel for a swim, fun in the arcade and dinner at Whispering Canyon - we had the funniest waitress and DD who loves ketchup had 21 bottles delivered to our table! It was a great dinner. Although we were glad to have done so many rides in such a short time, we promised each other to take it easy in the days ahead to look for hidden mickeys, enjoy the shows, and stop to notice the little things - if we didnt see everything, not a big deal!

Sun 3/23: Cape Canaveral. A good time and a must see for anyone who has an interest in space or science! We rented a car just for the day and it couldnt have been more seemless - shuttle picked up my husband, took him over for the car, and he was back at WL in under an hour! In the evening we went back to MK where we went on a few rides like Small World and the Tiki House, had pizza at Pinocchio’s so we could wave to the boats at Small World and then enjoyed SpectroMagic where so many characters stopped to say hello to DD - who was just thrilled!!

Mon 3/24: MK. We just couldnt get enough so we went back, much later, and leisurely went through and even scored a couple of surprise FPS by the Pooh Ride - we put in for one set and got a set for Pooh and Philharmagic! We also saw the new stage show which was amazing, watched the dreams come true parade, ate Dole Whips for the first time (they really are the best) and scored our fave table at Pinnochio’s again to wave to the boats and then the best thing happened - DD, who didnt want to bring her princess dresses on this trip announced she wanted to wear one to the castle after all for dinner!! So off to Tinks Treasures for a new dress and onto a magical dinner in the castle. I know the breakfasts are a fave for folks but we really love the dinner! It is nice to enjoy the food (which is very good) and the atmosphere at a relaxing pace! After dinner we strolled through the shops, did some character greets, looked for hidden mickeys and took the launch back to the WL to await the water pageant!

Tues 3/25: Epcot and DDs Magical EVENING: This day we did all things in the front of the park at Epcot. DD loves science and just had a blast going through Innoventions, the Universe of Energy, Mission Space (green), Imagination, etc. We always do Nemo, Turtle Talk and of course Soarin (the FP line that morning wrapped around the entire bottom floor!). The real magic though was at 1900 Park Faire. There was an announcement during dinner that the characters may ask folks to dance - and then it happened - Prince Charming, came over to DD who was in full Cinderella costume, bowed and asked her to dance. When I say she floated onto the dance floor, floated on the dance floor, and floated back to our table, that is not an overstatement. She even asked us if she had been dreaming and said it was the single best moment of her life. It was very cute and very heartwarming! What a great moment!

Weds 3/26: Animal Kingdom: Wow, this was a great day as well - we saw the woman dressed as a vine - unbelievable!We then did the Flights of Wonder show which was great, everything in Dino Land, and a few of the trails. Towards the end of the day, as it was getting cooler, we did 7 consecutive rides on Kali with our FPS- the highlight of the day as we bumped into a family we knew and the kids could not get enough of the ride!! The CMs let us keep getting on bc no-one else was foolish enough to ride! That night we ate at Rainforest with our Family Pass (jumps you to the head of the line) and it was wonderful as usual.

Thurs 3/27: DHS: High School Musical Day!! Long anticipated by DD!! We saw the show twice and she jumped up and into the show at every opportunity. It was a great show to see, high energy, lots of fun, and great that the kids are allowed down front. We also went through Animation Studio and drew Pluto which is one of our families fave things to do! We saw the new Playhouse Disney show - very cute - but alas a reminder of how fast DD has grown!! We also saw the new Block Party - it is great although I think we all prefer the parade and of course the Ariel show. Dinner that evening was at Hollywood and Vine and then Fantasmic which is always just the best show!!

Fri 3/28: Animal Kingdom. The plan was to leave by noon and then hit the hotel pool for the afternoon - that plan was put aside when DD discovered the childrens activity stations where you get stamps for completing different tasks in each country. It was a blast going through the different stations and we left the park at about 5PM happy and tired!! That evening we ate at Whispering Canyon where we had a waitress named Brittany who made the greatest hats out of napkins and straws (I know, only at Disney!!). We then went over to Fort Wilderness for the campfire sing a long with Chip and Dale and the outside movie!! What a great night - cool, clear and just a wonderful atmosphere!! This was our fave night.

Sat 3/29: WL day! DD in the middle of the night was struck by a stomach bug and fever - the poor little one was ill from about 11PM til 11AM and then it just seemed to disappear. The rest of the day we took her on a surrey bike and then in the pool (I was a wreck with her going into the pool but DH said if she feels ok lets just let her have a great last day - we did, she was fine). Our last night’s dinner was supposed to be at CP, but we were enjoying WL so much we went back to - you guessed it - whispering canyon where we laughed, ate, and went over all our special moments of the trip!

Sun 3/30: We arrived back to 29 degree weather in Providence! All in all it was just a great trip! I know I have forgotten some special moments along the way but knew I had a few moments to write this up and wanted to get at least some of the information out there!! In summary, we had a wonderful trip! Here is what we walked away with:

  1. We are glad next year though that Easter Week will not fall during DDs Easter break bc the crowds were very large - thankfully, and for the most part, folks were very pleasant!
  2. Also, and I know I said it above, the WL is just fabulous - we never felt crowded there and there was no noise whatsoever from other rooms - it was a perfect spot for our family!
  3. Finally, the chip and dale campfire is just a wonderful way to spend an evening, I recommend it highly!
  4. OK, really finally, I dont think we will do the DP again - now that DD is older, we tend to spend most times going through the parks and are not as much into having set Dining Plans - I say this now I am sure we will change our minds later!

Hope you enjoyed the trip report! I am not as good of a writer as most other posters bc I am not patient enough to be a good writer but hopefully there is content that is of interest.


That was wonderful. What other resorts have you stayed at before?


Thanks! We have stayed at Port Orleans and Caribbean Beach. Have always loved Caribbean Beach and recommend it highly - I think with the WL we loved the convenience of everything being a stone’s throw away and virtually under one roof. We also loved the quietness, the cleanliness of all the areas, and the magnificent view from our private balcony. Having been to WDW before, I think too we anticipated taking advantage of the resort, and felt less pressure to try and do everything - hence being in such a peaceful spot which never seemed overly crowded really was a luxury. Also, taking the launch to the MK and over to Fort Wilderness was a great way to travel and a nice break from the buses!


First, I am so glad you liked the WL. We will be staying there for the first time in September and I love hearing that you loved it!

Second, I too am planning on doing the campfire so thank you for that review.

Thank you for sharing your trip, I am so glad you had a magical time.



You are going to love the WL - at the front desk they have a printout of the activities going on over at Fort Wilderness each night. The movies change from one night to the next so just be sure and double check what is playing before you take the launch!! Have a great time!! ps - we are already thinking about booking again for next March!


As for the Chip and Dale sing a a long, it is really nice - basically you go to a designated spot at the campground, they have a chuck wagon that supplies anything you could want by a campfire - smores kits, hot dogs, marshmallows, sticks for roasting, etc. Once the fire is lit, they have someone go up onto the stage who leads the crowd in an old fashioned sing a long. Chip and Dale come out and spend the sing a long roaming through the crowd taking pictures with each family. When they are done there is a short break and then the movies start on a very large screen. Popcorn and other beverages are served and most folks spread out blankets!


What movie did you watch?



This just sounds so very nice.


Sounds like a good time was had by all!


What a great TR. I love all the information, and my heart swells with happiness for your dd. I know how special moments for our children can make us feel and how it reminds us that they are growing so quickly. My dd has started to tell me, “Mommy I am growing up!” It makes me want to just bust out crying, she is only three.


Sounds like a jam-packed trip! Glad you had a super time!


Wow, sounds like you had a great trip! Never considered the campfire sing a long, but will now definately add it to our list! DD dancing with Prince Charming must have been priceless!!! I have a 7 yr old DD too and she would’ve been in her glory!!!

At HS what is it that they have for HSM? Is it a parade? How often does it run?

What rental car company did you use that offered a shuttle to pick up your DH? My DH has always wanted to go to Cape Canaveral, maybe I should add that to my list too! :blink:

Thanks for the TR! Any pictures?


We watched Herbie Rides Again but the next night was Cars!! As for magic moments, I was literally crying when she came back to the table and asked if she was dreaming - it was so great bc just days before she was saying she didnt think second graders dress up like princesses at WDW. We had several moments where both my DH and I welled up. The other one was when the kids came out for HSM and her face just lit up. Im glad to hear Im not the only parent who sheds a tear or two at WDW!


Great TR. Sounds like your family had a magical trip.


I will try and do some pics - Im not that good at a computer but I will ask DH and see if he can do it!

As for the rental car, we went through Alamo and we called them the night before to arrange for a shuttle for pick up and then for drop off. It was sooo easy.

As for cape canaveral, it was such an easy drive - maybe 90 minutes since we werent rushing. DD and DH loved it - Im not as much of a science buff but it is an amazing place.

As for HSM, it was fabulous. The week we were there they moved it to the entrance area for Fantasmic due to crowd levels and it was a sit down show. The kids sat on green mats in the front and adults on the ground in the back. It lasted about 20 minutes and they sing hit after hit from the movie inviting the kids to come up and dance with them! DD and all of us actually really enjoyed it bc the music is so upbeat and the way they divided the crowd it really made it so that every child had a front row seat.


Great trip report. It sounds like you had a wonderful trip even with the high crowd levels. sounds like your DD made some wonderful lifetime memories…I see MouseBuzz in her future:laugh:

I hope you are able to post some pictures.



Sounds like you had a fun and magical trip. Your DD is going to remember her dance with the prince for the rest of her life. I bet she couldn’t wait to tell her friends about it. BTW, you did a very nice job on your tr. I never wrote one because I too feel like I couldn’t write one that would make any since. :blush: Thanks for sharing.


You are welcome and it was intimidating to write - hence I went with an outline format bc I honestly cant write as conversational and well as the folks who write the trip reports! It was fun though doing it and I thought why not considerring I love reading them!! Definitely post yours!! And yes, MouseBuzz will be in her future - she is a Disney kid through and through!


Sounds like you and DD had a great time at Disney! Welcome back and hope to see pictures soon.


Suetom what a lovely TR- you really sold WL to us in fact I just spent the last 10 mins reading your posts out to my DH who agree WL sounds fabulous. As ones who always stay at moderates, you really gave us food for thought for our 09 trip-so thanks