Our first Disney Cruise and stay at Saratoga Springs Trip Report


It’s finally here Day 1 of our vacation that we have been anxiously planning for the past 11 months. I will post each day so I do not forget all that i want to say.

Cast: Myself and my DW (ToriaDavis)

Dates : Oct 3 to Oct 19

Itinerary: Oct 4 arrive at Port Canaveral for our Disney Cruise aboard the Disney Magic. Oct 11 arrive at Saratoga Springs for 8 days

Well, the first day was nothing but airplane traveling. Our first flight from Las Vegas to Atlanta was right on time, it was completely full but it wasn’t bad at all. When we arrived in Atlanta we were supposed to have an hour layover, however, when we checked the boards we were delayed 15min. I know what you are saying no big deal. Well we waited 15 extra min and that went by fast and they still were not boarding the plane yet. Well we finally boarded the plane 35 mins. from the original time but then there was so many people on the standby list that we just sat in our seats for another 20min until take off. This plane was completely packed but enjoyable with all the children on the plane because of all the random cute things kids say.

When we got to Orlando we got our luggage and then headed back into the airport for an overnight stay at the Hyatt in Orlando Airport. The service from the start was great they informed us on everything that we need to do with our luggage in the morning and also where to meet the bus to take us to the port. The entire cruise transfer just sounds care free and that is the way vacation should be. I will let you know how care free it was on tomorrow’s report. However, the room is great and we have a balcony that views into the terminal area and if you like to people watch like me it is interesting watching people at airports. Time is creeping up quickly with the time changes so I must get some sleep to be well energized for the cruise tomorrow. Will be posting pictures tomorrow as well.

Here are some pictures of our room at the Orlando Airport Hyatt (I like the picture off our balcony myself)


Dumb question…wasn’t it noisy? I’ve never stayed at an airport hotel, but that would be my first concern.


Great start! Can’t wait to hear more!!


Not at all. We got in a little late around 9pm east coast time and there were not very many planes still to arrive because they do not run planes all night. Although, we didn’t hear one plane in our room the only way that i knew that planes had arrived was standing on the balcony and see big groups of people coming from the terminals heading to the baggage claim. Also the hotel is right at the main lobby at the security lines so we are decently far from the planes. I know what you were thinking though I thought the same thing but was very interested. So I completely recommend to stay here and we got a great nights sleep.


Oh wow, that is an exciting and looooong trip you’ve planned. I am so excited to “travel” with you.
Bon Voyage :biggrin:


Great start! I cant wait to read another TR!!!


I can’t wait to hear all about your trip, we’re hoping do a land/cruise package in 2010. Have an AWESOME time!


Can’t wait to hear more . . . my “DREAM” is to do a Disney Cruise one day!


YAY, a live TR. I can’t wait to see what you think about the cruise. I think you’re going to love it.


Day 2

Well with so much checking in and checking out between the hotel and the Port I will cut it down to getting on the boat. After we got on the boat we had a lot of time killing to do. First we had to wait about an hour or more before we could get into our cabin so we headed to parrot cay for some lunch which was a buffet service and not bad at all. After we were able to get into our room we had to kill another hour before the mandatory fire drill. With all the mandatory items out of the way and all the checking in out of the way it was time to party. We head directly up to the top deck to get a good vantage point for the adventure’s away party featuring the countdown to the departure from the dock which included many of the Disney characters. It was fun and really enjoyable, and everyone from all ages joined in the festivities. Heading towards the end of the day it was getting to be my favorite time of day DINNER. DCL runs on a rotational dinning schedule. You and you’re your fellow table guests rotate to 3 main dinning rooms which are themed differently-however your wait staff stays the same for all dinning rooms. As a party of 2 we were seated at a table with a few other couples-we had great conversation and it was a great start to our cruise. We can’t wait to share our different experiences from day to day. We started out at Parrot Cay dinning room, which is all decorated, in a Caribbean theme. When you get to sit down and have a meal you have a tendency to eat far too much when you have a four course menu to choose from. Indeed, that is something that we did but it was completely worth it. My DW booked a salon appointment for a haircut, which happened to be right after dinner. For the rest of the day we just went into relax mode for the evening since we have been getting up so early and going to bed so late.

Here are some pictures from today’s activities.


Great day!
How did the haircut come out?


Your pics are AWESOME!!! I think it just CFM’d that Im going onthe cruise… NOw I just have to figure out when!!


Day 3

Well I was going to post day 3 report on day 3, however, my DW and I were so tired that we couldn’t keep our eyes open enough to type it. So you get it today

Day 3 started with a trip to fitness center. The only thing that could make a work out great is looking at the panoramic view of endless beautiful ocean while exercising. After, we got ready for the day and went over to the topsider’s buffet, which had a selection of many common breakfast items. The one thing that I was really impressed with is the fact that you can eat inside or outside on the back deck of the boat. That gives a very calming feeling hearing the waves while you eat your breakfast. After breakfast we continued to just wander around the ship and get our bearings of where everything was. We saw some Disney characters like Daisy, and Peter Pan. Until we looked out the window and began to see land, we then knew we were nearing Key West. We got the cameras and the video camera’s out to get the first looks of the island. After all of that was done we began to get ready to meet up with our excursion group and get off the boat. Our excursion was a catamaran sail and snorkel adventure. We boarded a great large catamaran and began an hour-long sail to Sandy Key, our designated snorkeling area. Once there we enjoyed about an hour of snorkeling the reefs below. There was so many fish to see in so many different colors. I was most excited to find a sand shark just sleeping under a reef, after re-boarding the boat a bunch of the children were chatting about a barracuda that was circling the boat. I saw it myself it was huge. The only tough part of the day was that the weather was cloudy and windy, which was causing quite rough waves in our area. This meant we were snorkeling against some pretty strong waves while trying to avoid the hitting the reef. Which didn’t make the trip bad just tired us out much more.

Once back on the ship we quickly refreshed ourselves and headed back out for some shopping and sightseeing on shore. We began to head out towards the shopping area in search for the Blonde Giraffe for their famous key lime pie. We found Duval St, which was home to many shops and restaurants-as usual there was a variety of tourist trap stores filled with cheap t-shirts and then the exact opposite very expensive linen shirts. We were mostly interested in finding things related to key lime, we found about half way down the street. But we did have fun just wandering through all of the shops. They were nice to photograph-they seem to be old homes converted into shops and were very historic looking. We continued all the way down Duvall St. until locating the Blonde Giraffe. I have to say I have never had key lime pie from Key West but this pie was great. I would definitely recommend them myself. After shopping our legs were getting really tired and we were getting a little hungry so we headed back to the ship.

We missed our normal dinner service so we headed to topsider, which for dinner was not a buffet but a normal restaurant. We had a good dinner with a beautiful window view of Key West as the sunset and we left port and after found the ice cream machine. We did a little bit more wandering around and even stopped in at diversions the sports bar to watch a little bit of the Red Sox’s game (which I’m a big fan of). We watched a couple innings and headed back to the room because the hot tub at the adult pool was looking really good. The hot tub was nice and warm but not too warm and it relaxed all my muscles, the best thing was that it was quiet-no kids running around. That was the end for us as we ere so tired from the day.

Here are some pictures from the day.


Great TR, keep it coming


Day 4

Day 4 was a full day at sea. We started the day with a couples massage up at the Vista Spa. This was something new for me, but not for my DW. I have to say though that was one of the most relaxing things that I have ever done. After the massage we got ready and did breakfast at Topsiders. The line for breakfast was a bit longer than usual, most likely because no one had to be anywhere specific. After breakfast we headed to a Cake & plate decorating class. It was fun to see a master pastry chef show you how to make cute plate designs for your own parties. We then decided to wander down to the adult pool, which was nice and quiet and free of children. We jumped into the pool for a little bit and after we found a nice spot in sun to begin drying off. In the middle of relaxing the cast members began the adult pool race, which was the battle of the sexes. This was extremely funny although it was rigged for the women to win but non-the less funny. Once back to the room we checked the ship schedule to see what was going on for the remainder of the day. We found that later they were offering a martini tasting which made my eyes widen. So we got our tickets for the martini tasting and then heading back out to the pool deck for a quick lunch. Next up the martini tasting, and I was really looking forward to this. We had 4 different types of martini’s, the gin martini, an appletini, a pomegranate Cosmo, and a chocolatini. All of them were really good but my DW got a little tipsy after the tasting so we headed back to the room. She wanted to settle down before dinner, which was a formal night. After a little rest we got in our formal clothing and headed to Lumiere’s for dinner. This evening they were serving French cuisine. Everyone at our table looked great all dressed up, and the food was very good too. After dinner we headed straight for the Walt Disney Theatre to watch the Golden Mickey’s. It’s a show that pays homage to many of the great Disney movies that have been made. It was and excellent production that deserved a standing ovation. When the show was done we had to get out of the formal clothing and get into something much more comfortable. We headed down to diversions to watch the Red Sox game. It was a great game and the buffet of chicken wings, nachos, and hot dogs just added to a great game. After the excitement of a winning run we were ready for bed and to look forward to another day in paradise-Grand Cayman.


Great TR! Looks like you are doing a lot of fun things!! I wish I was there to join you in the martini tasting!! YUMMY!! Have a great time and keep it coming!


OMG!! I HAVE to go on a Disney cruise!!! :heart: the TR!


This is one terific trip report, with fab pictures-
I love that airpot hotel- not that I’ve ever stayed there but when we arrive in the USA its one of our familiars!!!
It made me sigh to see it and want to come back :frowning:
Thanks for a great TR, more please if you have it…


Great TR. Did you get to taste the desserts the pastry chef was making?


I truely am enjoying this TR. I have always wanted to do a Disney Cruise, just reading these first few days makes me want to be on one now. Keep it going!!!:mellow: