Our First MNSSHP: Advice?


We’re going to attend our very first MNSSHP this September. Okay veterans, we’ve heard this is great. Any advice or other good information you can share? Tell us how much fun it is!


Take a back pack to haul all your candy, and have fun… Get a good spot for the parade and special fireworks


I’m going for the 1st time too in Sept. Should we do MK in the day with all the rides and focus on the event at night?


Dress your best, bring a BIG bag (although they hand out little ones) and do all the fun events, character meet and greets and then LINE UP early for the BEST PARADE EVER and AWESOME FIREWORKS DISPLAY!!! This will be my 5th year going and it’s just THE BEST!! :wub:

I think I have a park map from last year if you want me to send it to you? Just PM me your address!


Make sure everyone in your family dresses up, yes even adults. Because if you don’t you will feel out of place. I dressed up as ursula, it was so much fun and they give you tons of candy! The parade is so awesome and the fireworks are beautiful!!!


Just don’t go on a rainy night & it’s awesome!


Go early and have a lot of FUN. Get dressed p or not, go to all of the candy stations. The character meet & greets are great. Get a good seat for the parade. the headless horseman is fantastic. Fireworks are awesome! Lines for almost all of the attractions are non-existent, so you can just walk on (HM had a small line (go figure)).


As everyone else has said get a good spot for both the parade and the fireworks. MNSSHP is quite possibility the BEST event I’ve ever been to at Disney EVER! The people working the event have the best attitude and really engage the whole crowd. I hope you have an awesome time!


Where would be a good spot to park it for the parade? Is it the same route as Spectro Magic?


It starts in the back of the park and comes down Main Street.

I would get a spot infront of the castle . . . after the parade you can stay where you are and watch the fireworks


[QUOTE=mickeysgirlz;946381]It starts in the back of the park and comes down Main Street.

I would get a spot infront of the castle . . . after the parade you can stay where you are and watch the fireworks[/QUOTE]
Thanks for the advise. I usually grab a spot on a curb across from the train station and then I can beat the crowds out but since its just the 2 of us we will probally stay till the park closes


There are two parades one 8:15 and one at 10:30 FYI!

Hallowishes at 9:30


This will be our first trip near Halloween and we can’t wait to see it decorated for Halloween. Do all the parks decorate or just the MK?


What event at Disney isn’t fun? Sometimes it’s more fun to be surprised :wink:


You can get into MK at 4pm with the MNSSHP ticket, but the party festivities don’t begin until 7pm. Get there at 4pm, hit the rides and get ready for a great party. I would not go to anyother parks that day- make it a day to relax by the pool or do some shopping at DTD.

The first year I took my kids, they dresses up. DH and I wore Halloween shirts. Each year since, the kids just wore Halloween shirts. Not once did we feel out of place.

Also, they usually have free facepainting in Toon Town (limited selections) once the party starts. Who knows if they will do it this year due to the cutbacks!!


Oh this sounds like so much fun! I wanna go!


YAAAAAAYY!!! MNSSHP is the BEST!!! :heart:

I don’t have much advice to add… except it’s so much more fun when you dress up and get into it. Adults will not be out of place in silly costumes! :happy:


We have been twice, and I agree that you should arrive at 4 - I would recommend the first parade - we stayed at the entrance and could see everything very well, including the headless Horseman…very cool. It was not crowded around City Hall, and a great view.

After the first parade, make your way around the stops…Fantasyland is the most crowded area - there is an outside dance party and the little kids just love it , but it makes that whole area very crowded. We dont have little bitty ones, so this was not a problem for us.

The fireworks are fantastic, as well, so dont miss them - nice to see and hear the music = we were near the speedway, behind the castle, not a bad view, great sound.

The candy rocks - we bring our special treat bags from home. You’ll never get this good chocolate on the streets on 10/31!

Whether you dress up fully - we were all pirates last year, or just wear the t-shirts, definately get into the spirit, it is a fantastic time! Enjoy - we’ll be going for our 3rd time this Sept.!


I have some advice for you: wear a costume that is lightweight…it can get very hot and humid at the party. And as cute as accessories may be for photos, you don’t want to have to lug them around all night. Make sure your costume allows you to get on and off rides with ease too. Long skirts, high hats and anything that restricts movement can get in the way of your fun.

And do NOT miss the very beginning of the parade!! The headless horseman rides through very quickly. You don’t want to miss it.


Tying into this topic, when does the Disney Store start selling costumes? We’re definitely all dressing up!