Our first summer trip TR


We are on ME back to MCO after a great week at Disney! Boy was it hot! We spent the first two nites at Kidani and the rest at Beach Club! Los ps swim time and park time. Will post full TR later.


Thats the saddest part of the trip.

Have a safe trip, cant wait to see your TR.


can’t wait to read the trip report


Oh, yes, it was hot!!! And HUMID!!!

I cannot wait to hear more about your trip!!! Kidani and Beach Club - too cool!


I’m sorry your trip is over, it goes by so quickly. I can’t wait to hear all the details of your trip. Have a safe trip home.


Can’t wait to read the TR!!!


Well, here goes nothing. I will have to post pictures over the weekend as it will take me some time to figure it out again.
Cast: Me - Stacey and DD6 - Madeline.
Dates: June 3-10
June 3-5 at Kidani; June 5-10 at Beach Club

Highlights - 15 hour day at MK on Sunday
Swimming at Beach Club
Timing for everything
DD6 rode all 3 mountains at MK

Thursday, June 3 - We were supposed to fly out at 4:15 PM. I got up and called Delta early to see if we could catch an earlier flight - they were able to put us on the 9:30 am flight so off to an early start to Disney!
Took Magic Express and were in our room at Kidani by 1:30 - we rented points - not DVC members :(. Room was nice but really far from lobby (which I understand) but we were glad not to be staying there for the week. We walked to bus stop and our bus to AK was there right away - had to go pick up my AP and our TiW card. Then hopped on bus back to AK (no wait) and then quickly on another bus to Downtown Disney. We decided to walk towards T-Rex (not for the food, but the atmosphere) - as we walked in, it started to downpour. No ADR but we were seated right away. My daughter really enjoyed it and loved her food - she had the kids lasagna and a slushie drink in a bone cup. The meteor shower scared her at first but she got used to it. I hate to see how many pictures we have from there!

We then did a little shopping as the rain had stopped and decided to head back to hotel for a swim. As we were leaving, lots of people were entering DD - I think the rain scared them away from the parks. Had a great swim at Kidani - DD loved the slide - and ordered pizza for dinner from some delivery place (was not very good). Enjoyed the giraffes and cattle out our balcony.

Friday - Day 2 - headed to AK. Again, bus timing was perfect. Rope Drop at AK was about 15 minutes early - which was perfect. We were on the safari at 9. We saw baby elephants, and a very active and entertaining baby rhino. Also, had to stop the jeep because several giraffe decided they wanted to meander in our path. It was great! Our driver was Amber and really slowed way down for animals so we could get pictures.

Then it was off to Tusker House for breakfast with Donald and Daisy. Food was pretty good but my DD decided she was no longer hungry (even though she had been starved 10 minutes before our ADR). Character interaction with Daisy was pretty good. We were put in a room really off to the side so really wasn’t too hectic and the characters and their handlers made sure everyone had been visited in our little room. Really appreciated that because I was concerned that we would be forgotten being out of the action.

Next, my DD decided she wanted to try Kali River Rapids (with no raincoats). We got soaked so, as my DD said, why not ride again as we couldn’t get any wetter!! Both times were walk ons. We went on a trail and saw a baby gorilla - Lilly. She was adorable. We then headed to DinoLand where she played a few games and won a couple of stuffed animals and rode the Dino Dumbo ride! We were quite uncomfortable in our wet clothes so decided to head back to Kidani for a swim. I was a little disappointed we didn’t get to Lion King or Nemo but realize there’s always next time!

Huge storm with lots of thunder and lightning about an hour into our swim so didn’t get to spend much time in the pool. We had ADRs for Sanaa and had a wonderful meal and even better server. She kept bring out bread dips for my DD to try to try to find one she would like. She brought out several extra dips for us because she wanted us to try them. My bill never reflected the additional dips. I had the tandoori lamb and both rices. It was very good. Also had a great wine flight. All the while, we were watching the zebras and giraffes out the window. Doesn’t get much better!


great start can’t wait to read the rest


Can’t wait to read more and see some pics!!!


After dinner, we headed to AKL to check out their animals. It was only 8 and neither of us was ready for bed. I mentioned that MK was open late if she wanted to go there. My DD6 said yes, we’re not at Disney until we see the castle so off to the bus stop we went! We got there just as the last SpectroMagic parade had started. We found a spot to watch (right where the floats enter) and enjoyed the parade. We then headed for Pirates, Jungle Cruise, Haunted Mansion, Small World and Tea Cups. We then decided it was time to head back and get to bed.

The next morning, we got up and decided to take a cab to Beach Club. I had checked in on-line and when we got out of the cab, a CM was there to meet us, give us a packet of information and direct us to our room - it was ready at 10 AM!! We explored the hotel for a while - we had a terrific room on the first floor. It was a corner room right next to the sand volleyball court - view of the lake and Boardwalk lights, short walk to pool complex, 10 steps to quiet pool, and short walk to Epcot. Loved our room!!

We then headed to Epcot, got FP for Soarin, rode Imagination and Seas and headed to lunch at Chefs de France. My DD loved seeing Remy but didn’t eat much lunch. After lunch, we headed back to Beach Club to enjoy the pool. After a swim, used our FPs and then ate dinner at Garden Grill - this was a new restaurant for us. Our reservation was at 7:50. Our food was good and the character interaction was some of the best ever!!

The characters came to visit our table many times. Our server was quite slow and took over 30 minutes to process our bill (because we had the TiW card, she had to find a manager to authorize our 20% off and couldn’t find a manager). Unfortunately, because of the length of our dinner, we didn’t have much time left in the park - however, the table next to us said they were leaving and gave us FPs for Soarin and Test Track. Because of the time (8:50), I knew we wouldn’t make it to Test Track so we rode Soarin again. Just love it and the scents!!

Also, we needed to get to bed because we had 8 am ADRs at Crystal Palace. Up next, our 15 hour day at MK with no whining, crying or complaining!!


Great start! I can’t wait to read more!


Sounds awesome! I can’t wait for the rest!



It sounds like a great trip so far! I can’t wait to hear about the 15 hours at MK! Your DD is a trooper!! That is great! More please…


Great TR look forward to hearing all.


It sounds like you had a really good time and weren’t rushing all over trying to fit everything in.


Nice TR.
Sounds like you and your daughter had a great time.
I can’t believe your daughter is 6; she sounds so much older.


Great TR so far! Lookin’ forward to more and I hope you have pics to post.:happy:

How far is “far” to the lobby from Kidani villas?


I think we have finally realized that we don’t have to do it all because we will be back. This is our 4th visit since 2007.


[QUOTE=smee57;1036629]Great TR so far! Lookin’ forward to more and I hope you have pics to post.:happy:

How far is “far” to the lobby from Kidani villas?[/QUOTE]

It was about a 10 minute walk. I understand why the hotel is laid out like it is - more animal viewing opportunities but for us it was too far. I should have asked where it was and then asked to be moved closer to the lobby. It is a beautiful hotel but just wore us out from a walking perspective!


[QUOTE=PhilliesFan;1036625]Nice TR.
Sounds like you and your daughter had a great time.
I can’t believe your daughter is 6; she sounds so much older.[/QUOTE]

She thinks she is much older!! I think it may have something to do with being the only child and having a single mother!!

Thanks everyone for reading!