Our first time to Beach Club


Our family is visiting Beach Club for the first time next week. We’ve heard/read that it has the best resort pool, so we’ve planned two swim days. We are also doing the breakfast at Cape May and we’ve got a ps for the clam bake at Cape May as well. What should we expect for those?

We’re also celebrating my son’s 6th birthday (family tradition - each of our children get to celebrate 6th birthday at WDW) w/ Chef Mickey’s for breakfast and birthday dinner/cake at his favorite restaurant 'Ohana.


Fun, fun!!! The Beach Club is our favorite resort–we’re returning in October for our long trip. Well done for planning two pool days! We’ve done the Cape May character breakfast and it’s lovely. Great food and excellent character interaction. It’s the most laid-back of the character meals I think…and the smallest which is nice! Another bonus to the Beach Club is its proximity to MGM and Epcot–you just don’t get any closer than the BC!

Enjoy!!! Oh, and 'Ohana is my very favorite restaurant at WDW. Great idea for the birthday dinner!


You picked a wonderful resort, it’s one of my favorites. The pool is wonderful and you will enjoy your 2 pool days. Cape May is good and the characters were good with the kids. When we were there the restaurant wasn’t crowded either and it was much quieter than Chef Mickey’s. We liked the clam bake, the food was good and there was something for everyone.


I can’t give you any first hand advise, but just know that I’m turning into a little green-eyed monster! Your trip sounds fabulous, have a great time!


bali, saw your upcoming annual Maine coast trip. Our favorite non-Disney vacation ever was a Maine coastal trip about 7 yrs ago. Did three nights at York Harbor Inn, two nights at Boothbay Harbor, and finished up w/ three nights at Bar Harbor (excuse me - Bah Habah).

We had a blast. Just two rules, had to have lobster and something with blueberries everyday.


Don’t miss Beaches and Cream!!! Great ice cream sundaes or if you are really hungry you can get the kitchen sink!!


We love, love, love Maine! We set up base camp in York Beach and take day trips from there. Or just sit on the beach all day and peoplewatch!


Any room recommendations for BC?


We’ve only stayed in the Villas, so no room recommendations from me for the hotel section. Though higher floors are nice so you can glimpse fireworks, and close to the pool is always good!


Sorry, I’m not any help either as we have also only stayed in the villas.


On Wednesday, on the Travel Channel, there’s going to be a program on the Yacht & Beach Club resorts! I’ll be recording it myself, as we’re probably going to be staying there next April.



On one of your pool days, consider starting the day at Fantasia Gardens mini-golf. You can walk from the BC in about 10 minutes. You can ask a cast member, but it’s just across the street from the Swan/Dolphin. Great mini-golf!!!


DITTO!!! Beaches and Cream is an AWESOME sit down Ice Cream Parlor…with AWESOME food, too! The burgers are the best I’ve ever had at WDW!!! Just beware; you can’t make ADRs for B&C. You will most likely have a wait. They will give you a little buzzer, and you can walk around the area and even go into the arcade next door to pass the time! Sooooo worth the trip!!! :happy:


The pool area is large, so don’t overlook the kids’ pool area. They have their own sand pool with a sandy “beach” to play on. Our kids like to pack their own sand toys.

Even if you aren’t in Epcot, you can get a nice view of the fireworks from the Boardwalk area. We like to take an evening walk around the Boardwalk and stop to watch the show.

Walking distance to Epcot and MGM is a plus. Just for the adventure, if we are visiting MK in the evening we like to walk to Epcot and take the monorial over to MK (changing trains at the Transportation Center). It is not the quickest way, but it is fun. Then we take the bus home.

Lastly, check out Spoodles at the Boardwalk for breakfast or dinner.

Have fun!


Hi JordansDad! When you go to Cape May Cafe, be sure to try the corn casserole… mmmmmmm. And as long as you are right there, go over to Spoodles – wow, what a great restaurant!


I’ve heard mixed reviews on Spoodles. Seems to be that yrs ago it was a favorite, but seemed to have dropped off a bit. We plan to have lunch our first day somewhere at the Boardwalk, do you think we should give Spoodles a try? Why do you recommend it?


Spoodles for breakfast on the day we go home is the tradition for us. We’ve had a few great dinners as well. We like the atmosphere, it is family friendly without being childish. The food is great and there is a nice selection. The kids love being able to see the open kitchen. Staff is A+ every time. The kids also like stopping by the candy shop next door when we are done.


We like spoodles. Then we shoot over for candy and ice cream next door, then we walk the boardwalk, hopefully win an arcade game, and wander into the oceanic art gallery in the boardwalk. I can’t remember the name, but some of the pieces are just amazing.


That’s the Wyland Gallery. I love going in there to look at the paintings.


I know you’ll love the Beach Club. The clambake buffet at Cape May Cafe for dinner is fantastic!! (any buffet that offers all-you-can-eat steamed clams and mussels is a fantastic buffet to me). You’ll have a great time.

As for Spoodles, we’ve only eaten there for dinner and, for budgeting reasons, tend to get a bunch of appetizers rather than entrees. We’ve always enjoyed them a lot, especially the grouper cheeks.